Hi, my name is Josh

I'm the founder of several reputable companies in SaaS and education. I also help scale the best technology companies with proven processes. Want to work with me?

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Companies I have worked with:

Courses That I Teach

Bruno Estrella
Bruno Estrella
Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Webflow
"He provides the most actionable resources and have a one-of-a-kind community for connecting professionals."
Emily Martolini
Emily Martolini
UX Writer
"The videos are informative and the homework makes sure you put the theory into practice. The most valuable part in my opinion is the capstone project. The detailed feedback was invaluable."
Teena Merlan
Teena Merlan
Technical Writer
“I wanted to let you know I signed an offer for my first official technical writing job yesterday!Thanks for your wonderful class and great resources. ”
Mak Keller
Mak Keller
Process Engineer
I started the Technical Writer HQ course in early July with the goal of becoming an engineering technical writer or an engineering manager. The lectures and assignments gave me a lot of skills that I can take with me regardless of where my career path leads!
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Experience Matters

I’m the founder of The Product Company, a partner at Product Manager HQ, was named “Top Product Marketer of 2018,” and was credited with breaking LinkedIn’s feed algorithm by LinkedIn’s engineering team. I also helped develop the first live streaming application for Facebook.

Over 60,000 growth marketers, product managers and founders follow my work and case studies.


In 2017, I had cracked LinkedIn’s algorithm to produce hyper-viral content as highlighted by BuzzFeed, Reuters, and Forbes. As a result, LinkedIn changed their feed algorithm for over 500 million users as noted in their LinkedIn Engineering Blog. I used this inspiration to start my software company, Squibler. I believe all writing is science even books, screenplays, and documentation. It’s my vision to make that creation process easier for individuals and companies.

Yes. I enjoy e-commerce and other verticals. However, most of my interest lies in understanding new technology, education, and software.

I usually work with 3 – 4 clients at a time. I don’t have the bandwidth to work with more people, otherwise, I would. I’m very selective about who I take on as a client.

I usually work with companies post Series A or bootstrapped with at least 3 mil ARR.

Yes, I own Product Manager HQ (one of the world’s largest product manager training platforms), HR.University (HR training platform), and Technical Writer HQ (technical writing training university). I also own Squibler.io, a writing software.

Because I’m looking to invest in long-term relationships, I work only on retainer-based agreements.

I do not. I primarily work with software companies.

If you have to ask, then we’re not a good fit.