Product Manager HQ: 3X Revenue in 6 Months

Product Manager HQ is the top training program and community for Product Managers. They have over 30,000 members who receive their content every week.


I became a partner in Product Manager HQ in March, 2021. From there, I redesigned the site and redirect the old structure of every post to a new one. The original included dates of when the posts were originally published, the new structure didn’t. When you do a 301 redirect like this, you see a temporary drop in traffic. We did, but fought to combat this with new content, optimizing existing content, and backlinks

Growth Strategy:

In the first four months, we acquired over 50+ backlinks, produced over 20 new pieces of content, and optimized another 20 pieces of content that the site already had. Keep in mind, during this time we redesigned the website and site infrastructure. 

As a result, the site is growing 50% in organic traffic quarter over quarter. We also saw our highest month ever from organic revenue in July.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is the founder of The Product Company and a partner at Product Manager HQ.