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How to Get an HR Certification Without Experience

Are you wondering how to get a certification in human resources without experience? Let’s explore together.

Getting into a profession without having official experience can be a significant challenge. However, many HR professionals and practitioners with different educational and professional backgrounds possess strong skill sets and HR knowledge. If you have good communication skills and consider yourself analytical as well as a great problem solver, then you can start your career in HR by earning valuable human resources certifications.

Understanding the various human resources certification options available online can help you identify potential areas in the HR domain that might interest you and align with your future goals. This article will discuss getting an HR certification without experience to kick off your HR career.

Why should you go for an HR certification?

 HR certifications are beneficial in the following ways:

Strengthens the Resume

HR certification provides an edge during the job-hunting process. Citing certifications on your resume is a great way to boost your professional worth and get you noticed by hiring professionals. HR certifications act as proof of the skills and expertise skills listed on your resume.

Provides Better Career Opportunities

A human resource certification makes you a potential candidate for promotions or higher positions in the HR field. An HR certification can help qualify you for more significant challenges and new opportunities. Whether in your current job or a new organization, a human resource certification can help you get to a new level of HR role. 

Enhances Practical Skills

Being in an HR role, it’s essential to enrich your knowledge and skills. Human resource certifications can help you improve your performance at the initial stage of your career or in any human resources management position. HR certifications focus on important topics and trends to keep you up-to-date. These can assist you in staying ahead of the curve.

Increases Earning Potential

HR certifications can significantly elevate your salary potential. These credentials make you more invaluable to employers, giving them more incentive to pay you more due to your HR skills. HR certifications can benefit you in the long run as it may cost your employer more to recruit and train a new hire than it would increase your salary range if you become a certified HR professional.

Cultivates Networking with HR Community

Your professional network can play a crucial role in the success of your career. Networking isn’t just about how HR professionals can help you; it’s also about how you can help others. HR certifications allow you to nurture global professional relationships that are mutually beneficial for everyone. Connecting to industry experts, HR professionals, and intellectual people outside your workspace but relevant to the HR profession can lead you to new perspectives and resources by sharing advanced industry knowledge.

How to Get HR Certifications without Experience?

Enroll in a right HR certification program

With so much information available online, it can be tough to cut through the noise. Conduct thorough research and find HR certification courses that require no HR experience. Before enrollment in any HR certification course, you should understand your professional needs and targeted goals. If you enroll yourself for certification without analyzing your core requirements, then it can be problematic for you. Choose an appropriate online program that awards certification and get yourself enrolled in it to start your fantastic journey in the human resources field.

Create a study plan

An excellent approach to study is to cover all the learning material initially and concentrate more on the areas you think you may need to learn in detail. Invest more time in understanding all the laws around Human Resources i.e. employment law etc. Don’t rush into taking the exam unless you are self-assured, as the preparation resources are costly. First, make a scheduled study plan and follow it with complete dedication and consistency.

Evaluate your learning style

It is critical to analyze your learning style and learning capability timely. Even the best study plan can be inefficient and unable to produce desired outcomes if it doesn’t align with your learning style. Everybody possesses different learning capabilities. They grasp learning concepts at different paces and employ other learning techniques. One of the productive methodologies is to revisit your most successful study sessions from the past and reuse similar learning approaches and principles while preparing for your HR certification exam. 

Prepare for a certification exam

While preparing for your certification exam, critically review the topics covered and exam patterns, such as the number of questions, structure (multiple-choice or subjective questions), and the time limit. Consider practice tests because they play a significant role in setting your expectations regarding exam day. For example, you will understand beforehand how to manage your time and what should be your approach to attempting the exam. Visit the official website of your certification program to get to know all the necessary information related to the certification exam and what to expect. 

Best HR Certifications that require no experience

Here, you will go through a list of HR certifications with detailed information that requires no professional experience. You can compare the following certifications based on various factors, including curriculum, duration, learning format, and cost. You can find the right certification that best suits your needs and career objectives.

1. HR Management Certification by HR University

HR Management Certification Course

HR University is a prestigious HR certification institute. Its online management certification program can enhance your professional growth and improve your strategic planning skills. It helps you get familiar with HR-related laws and guides you to develop the best human resource management and recruitment strategies to ensure organizational success. 

It covers the following topics:

  • Key Responsibilities of an HR Manager
  • Human Resources Tasks
  • HR Administrative Tasks
  • Employment Letter Verification
  • New Hire Paperwork
  • Employee Eligibility Verification
  • Form I-9
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Projected Characteristics
  • Three Forms of Discrimination
  • Equal Pay
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Sexual orientation
  • Workplace Relationships
  • People with Disabilities
  • Genetics and Age
  • HR Strategy and Planning
  • Monitoring the Workforce
  • Managing the Workforce
  • How to Capture Employee Experience
  • Conducting Performance Appraisals
  • How to Conduct Exit Interviews

Duration: You can finish this course in one week. Since it is a self-paced online course, you can start and complete it according to your schedule.

Course Details: Lifetime access to over 90+ lectures, 30+ case studies, and exclusive interviews with HR leaders.

Exam Details: You do not need to pass any exam for this certification.

What is the fee for the HR management certification?

This human resource management certification course costs only $199.

Who can enroll for it?

Anyone who aspires to be a certified professional in human resource management can enroll in this certification program. By earning this professional certification, you can upgrade your HR position in any organization and become a great HR manager.

Access: You can view more details about this course via this link: HR Management Certification

2. Diversity and Inclusion Certification by HR University

Diversity and Inclusion Certification Course by HR University

This certification is one of the excellent certifications that will advance your HR role. It will help you learn professional skills such as fostering diversity and inclusion in an organization. You will get to know the theoretical and practical techniques to improve organizational culture and how to achieve strategic organizational goals. Moreover, you’ll receive instructor feedback on your capstone assignment to ensure you can put what you learn into practice.

It covers the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of diversity and inclusion
  • How to manage hard conversations
  • How to work with diverse staff
  • How to create a sense of belonging
  • Categories of diversity
  • Active listening
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Harassment
  • People with disabilities
  • Monitoring diversities
  • Managing diversities
  • Micro behaviors
  • Type of bias
  • Bias consequences
  • Workplace bullying

Duration: You can complete the course in one week. It is a self-paced online course so you can start and complete it according to your schedule.

Course Details: Lifetime access to over 90+ lectures, 15+ case studies, and exclusive interviews with HR industry experts.

Exam Details: You do not need to pass any exam for this certification.

How much does HR Diversity and Inclusion  Certification Course cost?

The fee for the HR Diversity and Inclusion certification program is $299.

Who can enroll in the Diversity and Inclusion certification program by HR?

Individuals seeking to learn HR skills and want to pursue their careers in the HR department can enroll in this certification course.

Access: To learn more, visit: Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

3. Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) Certificate Program by HRCI

Associate Professional in Human Resources

The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) offers various HR certification programs. This is the first-of-its-kind HR certification for beginners looking to demonstrate their knowledge of fundamental Human Resources expertise. 

It covers the following topics:

  • Basics of the talent acquisition process from planning to onboarding of a new hire
  • Techniques and methodologies to manage training and talent development programs
  • Understanding of total rewards system from benefits to payroll
  • Strategies for performance management
  • Laws compliance, organizational policies, and risk mitigation measures

Duration: You are required to pass an exam to earn this certification. The exam’s duration is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Exam Details: The exam includes 100 scored questions (mostly multiple-choice) + 25 pretest questions. You can attempt this exam online at the Pearson VUE testing center, your home, or office using the software tool OnVUE. The weightage criteria of aPHR are as follows:

  • Functional Area 01 – Talent Acquisition (19%)
  • Functional Area 02 – Learning & Development (15%)
  • Functional Area 03 – Compensation & Benefits (17%)
  • Functional Area 04 – Employee Relations (24%)
  • Functional Area 05 – Compliance & Risk Management (25%)

How much does it cost?

The fee structure for Associate Professional in Human Resources course is as follows:

  • The application fee is $100.
  • The exam fee is $300.

Who can enroll for it?

Anyone who wants to be a human resource professional can apply for it, but you must have a high school diploma or global equivalent. The exam’s passing criteria depend on the candidate’s skills and knowledge.

Access: You can view more details about this course via this link: Associate Professional HR Certification

4. Organizational Development Certification by AIHR

Organizational Development Certification

In organization development certification, you will explore how to maintain the organizational culture, as well as how to manage culture change. It guides you on how to connect and communicate with key stakeholders effectively. This certification helps you enhance your skills in managing the organization’s internal processes and managing cross-functional teams.

It includes the following topics:

  • Organization Development from an HR perspective
  • Characteristics of Organization Development
  • Organization Development cycle from both perspectives i.e. theoretically and practically
  • Consulting & Communication Skills
  • Organizational Design Process
  • HR Operating Models to design efficient HR functions
  • Maintaining Organizational Culture
  • Implementation of Change Management
  • Change Process Management

Duration: It’s an online, self-paced program. You must give three hours per week to finish the program in 10 weeks. You can take as long as 12 months to complete one program.

Course Details: This course includes 31 video lessons, assignments, quizzes, and a capstone project.

Exam details: You do not need to pass any exam for the certification. You just need to complete the video lessons, assignments, and quizzes for certification.

How much does it cost?

It costs $975 for this certification program.

Who can enroll for it?

There are no educational or professional eligibility requirements. It does not matter if you hold a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in any subject, you can enroll for this credential, or if you’re looking forward to changing your career path and have no prior HR experience, then this certification will surely make you flourish in the HR field.

Access: You can view more details about this course via this link: AIHR Organizational Development

5. Entry Level HR Course by UpstartHR

UpstartHR Course

This entry-level Human Resources course by Upstart gives you a clear direction to initiate your HR role in any organization. It helps you build your credibility by learning foundational HR practices to fulfill your end-to-end responsibilities. Furthermore, it will pave your way to become a senior professional in human resources in the near future. 

It includes the following topics:

  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Work habits
  • Salary negotiations
  • Credibility
  • Professional development
  • Stages of HR career

Duration: It is an online course, and you can complete it in as much time as you want.

Course Details: This course certification comprises 6 modules and gives access to video tutorials, articles, etc.

Exam details: There is no exam required to earn this certification.

How much does it cost?

The certification fee for an entry-level HR course is $37. You can get free access to some of its resources i.e., articles, videos, books, Pdf guides, and eBooks.

Who can enroll for it?

HR newbies who want to begin a successful career in the human resources domain can enroll in this certification course to acquire a professional-level HR position in the future.

Access: You can view more details about this course via this link: UpstartHR Entry Level HR Course

6. Administrative Human Resources (HR) for Beginners by Udemy

Udemy HR Course

In this administrative course, you’ll understand the importance of human resources and their management in the contemporary business world. It will help you focus on tactical and operational HR tasks to manage the workforce and leverage labor relations. 

It covers the following topics:

  • All the basics of HR role and responsibilities, from HR management to compliance with an employment law
  • How to perform HR audit
  • The process of talent acquisition
  • Devising HR strategies for retention
  • Talent development to produce maximum output
  • Implementation of performance management

Duration: This certification program is online, and you can complete it at your pace.

Course Details: This course includes a 1-hour on-demand video, 3 articles, and 3 downloadable resources. It allows full lifetime access to its resources.

Exam details: There is no exam required to earn this certification.

How much does it cost?

The fee for administrative Human Resources for beginners certification is $34.99. There are discount offers that can reduce the cost.

Who can enroll for it?

This program is for candidates who want to manage HR operations in any organization or business. There are no prerequisites to enrolling for this course. 

Access: You can view more details about this course via this link: Udemy Administrative Human Resources for Beginners

7. Strategic HR Leadership Certification by AIHR

Strategic HR Leadership

Academy to innovate HR (AIHR) offers this exceptional certification program to enable you to become an influential strategic HR Leader to make good decisions for your organization. It allows you to devise efficient and flexible HR strategies that align with the business goals and objectives.

It covers the following topics:

  • Human Resource Management fundamentals
  • How to bridge the gap between business and people
  • Challenges and responsibilities of HR leadership
  • Strategic insights into business operations
  • Creating HR strategy
  • HR industry trends
  • Strategic priorities
  • HR Services Delivery Model
  • Performance metrics & KPIs
  • Lean Management
  • Implementation of Agile principles to HR functions
  • HR Operating Models

Duration: The program is online, and you can complete it at your pace within 12 months.

Course Details: This course includes 41 video lessons, assignments, quizzes, and a capstone project.

Exam details: There is no exam required to earn this certification.

How much does it cost?

It costs $975 for this certification program.

Who can enroll for it?

Anyone who wants to upgrade their HR expertise and strengthen their leadership role can enroll in this certification program.

Access: You can view more details about this course via this link: AIHR Strategic HR Leadership


What do Certified HR Professionals do?

Certified human resources professionals manage HR operations such as recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring processes. Human resource management includes maintaining labor relations, employee benefits and compensation, talent development, and risk management.

What HR certifications should I get?

It is difficult for most people to decide which certification they should get. It varies from individual to individual based on their career goals. If you are new to the HR profession, you should go for the entry-level human resources certifications mentioned above. Professionals in human resources who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in any specific HR area should opt for senior-level human resources certifications.

Some of the best human resource certification programs include HR Management Certification by HR University, SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and HR Certifications by HRCI.

What is the easiest HR certification?

Entry-level certification programs are considered the easiest due to the lowest requirement thresholds. The complexity of beginner-level certifications is low as compared to other HR certifications. These are perfect for individuals seeking a head start in their careers. It requires less time to finish these human resources certifications.

Some of the top entry-level HR certifications include HR Generalist Certification by HR University, Associate Professional in HR (aPHR), and Administrative Human Resources for Beginners by Udemy are some of the most straightforward courses. These HR certifications can help you acquire the core competencies required to succeed in an HR role.

How long does it take to get an HR certificate?

The time to earn a Human Resources (HR) certification depends on several factors, such as:

  • Which particular HR certification do you want to earn
  • Your capacity in terms of time, budget, and learning
  • Available resources to pass the HR certification exam
  • Rules and regulations of HR certification institutes

Those candidates with hands-on experience may earn certification in less time. If you have no prior HR experience, it is necessary to follow your study plan as detailed and in-depth knowledge is required to complete any HR certification program.


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