20 Best Product Management Training Programs 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking for the best product management training programs in 2024?

Not all product management courses online are made equal. I’ve tried many of them, and my friends have even taught them at different schools like Berkeley and Stanford.

The experience and knowledge margins of product managers trained in different schools are evident. 

45% of respondents from a 280 Group group survey noted aptitude differences between product managers at their respective establishments.

The best product management professionals in the field know the courses they need to set them apart from the rest. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best product management courses out there. 

What are Product Management Training Programs?

Product management training programs often provide certificates that are signed documents issued by authorities that attest to one’s knowledge in product development and execution, among others. 

While each product management course is different, the best ones seek to develop core competencies instrumental in a professional’s ability to succeed in the area. 

These include: 

  • Defining, executing, and continuous analysis of product success metrics
  • Market research, assessment, and customer needs 
  • Determining new product lifecycle, product ideas, pricing, and revenue estimates
  • Executing design sprints product launch
  • User testing and product roadmap planning
  • Facilitating the technical side of product development

These are some of the primary responsibilities that professionals in product management need to have under their belt. 

The leaders in this field have refined their skills to optimize their approach to managing products. Experience makes a huge difference. A competent product manager could increase company profits by 34.2%.

The training courses we will cover are helpful for both new and seasoned managers. 

Even if you’re already a top product manager, these programs will help you improve your knowledge. 

After all, you’re never too old to learn new skills, especially given the rise of digital product management. 

Software products demand specific product strategies geared toward digital spaces. 

Some traditional product management courses do not take this into account. 

Let’s get right into them.  

1. Certified Product Manager by Product HQ (PHQ)

Certified Product Manager by Product Manager HQ (PMHQ)

Price: $349

Rating: 5/5

The Product Manager Certification Course by PHQ is the ultimate starter course to bolster your product management career. The course helps PM beginners learn the fundamentals of product management and how they can set up their product management projects. It also dives into how you can ace a product management interview.

The course has several sections that cover the basic roles, skills, and methodologies that come with the part of a PM. You learn how to do user research, conduct interviews, write product specs and develop timelines. It also dives into prototyping, wireframing, and conducting usability tests. From there, you learn how to create roadmaps, manage product backlogs, and PMs’ marketing and technology basics. In the end, you learn the frameworks and methodologies for answering PM interview questions.

The Product Manager Certification Course gives you access to a 7,000+ active product manager community. Moreover, the team behind Product HQ is super responsive to any questions you may have and are always there to help you along the way.

You can view their Product Manager Certification here.

2. Certified Technical Product Manager by Product HQ (PHQ)

Certified Technical Product Manager by Product Manager HQ (PMHQ)

Price: $399

Rating: 5/5

The Technical PM Certification Course by PHQ is an all-encompassing technical PM resource designed for individuals looking to build a solid foundation for a successful TPM career. 

With short videos organized into 15 modules, the course starts with fundamental methodologies and progresses until it reaches advanced capabilities. Besides the video lectures, you also access some extra resources such as downloadable templates, exclusive audios, and video interviews with renowned technical product management professionals. 

The daily time commitment varies between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

The course instructor, Dhaval Bhatt, is a leading professional with over 15 years of experience developing high-functioning products.

In this course, you will get opportunities to apply knowledge through various activities in the lectures. The best part is that you can implement the concepts in your current job or product management project.

3. Product Management Course by Product School

Product Management Course by Product School

Price $4,199 – $9,999

Rating: 5/5

Product School is an institution that offers training in product management to registered users. Carlos González de Villaumbrosia is the CEO and founder, bringing over ten years of experience in digital product building to his school. The academy features instructors with ample field experience and is qualified to impart knowledge to enrollees. The three certificates they offer in product management cost $4,199, $6,999, and $9,999. Their packages sell fast, so if you decide to study with the Product School, sign up early. 

Honorable Mentions

4. Professional Scrum Product Owner

Price: $500 per module

Rating: 3/5

Organized and administered by the developers of Scrum, the Professional Scrum Product Owner is among the best in online product management courses. The program’s organizers are behind Scrum, an agile framework geared towards managing complex projects. Combined into three modules, they seek to empower product managers by way of scrum methodology and how they should apply it to optimize the value of a product. That includes liaising with stakeholders and customers, managing product backlogs, and executing product strategies.

Although these courses are for product owners, product managers also benefit from the content covered since they apply to both professional roles. 

5. Digital Product Management by University of Virginia (Coursera)

Price: Free 

Rating: 3/5

In partnership with Coursera, The University of Virginia offers a digital product management course catered to today’s cyber market space. The program prepares professionals in the field to lay the foundation for a thriving working environment in which all team members can optimize their skills. Covering content from product planning, development, and execution, this certification is all-encompassing.

Enrollees can sign up via Coursera’s online platform and access the material. What’s more, not only is it online, it’s also free. For that reason, professionals looking to expand their knowledge in software product management without having to spend anything can consider this program a viable alternative to Scrum. 

6. Digital Transformational Leadership by Boston University (edX)

Price: $1995

Rating: 2/5

Boston University offers product management training for either existing or prospective professionals. This training forms part of their MicroMasters program. These are higher-level graduate programs comprising credit-eligible courses that, upon completion, can accelerate a Master’s program.

The MicroMaster has five compulsory courses. In these courses, the student studies product life cycle management and innovative techniques that propel product growth, among others. These courses last over 6-8 weeks with an hourly weight of 4-6 hours per week for each course. Being one of the top universities in the US, the training received at Boston University will prove invaluable to any of its enrollees. 

7. Product Owner Certification

Price: $399

Rating: 5/5

The Product Owner Certification is a certificate offered in conjunction with the Product HQ that all product managers should consider getting. It has a reputation for being representative of one’s commitment to product management, ownership, and ethics standards. Unlike other courses, this program is getting better over time with regular updates. It’s also less expensive than other certifications. You may find adding these credentials to your CV useful depending on your goals. 

8. Product Manager with Lean, Agile, and System Design Thinking (edX)

Price: $400

Rating: 1/5

This product management course is yet another training material offered by Boston University as part of their MicroMasters program. Unlike others, this course borrows from cross-disciplinary methodology to contextualize its enrollees in product management as it relates to other business practices, like project management. For that reason, it equips candidates with the tools necessary to mold the product development process so that professionals can map out the trajectory of a product’s life cycle.

Although the program is free, people who wish to certify have to pay $400. 

9. Product Management by Cornell University

Price: $1,260 – $9,000

Rating: 1/5

Cornell University is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, belonging to the elite group of Ivy League schools. As part of their academic training, the university offers certificates that teach professionals the fundamentals of product management. Particular emphasis is on understanding the needs of product users and how those needs play a role in product design and development. The exact price of their program is available upon registration. However, one can expect to pay anywhere from $1,260 to $9,000 since that is the price range of the university’s programs. 

10. Professional & Personal Development Courses: Business by Stanford University

Price: Dependent on the course you select

Rating: 2/5

Stanford University has a high research output, which attests to the high-quality education its enrollees receive. As part of its professional development program, the university offers business courses across various niches, including product development. The price of each course differs. However, each one promises high-quality education. Consider signing up for a Stanford business course in product management today.

11. Product Management In-Person Training by 280 Group

Price: $1995 – $2995

Rating: 3/5

280 Group is a product management training and consulting firm that helps businesses create products that last. As part of their training programs, they do in-person training for employees. With this, professionals guide candidates through the ins and outs of product management. Although these classes are online, those who sign up for this program get feedback from their instructors. It offers optimal and agile product marketing courses, with each program costing $1,995 and $2,995. 

12. Product Management Program by UC Berkeley

Price: $7,245

Rating: 3/5

UC Berkeley ranks among the top universities in the US. It is also one of the best public schools in the world. In addition to a host of other programs, the university provides training to professionals in product management. Through their program, trainees learn techniques and product management tools to help them develop personalized practices. The program costs $7,245 and is available for multiple periods during the academic year. 

13. Product Management by General Assembly

Price: $0 (Employer-sponsored) – $3,950 (Full tuition)

Rating: 4/5

General Assembly is an academy that provides training courses for individuals and companies alike in various software niches. These include immersive UX design, software engineering, web development, and data analytics. To complement these courses, they also offer product management training. Their modules are frequently updated to reflect the novelties in the niche. As someone who values the application of modern and relevant case studies in training, you should consider signing up for this program. 

14. Become a Product Manager |Learn the Skills & Get The Job by Cole Mercer & Evan Kimbrell

Price: $200 (subject to discounts)

Rating: 3/5

Inc is a virtual platform that allows professional adults to access training material across several fields. As of January 2021, over 65 million students access material administered in over 65 languages. As part of their business portfolio, students can access a product manager course by Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell, two experts in the niche. Learn from a top online product management course and improve your product leadership skills. 

15. Product Strategy (Northwestern |Kellogg School of Management)

Price: $2,600

Rating: 2/5

The Kellogg School of Management is the business division of Northwestern University. Some of the brightest and future leaders in business creation get their education there. Among the programs offered, professionals can select their Product Strategy course to equip them with the knowledge they need to take their skills to the next level. If you pursue higher education at this university by studying for an MBA, you may be eligible for course exemptions. Check out the program and make the right decision for your professional advancement.

16. The Complete Product Management Course (Udemy)

Price: $220 (subject to discounts)

Rating: 1/5

Yet another program from Udemy, The Complete Product Management Course was created by Charles Du. He has worked in various capacities throughout his career, including being the Chief Product Officer for 941 Labs LLC. He uses his experience to create a series of instructional courses that transform how one views product management. The regular price for his course is $220. However, depending on the time of year, the cost can drop by as much as 90%. Be sure to look out for discounts so you can save money on this program. 

17. Product Management: Building Great Products by Jon Kolko

Price: $50

Rating: 2/5

Jon Kolko is the author of Product Management: Building Great Products, a series hosted by. This professional started as an interaction designer before he made his way into product management. Since then, he has had successful partnerships with companies, helping them to grow their product’s presence in digital spaces and increase their returns on investment. This course is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for more information on how to improve your product development. 

18. Brand & Product Manager Certification Course (Coursera)

Price: Free

Rating: 1/5

Coursera has partnered with the IE Business School, one of the top-ranking business schools in the world. They offer a course in product and branding that teaches registered users how to navigate the responsibilities faced by managers with this profile. Consequently, the course touches on all areas of product management, including the continued analysis after a product is on the market. Sign up and learn more about this niche from one of the best business schools in the world. 

19. Product Management 101 by Todd Birzer

Price: $20 (subject to discount)

Rating: 1/5

Todd Birzer is a product management leader who decided to share his knowledge in an industry in which he has worked for over ten years. The program provides instruction on strategic product management and what these managers need to do to have a more substantial impact on their companies. The course is available for a standard selling price of $20. However, as is the case with many courses offered via this platform, you can get it at a discounted rate during select periods. 

20. One Month Product Management by One Month

Price: $200

Rating: 2/5

One Month is an online learning platform spearheaded by Christian Arca. As the name suggests, the courses are all one Month long. However, that is adequate time to build the skills required to dive into the niche. Their product management course gives students basic knowledge about the niche and some of the methodologies used by successful product managers. You get a certificate after completing the course that attests to your expertise in the field. 

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These are some of the most sought-after product management courses in the world. 

Although they are similar, you will find that the alliances established with each awarding body may be more beneficial to your professional career. 

Therefore, you should be strategic in selecting to get the most out of your certification programs. 

Product management is a lucrative industry, especially when it comes to overseeing digital product campaigns. 

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to lead the next big digital product rollout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about product management training programs:

What is the best product management training?

The best product management training is product management training that will help you become a better product manager. It should be aligned with your career path and goals to help your organization grow. We rated Product HQ as having the best product management training programs in this regard.

What are some good examples of what you learn in product management training programs?

One example might be learning how to manage software development teams, which could include topics such as new user adoption metrics or leadership skills needed for being a great PM. Another way this training could have been helpful would be if it helped someone learn about the latest trends in technology. Hence, they could forecast future challenges more accurately (like artificial intelligence).

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