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6 Best Human Resources (HR) Certifications Online 2024

Interested in getting a human resources certification? That’s a smart move.

A credible human resources certification is a catalyst in your HR career, regardless of where you are in your HR journey.

If you commit to your professional development and the overall HR profession growth, getting an HR certification helps you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Getting a Human Resources Certification Online

HR-certified professionals enjoy many advantages during their careers. Some of them are:

  • Advantages during recruiting
  • Possibility to leverage certification when asking for promotions
  • More opportunities to grow
  • Higher salary
  • Recognition and confidence

The initial challenge is finding the best certification for you. Many HR certifications and courses are available online, but not all will give you the knowledge and recognition you want.

6 Best Human Resources Certification and Courses

Here are the best courses in 2024 that will bring the best return to your investments. This will help you to understand which applies best to your case. Let’s explore:

My RankSite NameQuality (1-5 Stars)
1.HR Management Certification★★★★★
2.Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)★★★★
3.Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)★★★★
4.Professional in Human Resources (PHR)★★★★
5.HR Management and Analytics Program by Wharton School of Business★★★
6.Human Resources Management by eCornell ★★★

1. Human Resouces Management Certification by HR University

Certified HR Manager HR University

We rated the HR Management Certification Course as the top HR certification program for new and established HR professionals.

This course goes over the skills, responsibilities, and career path of the HR Manager position in 2024.

In this certification course, here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • Key HR Manager Responsibilities
  • HR Administrative Tasks
  • Employment Letter Verification
  • New Hire Paperwork
  • Employee Eligibility Verification
  • Form I-9

The course consists of over 70 lectures, interviews with HR professionals, and many valuable resources.

To learn more about the certification, visit the HR Management Certification Course by HR University.

How Much Does the HR Management Certification Cost?

The HR Management Certification Course costs $199. It’s less expensive than most other HR courses.

Who Should Take the HR Management Certification Course?

If you’re interested in becoming an HR Manager or looking to brush up on your HR skills, the course is for you. This course is an excellent pick if you want to stay up to date on relevant HR resources.

2. Society for Human Resource Management – Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

SHRM Course

As the most recognized organization in the industry, the certification has rigorous criteria. If you have a master’s degree in HR, you need at least three years of work experience in the industry. But if you have only a Bachelor’s degree, you need four or more years of industry experience.

The SHRM-SCP consists of a four-hour exam with two types of multiple-choice questions: knowledge-based and scenario-based. Remember that it’s not a course, but an exam. The pass rate for the SHRM-SCP exam is around 50%.

If you decide to go for this certification, be ready to dedicate at least a few hours per week to prepare for the exam.

How Much Does the SHRM-SCP Cost?

The senior SHRM certification costs $475 if you are not a member of the Society of Human Resources Management. There is also a $50 application fee, which makes the total price $525 for non-members. SHRM members get a $100 discount.

Who Should Take the SHRM-SCP?

The SHRM-SCP is for senior human resources professionals who focus on strategic decision-making. You should get this certification if your responsibilities include aligning HR strategies with organizational goals, people management, and developing HR policies.

SHRM – SCP is best for individuals who already have a few other credentials. Suppose you are already a member of the Society for Human Resources Management. In that case, that’s also an excellent option for you since the organization provides helpful resources during the preparation.

Also, if you’re looking to boost your HR resume, it’s nice to have the SHRM -SCP certificate.

Visit SHRM-SCP here

3. Society for Human Resource Management – Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)


With less rigorous qualification requirements, the SHRM-CP is an excellent option for professionals with fewer years of experience in the field but who want to receive professional credibility.

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in HR need one year of experience in the industry, while HR professionals with an HR Master’s degree can take the exam as long as they have a current job.

To get this certification, you must take a four-hour exam, just like the SHRM-SCP. This certification consists of the exam only.

Since the SHRM-CP covers less complex topics than the SHRM-SCP, the pass rate is higher, a little over 70%.

How Much Does the SHRM-SCP Cost?

The certification exam is $475 for non-members and $375 for members. There is also a $50 application fee for both members and non-members.

Who Should Take the SHRM-CP?

SHRM-CP certification is for individuals who are engaged primarily in operational roles. Most SHRM-CP applicants carry positions that involve responsibilities such as employee relations coordination, policy and procedures implementation, and other day-to-day administrative tasks.

Even though you can get certified with less than a year of professional experience, we recommend this certification to professionals with between one and two years of HR experience. Being an SHRM – Certified Professional will prepare you for higher-level certifications and open many doors in your career.

Visit SHRM CP here

4. Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

Professional in Human Resources

The Professional in Human Resources credential by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) is between the SHRM – Certified Professional and the SHRM – Senior Certified Professional in terms of required experience level.

To apply for the PHR, individuals with a Master’s degree must have at least one year of work experience. Professionals with a Bachelor’s degree must work in the HR field for at least two years before applying.

Just like the other two certifications offered by the SHRM, the PHR is not a course. It is just a certification exam. The exam consists of 175 questions, mostly multiple-choice, and participants have three hours to complete it.

But if you decide to become certified as a Professional in Human Resources by the HRCI, you will need to invest some time in studying. The institute offers convenient bundles of self-study exam preparation options, which are excellent time and money savers.

Almost 40% of the exam covers employee and labor relations topics. The other 60% of the exam includes business administration, talent acquisition, total rewards, and employee development.

How Much Does the PHR Certification Cost?

The PHR certification exam costs $395, but there’s also a $100 application fee for all individuals. Once you complete your application, make the payment, and receive the confirmation, you have 120 days to take the exam.

Who Should Take the PHR Certification?

The PHR is for entry-level HR professionals transitioning into a mid-career level role. It is best for HR professionals with experience with program implementation, a logistical orientation, and at least one other professional expertise.

Visit HR Certification Institute here.

5. HR Management and Analytics Program by Wharton School of Business

Wharton HR Analytics

The HR Management and Analytics program is a 2-month online course offered by the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Most individuals who complete this course have between five and fifteen years of experience, but no prior experience requirements exist.

Students must dedicate between four to six hours per week to complete the coursework, delivered through live and recorded video lectures, real-world examples, and assignments.

The course covers talent management, compensation, rewards, staffing, systems of work, and collaboration networks, but all with an emphasis on people analytics.

Upon completing the program, you will earn a digital certificate of completion from The Wharton School, which you can show off on your LinkedIn and resume.

How Much Does the HR Management and Analytics Program Cost?

Since this certification offers a comprehensive course, the cost is higher than certifications that consist of exams only. Wharton’s program costs $2,800 with flexible payment options available.

Who Should Take the HR Management and Analytics Course?

This program is best for mid to senior-level professionals looking to access premium learning resources, improve their HR analytics skills, and obtain an HR certificate from one of the best educational institutions.

6. Human Resources Management by eCornell

This is a complete certificate program composed of nine mini-courses. Each mini-course takes two weeks to complete, which means the program lasts between four and five months.

This online program is much like a traditional college course. If you decide to enroll, instructors will teach you and have about 30 other students taking the course.

The course covers various HR management topics, making it an excellent resource for individuals starting their careers or transitioning from a different area. The program does not have enrollment requirements. All levels of expertise are welcome.

To complete the course, you must dedicate between three to five hours per week to the lectures, interact with classmates, and complete assignments. After completing the nine mini-courses, you will receive a Human Resources Management Certificate from Cornell ILR School.

How Much Does the Human Resources Management Program Cost?

As the option with more learning resources, this is also the most expensive alternative. The Human Resources Management program costs $5,400. You also have the chance to make nine monthly payments of $650.

Who Should Take the Human Resources Management Program Course?

This program is best for aspiring HR professionals or individuals who started their careers in human resources, such as HR coordinator professionals. Ideally, these people want to step up their careers with an Ivy League credential to get an HR director or HR manager salary. Another aspect to consider is whether you have the availability to dedicate a few hours per week for the next four to five months.

Visit the Program Here

Leverage the Right HR Certification to Step Up Your Career

Now that you know your best human resources certification options, you are ready to decide. Consider how much time and money you are willing to invest at this point in your career.

Keep in mind that investing in a credible HR certification will bring you many opportunities to develop as a human resources professional.

Make your choice, study hard, and stay competitive in this ever-evolving industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a list of the most common asked questions about hr certifications:

What is a human resources certification?

A human resource certification is a way to prove that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience required for a specific human resource job. The type of certification will depend on your profession.

What are some benefits of getting an HR certification?

  • Learn new ways to analyze data or improve HR processes
  • Increase salary by earning more certifications over time
  • Receive recognition from peers in the industry who respect your expertise

What are the best HR certifications?

The best HR certifications for your career depend on what job you’re trying to get. If the type of certification is relevant, that will be best for you. The list above represents a great set of certifications, including HR University’s HR Manager Certification, HRCI’s Professional in Human Resources International, the Professional in Human Resources Designation (PHR), and Senior Professional in Human Resources Designation (SPHR), and more.

How do I become HR certified?

To become HR certified, you need to take an exam. The list above highlights the exams for HR University’s HR Management Certification, HRCI Professional in Human Resources International, and more.

How much do HR certifications cost?

Suppose you’re looking to get an HR certification from any HR certification programs on this blog post. In that case, there is no set price because each program has different pricing depending on your level (beginner or advanced). However, if we look into individual fees, they range from $199-$5,400 per course.