Lumen5: We Partnered with Canva to Drive Revenue

Lumen5: We Partnered with Canva to Drive Revenue

Lumen5 is a SaaS company that helps video marketers make videos seamlessly to market their brand, educate their fans, and reach new audiences.


To drive additional revenue from Lumen5's blog and other traffic sources, we developed a partnership with Canva. Canva has a similar customer audience to Lumen5, which made it a perfect complement to promote.

Growth Strategy:

First, wrote blog posts to rank for "Canva Pro", "Canva Pricing", and "Canva for Work". Next, we got a few backlinks with desired anchor text to these posts.

As a result, we achieved the featured snippet spot for "Canva Pro".

Then we achieve the featured snippet spot for "Canva for Work".

Once the posts spike in traffic from top placements in Google, we applied to Canva as partner. After we were accepted, we put up blog CTAs with a referral link to take them to a dedicated landing page on Canva.

In-line blog CTA:

Ribbon CTA:

Growth Results:

This post drives over 2,000 visitors/month interested in learning more about Canva Pro as an option for their business. As you can imagine, many of these visitors choose to convert through our referral links.