6 Best Executive Coaching Certifications 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking to find the best executive coach certification training program? The corporate world demands influential leaders more than ever, and these execs who work with coaches are finding their way to the top.

So what’s an aspiring coach to do?

Get certified with a premier training center with extensive experience teaching coaches of all backgrounds. And don’t worry if you’re on a budget because most programs offer flexible pricing options; ask about it when inquiring about program details.

What Is Executive Coaching Certification?

Executives are always looking for ways to improve themselves. The certificates or authentic stamps of approval by recognized bodies make it easier for clients to select the best coaches. Impact coaching helps executives become responsible vision implementers with large global teams of people with varying perspectives, backgrounds, and approaches.

The effects of executive coaches have increased from an individual client to the entire company as many companies or organizations demand they coach their employees. It gets those individuals to grow businesses without being limited anymore by obstacles they were once working on before getting these certifications.

Why Is Executive Coaching Important?

Executive coaching is an essential service for CEOs and other executives. The reason is people fail at times which can cause issues in organizations. Executive coaches are a safe bet to help keep execs on the right track by offering them guidance through challenging scenarios while also teaching lessons that will make their decision-making better down the line.

The benefits of executive training go beyond just making decisions. They give clients insight into navigating job hurdles or succeeding from mistakes like never before. Professionals take time to understand what makes everyone unique.

Because anyone can claim to be the best coach, coaches must separate themselves using certificates. To impress clients, one needs skills and experience. In this article, I will tell you about reviews on the top executive coaching certification programs in 2024 to help you stand out.

1. Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

IECL is a revolutionary way to learn leadership skills. It’s affordable and available online through Zoom, meaning you can take it on your schedule from the comfort of your own home!

IECL offers courses for bachelor’s and higher degree students with prices ranging from $1,000-$4,000. You’ll be able to attend virtual webinar events where experts will answer any questions that come up during course work or as a result of homework assignments.

You will access alumni, resources, and practice communities with IECL’s help. As a student, you’ll be able to join in on group discussions using online discussion boards.


  • ACTP-accredited instructor-led courses
  • Study from anywhere in the world
  • A fast-track program for quicker results


  • A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite
  • Marketed across the Asia-Pacific demographic
  • Australia-based in-person classes

2. Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance

If you’re looking for a way to show off your coaching skills or improve them, Coach Training Alliance is the place.

They offer ICF-affiliated coaching programs that follow core competencies designed for individuals and groups. If you want to start your own coaching business, the course outline prepares you for ICF accreditation.

One can get their complimentary assessment by contacting Coach Training Alliance. That doesn’t mean that they are cheap. Prices average around $3,500 if one enrolls in one of the six-month coaching workshops. However, it’s worth every penny, given how much more confident, aspiring coaches feel after completing these courses.

  • Advanced Certification
  • Executive Coaching Workshop
  • Master Class

The Coach Training Alliance also provides workshops for free, like the Becoming a Coach workshop, to help you know more about this program before enrolling. Plus, it gives you access to the Certified Coach Program and has solid instructors with excellent learning environment reviews from participants who have gone through these courses.


  • The program helps launch your business
  • Get weekly mentoring and expert calls
  • ACTP-accredited, matching ICF standards of certification


  • Bachelor’s degree is a must
  • Students can’t join for self-paced curriculum

The course is available online only and not in-person

3. College of Executive Coaching

College of Executive Coaching

This College of Executive Coaching is the best post-graduate certificate for executives, professionals, and business owners. They offer a fast-track way to add ICF’s BCC or PCC credential to your existing certifications or degree with various choices in virtual courses and intensive short coursework.

The two-week online program will help you get the Board Certified Coach (BCC) or Professional Coach Certification (PCC). In short, it is an accredited coach training program.

It involves multiple offerings, including an intense short course with coaching skills development workshops and masterclasses on strategic planning. It also offers access to some top coaches who are experts in organizational dynamics while navigating through today’s challenging global economy.

The price is $10,000. But don’t worry! You can pay in installments with early registration and full payment options available to help you save money on course fees. Early registration and paying for the whole program get you a discount of $1600.

You will have a great learning experience at this college. Their instructors are PhD-level, and their online reviews are positive.


  • Assist professionals from a variety of sectors, such as psychology and healthcare
  • Veterans in the field of coaching
  • Certifications in Strengths and Supervision as well as EQ Certifications


  • Expensive
  • Bachelor’s and post-graduate required

4. The Academies Inc.

The Academies Inc. Couch Course

The Academies Inc. is the most preferred low-cost choice for students who want to complete their online course in a short time and don’t want to break the bank while doing so. The course finishes in 8 to 12 weeks. Moreover, students will have access to zoom meetings with instructors for up to 2 hours, depending on their availability.

The Academies offers a range of courses from $1,500 to $3,000. Students can pay the entire fee in installments, but first, they must enroll for lectures. Once you complete your certification and training, you can access Coach Search Portal, where the clients can find and hire you.

The Academies’ Executive and Leadership Development Training provides an exclusive certificate, which is also ICF certified.

Britton has written seven career books and is an ICF-certified Professional Certified Coach. The Academies brain-friendly coach certification program allows its students to become coaches with 30 hours of coursework.

The student’s rate of joining and leaving the institute as successful coaches are high. Many online testimonials attest to the leadership and quality of the program, commenting on how they provide a personalized approach with solid tools for worldwide focus, tailored to specific needs as an individual or business owner.


  • Complete the online program utilizing a few hours per week via Zoom
  • $1500 gets you through the program and awards you an executive coaching certificate
  • Personalized approach with one-on-one online training sessions


  • A single course won’t cut it to secure PCC, MCC, or ACC
  • Not many online reviews

5. Co-Active Training Institute

Co-Active Training Institute

The Co-Active Training Institute is a great place to start for those who have not yet finished their college degree.

Personalized feedback and one-on-one with professionals are beneficial when starting from scratch without any professional network.

Such unique benefits make this certification vary its price from $6,900 to more than $12,000. A student with a tight schedule can complete the certificate while managing a business.

Co-Active Training Institute provides a trained coach, MCC, or PCC credentialed trainer by ICF.

Co-Active training’s client ratings rank lower than other companies services. Still, if your goal is getting into college, no matter what happens – any additional schooling beyond high school can help. Co-Active can be a convenient training program option.


  • Complete certification in 4 months
  • Perks of virtual workshops in addition to weekly classes
  • All the study guidelines are ICF-certified


  • A  25-week requirement
  • The cost is higher than expected
  • Access to live classes is only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

6. Center for Executive Coaching

Center for Executive Coaching

If you are up for it, being a certified leadership coach is only a few steps away. This organization provides several certificate options. Furthermore, the virtual program allows you to get a certificate worldwide.

The Center for Executive Coaching teaches you how to become a successful coach. You can earn your certificate regardless of where in the world you live or work, and those with master’s degrees can complete their International Coach Federation credential faster than others.

The programs offer the tools to build a stable foundation in your leadership role. You will receive proprietary systems such as The Leadership Dashboard and KPIs along with content necessary to become certified if that is one of your goals.

It has top-notch reviews, even on industry sites like SHRM. Participants rave about their certification prep and coaching practice courses with professional instructors who are pros in this field.

With access to the member section, you can find all sorts of valuable resources for your coaching work and use many tools to practice.

When enrolling as a coach on this site, many benefits will come along with it. For example, if you want any leadership or executive assessment tool at just-in-time notice (rather than having to search through various sources), then head over and sign up today–you won’t regret it!


  • Two to five months to finish the course
  • The latest webinars are on their weekly schedule
  • By using a proprietary textbook, you can enroll in classes remotely


  • Pricy

Comparison: Review and Price

Every company needs a change agent to help keep them on their toes, and an executive coach is perfect for this job. The contracting of such has become more affordable in recent years, with many different institutes popping up all over the place promising great results at reasonable prices. However, not every institute will be suitable for your business or organization.

Let’s compare our picks.

1. Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

Best Overall

The cost for the certification is $1,000-4,000, and the time frame is self-paced.

2. Coach Training Alliance

Overall good

The cost is $3,500, and the time frame for completion is six months.

3. College of Executive Coaching

Best for graduates

The cost is $10,000. The project will take anywhere from three days to four months.

4. The Academies Inc.

Most-advised low-cost option

The cost is $1,500 to $3,000. The time frame for completion ranges from two months to three.

5. Co-Active Training Institute

Best for coaches without a degree

The average cost of the program ranges from $6,900 to $12,000. The time required is between four and six months.

6. Center for Executive Coaching

Best for students 

The price starts at $5,000 to $7,500, and the time is anywhere from two to five months.

Final Thoughts

These institutes and colleges offer the best programs online, and you’re sure to find the one that fits your career.

Enrolling in a program with a suitable teaching methodology should not be taken lightly. Here are a few things for you to consider before signing up:

  • How much are tuition and fees?
  • What kind of financial aid options do they offer, if any?
  • Are there prerequisites for entry into these programs? If so, which ones can I meet by myself versus others where it’s more advantageous with assistance from my employer/current boss/alumni network, etc.?

The best program is in line with your personal goals and career needs. The industry does not have any governing agencies, so it’s essential to do your research before rushing for an unaccredited group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked about executive coaching certifications:

What skills can I learn in executive coaching certification programs?

Programs teach soft skills and frameworks to potential coaches.

Every course’s action plan teaches the following skills:

  • Capability to operate in ways that benefit everyone (even those you dislike)
  • To lead by example, giving their clients the confidence to do great work
  • A realistic understanding of how personalities function and sync
  • Communication skills that allow you to make your point across quickly

Learn how choices influence the more significant outcome and apply creativity to accomplish goals.

How much do I earn as an executive coach?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors:

  • The type of coaching methodology you become part of (team, individual)
  • Whether you work as an independent coach or in organizations with strict pay scales
  • Where you reside and where your clients live

The average Executive Coach salary in the United States is $103,238. There’s a wide range for what they typically earn, between $80k and $135k per year – so it might not be up your alley if you’re looking to make upwards of six figures right off the bat.

It could be on the higher side if you manage client relationships well. Some senior-level execs have made it to six figures with certifications and experience, but for a coach with an ICF credential, the sky is the limit.

How can I become an executive trainer?

If you want to be an executive coach, it’s not as difficult as you imagine. You can:

  • Do some research on whether coaching is the right choice for you
  • Get admission into an authentic program by checking available classes
  • Pinpoint areas valuable to your profession
  • Have a mentor guide you

What is the cost of an executive coaching certification?

The cost of getting certified depends on the type. An unaccredited certificate program is typically cheaper, but it has lower standards and doesn’t guarantee an industry-recognized certification. Authorized courses offer a more balanced approach to training that will result in higher credentials and broader skillsets.

What’s an internal coach?

An internal coach is someone on your team who helps you work through some of the barriers that stand in the way of achieving a goal.


Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is the founder of The Product Company and a partner at Product Manager HQ.