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6 Best Technical Writing Certifications Online: Reviews and Pricing

Technical writing is one of the fastest-growing industries. That’s why technical writing certifications can open up countless new avenues and unearth career opportunities for both professional and freelance writers. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technical writing jobs will grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029. On average, this growth rate is faster than the rest of the job industry.  

So, if you’re a beginner or a seasoned technical writer, you can advance your career by learning more about the industry. Thanks to the internet, you do not have to enroll in any college or university to study technical writing. Many reputable online programs offer complete training and recognized certification. A few of these programs not only provide coaching but also help you assess your career options.

Here is a review of the best technical writing certification programs available online.

1. Technical Writing Certification Course

Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ features top-level online certifications geared towards professionals who want to level up their technical writing careers. The technical writer certification program teaches you the foundation of the technical writer role and the technical writing skills you need to grow your career.

The Technical Writing Course is a well-recognized credential that helps professionals start and grow their technical writing careers. Here are just a few things you’ll learn in this certification course:

  • Build your skillset in technical writing
  • Build your technical writer network
  • Craft an excellent technical writer resume and online presence
  • Ace your technical writer interview
  • API Writing
  • How to Write White Papers
  • How to Write User Manuals
  • How to Write Case Studies
  • Create a successful job search strategy

Key Features

The key features of Technical Writer HQ are:

  • Offers self-paced learning
  • Homework for every module
  • Extensive resources and video material


The Technical Writer Course is an affordable certification at the cost of $299. 

Key Takeaways

The Technical Writer Certification is one of the most famous online certification programs. It is also one of the few created by a well-renowned technical writer. The person behind the course is Josh Fechter, the founder of Squibler, a writing software. He has written software tutorials, manuals, handbooks, and white papers for over eight years. His technical writing is famous in various industry circles such as LinkedIn’s and Facebook’s engineering team, Reuters, Inc., and Forbes.

To learn more, visit Technical Writer HQ.

2. UX Writing Certification Course

Technical Writer HQ UX writer course

The UX writer course from technical writer HQ allows you to unleash and nourish your technical writing skills required for the specialized UX writing niche. With this advanced video-based UX writer course, you can gear up your writing skills by learning the fundamentals of technical and UX writing skills. 

It includes all those details you need to excel in user-experience writing. Moreover, you learn the art of drafting microcopies, conversation chatbots, and content design skills. This course isn’t typical but includes steps to prepare your UX writing portfolio. By the end, you will master fundamentals and create a strong work portfolio that you can use to showcase your skills. Finally, you’ll have a certification to level up your UX writer resume. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from this UX writer course:

  • Audience analysis
  • Voice and tone
  • Content style guide
  • Content design myths
  • Information architecture in UX
  • Content style guides

Key Features

This beginner-friendly course has these below-mentioned key features:

  • You have the option of self-paced learning
  • By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid portfolio to showcase your skills to potential clients
  • You can consult directly with the expert course instructors
  • There are no pre-requisites to the course. You can enroll right away
  • You have a 30-day money-back guarantee


You can get lifetime access to the course with a one-time payment of $499. 

Key Take Away

This UX writer course by Technical Writer HQ is one of the most sought-after and in-demand video courses that allow you to nourish your UX writing skills in detail. On top of that, they offer 10+ capstone projects on content design, UX writing, microcopies, and conversation design categories that help build your UX writing portfolio. Make sure to check out the syllabus to know about more perks. 

Get access to the course on Technical Writer HQ.

3. Coursera Technical Writing Certification

Technical Writing Certification

Coursera is one of the leading educational platforms available online. All the courses on Coursera are by top instructors and technical communicators from the world’s top universities and educational institutions. The platform offers over 5,300 classes, including technical writing. The program is recognized by employers worldwide. 

Here is what you will learn through Coursera:

  • Fundamentals of technical writing and workplace-related issues
  • How to use graphical tools to deliver a large amount of complex information
  • Technical report writing guidelines
  • Understanding the audience and purpose of your technical documents
  • How to create technical documents such as instruction manuals, lab reports, research reports, and recommendation & feasibility reports

Key Features

The key features of Coursera are:

  • It offers the option of self-paced learning
  • You will have to take multiple quizzes
  • Instructors will give you grades and their feedback
  • The program provides video and reading material
  • Financial aid is available
  • You can join the course for free


Most of the courses offer a 7-day free trial period. On average, a course can cost anywhere between $39-$79 per month. The technical writing course starts at $49 once your trial period is over.

Key Takeaways

Coursera is one of the most renowned online certification programs. It is also one of the few that offer financial aid to students who cannot afford to pay in full. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology teaches the technical writing course. The course has five modules, each containing detailed information. You will receive an accredited certificate after completing the course.

Get access here

4. Society for Technical Communication (STC)

Professional Technical Communicator

STC is one of the oldest and largest associations on the internet. It offers three major programs in technical communication, including a technical writing certificate program. The members of STC can complete their certification through online courses only. Apart from certification for technical writers, STC also offers Technical Communicators certification. 

Depending on the course you select, it will take you between 2-6 months to pass the certification program. The STC members include managers, practitioners, academics, and students. 

The STC certification is three-tied that offers different stages of learning and education. These stages are Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert.

The exam covers the following key areas:

  • Project Planning & Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Written Communication
  • Organizational Design
  • Reviewing & Editing
  • Visual Communication
  • Production Delivery
  • Content Management

Key Features

The key features of STC include:

  • You will learn communication about specialized or technical content
  • Advance your career by learning the latest technical communication tools
  • Reputable employers recognize the certification all over the world
  • STC holds an annual technical conference offering its participants the latest technical information. The forum is one of the most-attended events in technical communication.
  • The Foundation Certification will help you get field knowledge
  • The Practitioner Certification teaches you to apply the best possible practices in technical communication
  • The Expert Certification will require expert interviews and work products
  • STC gives you access to many educational opportunities
  • The professional certification program helps you transform your chosen career and advertise your business


You will have to pay an enrollment fee of $15. The program offers different memberships, including:

  • Gold Membership – You can become a Gold member for $395
  • Professional & Academic – It requires $225
  • Retired – $145
  • Student – $75
  • New Professional – $180 

Key Takeaways

STC is an affordable certification program that offers professional knowledge and its application. It helps improve the communication and writing skills of new students and current technical writers. The technical writing program teaches you how to extract usable content from complex information. You can learn through its webinars, online courses, and other related academic courses. As a member, you can also access the course’s publications, job database, the annual report on salary, Technical Communication, and Intercom, among other benefits.

Get Access Here

5. Communicaid


Communicaid is an online program that offers technical writing courses. The certification program will teach you to break down complex information into readable documents through effective writing. Communicaid uses tailored courses and training formats for individuals and organizations to help them excel in their careers. From business writing to punctuation & grammar courses, the program covers a wide range of categories.

This online training course is ideal for:

  • Scientists and engineers who need to write technical reports
  • Professionals who need to deliver technical customer specifications
  • Professionals who need to write contract proposals containing technical and complex information

You can access all the courses throughout the week, which allows you to pick a format that suits your schedule. 

The course focuses on the following key areas:

  • Planning techniques
  • Audience analysis 
  • Signposting to offer reader support
  • Charts, graphics, and numbers presentation
  • The proper use of technical terms in technical documents.
  • How to explain complex ideas
  • Structure and layout

Key Features

The key features of Communicaide include:

  • You will get the necessary knowledge and skills to write readable technical documents. 
  • The course provides an effective structuring and planning framework for technical documents. 
  • You will learn practical tools to explain complex technical writing jobs into more straightforward tasks for your non-technical audience. 
  • Your instructor will offer a well-balanced course with structural input and practical tasks for hands-on experience. 
  • Communicaid offers diagnostic consultancy, after which you get your trainer based on your goals. 
  • You will learn to understand your audience better.
  • The course offers tailor-made courses to improve your technical writing ability.
  • You will master editing and improving the readability of complex information. 
  • The program offers in-house training.
  • You can get one-day training, webinars, and coaching programs.


The website does not mention any pricing. You have to submit a proposal or contact a Communicaide representative to get a quote or information about the cost of each course. The pricing depends on your requirements and the nature and duration of your course.

Key Takeaways

Communicaid offers hundreds of courses for business technical writing for learners across the globe. The company specially designs its courses to help you overcome technical communication challenges. It provides training programs, one-day workshops, webinars, etc., to individuals, groups, and organizations. You can take the course face-to-face or online. You will have to contact the company representative for pricing and scheduling. 

Get Access Here

6. Udemy Technical Writer Certification

Technical Writing Courses Udemy

Udemy is a popular program that offers technical writing courses to new learners. The program teaches you the basics, such as technical writing principles and how to create your first-ever user guide and document template. Udemy does not have any strict requirements. You just need to have a Windows PC and Microsoft Word and Office. 

The course is ideal for new technical writers, developers, engineers, web content writers, college students, etc. 

The key areas covered by Udemy include:

  • It teaches you the difference between technical writing and business writing 
  • Documentation plan writing
  • Using tables and flowcharts in technical documents
  • Fundamentals of audience analysis
  • Basic techniques for technical writing
  • Basic techniques for technical editing

Key Features

The key features of Udemy include:

  • The program offers a 6-hour-long training video.
  • Udemy has 107 lectures for learners. 
  • Resource files include PDF ebooks, exercise and solution sheets, and 40 supplement PDF documents.
  • An instructor will personally check your final assignment.
  • The course offers different quizzes to test your progress and skill.
  • You can download the Udemy app on your phone and access it whenever you want.  


The beginner-level technical writing course is available for $199.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also get occasional special coupons and discounts. Udemy also offers other technical writing courses with individual pricing. 

Key Takeaway

Udemy’s high-demand beginner-level writing course is ideal for starters. It teaches you the fundamentals of technical writing. To enroll in this course, you must know basic English grammar as it does not teach the language. The course provides you with the necessary learning and reading material, so you do not have to buy additional books and journals. 

Get Access Here

7. Techwriter-Certification

Professional, Technical, and Career Training

Techwriter-Certification is another popular online certification program designed exclusively for technical writers. The program is best for corporate employees, individuals, military personnel, consultants, and the government. At the end of the course, you will receive an accredited technical writing certificate from a prestigious university. Techwriter-Certification offers different levels of courses, including:

  • Basic certification for technical writers
  • Certification for editors, consultants, and current technical writers
  • Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication
  • Certificate for Structured Writing for Technical Documentation 
  • Certification course for Writers at Work

Key Features

The key features of Techwriter-Certification include:

  • The program offers tailor-made training programs.
  • Each course program has three levels, basic, intermediate, and advanced.
  • To ensure progress, you get assignments and quizzes, which your instructors assess. 
  • After completing your course, the program generates a badge that shows the skills you learned during the course.


The pricing varies according to the type of course you select.

Basic Certificate in Technical Writing and Certification for Editors, Consultants, and Current Technical writers cost $975.00.

  • Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate for Technical Writers costs $2,399.00
  • Certification for Professional Technical Communication costs $1,200.00
  • Certificate for Structured Writing for Technical Documentation costs $349.00
  • Writer at Work Technical Writers costs $645.00

If you cannot finish the course on time, you can also apply for an extension. For an extension of one month, you will pay $149, for two months, $179, and for three months, $199.

Key Takeaways

Techwriter-Certification is for beginners or current technical writers who want to learn advanced techniques. The course you select will offer tailor-made training, and you will receive an accredited certificate. Each course has three levels, including basic, intermediate, and advanced. You can opt for the level that suits your needs and expertise. You have to complete your course in a given period. Requesting an extension on your course will cost you money, but you can get up to three extra months to complete the program.

Get Access Here

Advance Your Career with a Technical Writing Certification

Thanks to fast-paced technology, industries are constantly evolving. It is not just about experience anymore. You must develop at your industry’s pace. Your skills, knowledge, and the tools you use need constant upgrading. 

This is where online technical writing courses can make all the difference. 

These courses improve knowledge and offer certificates that endorse your skills. A recognized certification can take your career a step further and give you a better chance of getting noticed by employers. They give you an edge over your competitors. 

To make the most of these certification courses, first, you must select one related to your field. Another essential thing to consider while choosing a course is ensuring it offers you something new. Learning what you already know will not help you progress in your career. 

Choosing the right technical writing course can give your career the right push.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the most common questions about technical writing certifications.

1. What is a technical writing certification?

A technical writing certification is a document that proves you have the necessary skills to write about technical topics. A certificate will typically cover subjects like how to format text, grammar rules for technical style, and vocabulary words specific to your field.

Getting certified can also teach you new tools or techniques you might not know yet and give you access to other professionals in your area looking for people with these credentials.

2. How do you become a certified technical writer?

To become a technical writer, you should start by looking into different certification programs. Certification can seem daunting, but getting started with some of the best credentials is pretty straightforward.

3. What are the benefits of being certified in technical writing?

One benefit is that you’ll be able to more easily find jobs in an area where our talent pool is shrinking. You may also see better salaries and opportunities for advancement when you have your certificate!

You might think: “I’m not sure I need this if my company doesn’t pay for me.” The truth is that most companies will reimburse their employees up to $1500 for taking these courses, so even if they don’t offer reimbursement straight away you could ask HR or management about what options are available.

4. Do you need a certificate to be a technical writer?

You don’t need a certificate to be a technical writer, but being certified can open doors for you that may not have been available before.