Best AI Novel Writers in 2024

Are you looking for AI novel writer tools to help you with your next novel? AI is no longer limited to mathematical calculations and data analytics; today, it is changing how we approach creative endeavors like novel writing.

AI novel writer tools can be a powerful addition to your writing software toolkit. These tools won’t replace your unique voice or creativity; instead, they’ll act as a collaborative partner to help improve your writing process, helping you write grammatically correct sentences, brainstorm new ideas, and refine your writing style.

Whether you’re a professional novelist, an amateur storyteller, or just thinking about diving into creative writing, this blog post aims to be your comprehensive guide. We will explore some of the most innovative AI novel writing software tools.

What are AI Writing Software Tools?

An AI writing software tool is a specialized software application infused with artificial intelligence capabilities to assist you in your novel writing endeavors. These tools use advanced algorithms and machine learning models to generate text based on your prompts, provide style suggestions, and offer structural advice.

Best AI Novel Writing Software Tools

How do these AI writing software options differ from traditional writing software tools? The answer lies in their ability to learn and adapt. While a traditional tool might help you catch typos or offer basic style tips, AI writing tools can provide more context-aware suggestions and generate new content to inspire you. They offer plentiful features to help you elevate your fiction writing. Now, let’s look at some top picks for novel writing tools.

1. Squibler

Squibler is an AI novel writing tool that offers all the right tools for writing novels. It covers every stage of your writing journey—from brainstorming and plotting to the final draft. It offers an intuitive interface for multiple plots, characters, and settings. Beyond these, the platform also includes unique Elements that allow you to infuse your story with depth, whether adding a new character, a mysterious object, or even a company.

If you’re stuck or experiencing writer’s block, Squibler offers several features to help you out. Use the Rewrite function to transform your text, or tap into the Describe feature to bring a scene to life with sensory details. Alternatively, you can use the “Ask Me Anything” feature, which acts like a professional writer’s assistant, ready to answer any questions and guide your creativity. 


  • AI Element Generation allows you to craft characters, environments, and objects for your novel
  • Combine created elements with the Generate Scene function to write your unique novel
  • When hitting a creative wall, the Ask Me Anything tool is a go-to resource
  • You can ask Squibler to add more visual or even auditory descriptions to scenes with Rewrite, Describe, and Expand
  • Image Generation is great for creating visuals on the spot without having to create or search for images by yourself
  • Use the Corkboard to strategize your story’s layout and collaborate with co-writers


Free trial available. The premium plan starts at $20 per single month or $16 per month with the annual plan.

2. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI leverages the GPT algorithm to act as an AI writer that helps you create longer forms of content, be it blog posts or parts of a novel. This writing software program is designed for those struggling with writer’s block or needing inspiration to move their creative writing ideas forward. ShortlyAI could be your ideal sidekick in the writing process. It fills the gap between your creative bursts, ensuring you never lose momentum while offering various features to enrich your content.


  • Uses natural language generation to create relevant text
  • The built-in editor allows real-time revisions
  • Supports various content types, including fiction and non-fiction


Free trial available. Plans start at $79/month or $65/month with the annual plan.

3. Novel AI

Novel AI is an advanced AI writer designed to support you in generating creative and structured narratives. Whether you’re a professional novelist or a hobbyist, this writing software program caters to all your needs by providing unique ideas and assisting with structuring your plot. Novel AI stands out for its focus on generating character-driven stories, helping you maintain a consistent and engaging writing style.


  • Offers customizable AI personas to guide the generation of your novel
  • Built-in semantic analysis ensures the text aligns with the tone and style you aim for
  • Specialized algorithms for different genres of fiction and non-fiction


Free trial available. Subscription plans start at $10/month.

4. Rytr AI

Rytr AI employs its unique machine learning algorithms to assist writers in generating all kinds of content. Beneficial for writers suffering from writer’s block, this AI writer is an invaluable tool to help generate content. The platform is known for its versatility, supporting anything from blog posts to academic papers to novels.


  • Multiple writing modes to suit various content types and tones
  • Real-time language optimization for SEO-friendly content
  • A ‘Freestyle Mode’ for generating writing ideas and drafts


Free version with limited features available. Premium plans start at $9/month.

5. Headlime

Headlime is a writing software program that uses AI technology to help writers draft, edit, and polish their work. Though it doesn’t focus on novel writing, it’s versatile and can enrich any written content. It’s useful for writers who require a tool that can adapt to various writing scenarios.


  • A wide range of templates for different writing projects
  • Real-time editing suggestions to improve grammar and style
  • Supports collaborative writing with team features


Limited free version available. The individual plan starts at $59/month, with a discount for annual subscriptions.

6. Inkforall

Inkforall is more than just an AI writer; it is a comprehensive writing assistant that guides you through the entire creative process. The software is tailored for seasoned writers and novices and has various features to enhance creative writing ideas. It helps you focus on your writing by providing distraction-free environments and editorial suggestions.


  • Distraction-free writing modes to enhance focus
  • Built-in analytics to track writing habits and productivity
  • Style guide to maintain consistency across various projects


Free basic version available. Advanced features can be unlocked for $39/month.

7. might have been designed with copywriters in mind, but its AI writing tool capabilities go beyond that. You can use it to generate creative text or develop plot ideas for your story. Its versatile nature makes it a valuable addition to your collection of AI writing software tools.


  • Offers templates for a variety of creative and professional tasks
  • Provides a collaborative workspace for team projects
  • Powered by the GPT-3 algorithm for high-quality text generation


Free trial available. The pro plan begins at $49/month.

8. Writesonic

Writesonic is a multi-faceted AI writer tool offering much more than copywriting solutions. If you’re delving into creative writing, Writesonic can assist with generating prompts or even crafting dialogue for your characters. It offers a range of templates, including those focused on creative storytelling, making it a versatile tool for all kinds of writing needs.


  • Text generation capabilities for different content forms
  • Templates designed for both marketing and creative writing
  • Offers language translation services for global reach


Free basic version available. Premium plans start at $16/month.

9. Jasper

Jasper utilizes GPT technology to create high-quality content across various genres. Whether you’re drafting a blog post or a novel chapter, Jasper can help. Its adaptability makes it a strong choice for writers who dabble in multiple forms of content creation.


  • Text expansion and summarization tools to build on your ideas
  • SEO optimization features for digital content
  • Multiple writing modes to suit different project requirements


Free 7-day trial available. Plans start at $39/month.

10. Kuki Chatbots

Kuki Chatbots excel in conversational AI, making them an interesting choice for novelists. If your story is dialogue-heavy or you want to create interactive storytelling experiences, Kuki can help. While not a conventional choice for novel writing, its unique focus on dialogue makes it a tool worth considering.


  • Specializes in generating realistic dialogues
  • It can be used for interactive storytelling and gaming experiences


Custom pricing options are available.

11. Grammarly

Grammarly is more than just a grammar checker. Its advanced algorithms can analyze the tone and style of your writing, offering valuable suggestions for improvement. While not a typical AI novel writing software (although Grammarly does use AI technology), its tools make it indispensable for writing grammatically correct sentences.


  • Comprehensive grammar and spell-checking
  • Advanced style and tone suggestions for nuanced writing
  • Built-in plagiarism checker


Free basic version available. Premium plans start at $12/month for the annual plan.

12. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is geared towards making your writing clear and concise, stripping away unnecessary complexity. It helps refine your writing style, making it more direct and impactful. With AI tools in the works, it provides valuable metrics and suggestions that can improve your writing skills.


  • Analyzes sentence complexity and provides suggestions for simplification
  • Highlights instances of passive voice and excessive adverb usage


One-time purchase of $19.99 for the desktop version.

13. Plottr

Plottr is a visual tool aimed at helping you outline your novel, offering drag-and-drop interfaces to organize your story elements. While it doesn’t offer AI-powered writing suggestions, its intuitive interface is great for those who appreciate a more visual approach to plotting and organizing.


  • Visual plotting using cards and timelines
  • Pre-made templates for different story structures


The annual purchase starts at $39.

14. AI21

AI21 uses its proprietary language model to assist with professional and creative writing. The tool learns from your writing patterns, making its suggestions more tailored to your unique style as you use it more.


  • Context-aware text generation and suggestions
  • Learns from your writing to offer more personalized advice


Free version available. Premium plans start at $29/month.

15. Scrivener

Scrivener is a long-standing writer favorite for its robust feature set focused on the intricacies of large writing projects like novels. While it doesn’t offer AI capabilities, its organizational tools are second to none.


  • Comprehensive organization tools for large writing projects
  • Built-in templates for various writing formats


One-time purchase starting at $50.99. Free trial available.

How to Choose the Best AI Novel Writer Tool

Choosing the right tool for your needs is crucial. Consider what you need the most help with. Is it brainstorming, drafting, editing, or all of the above? Look for tools that excel in those specific areas.

Don’t be swayed by bells and whistles. A tool with many fancy features may not best fit your writing style or the genre you’re working in. Always prioritize quality and reliability over quantity.

Lastly, never underestimate the value of a good user interface. A tool that’s easy to navigate will make your writing process smoother, allowing you to focus more on creativity and less on figuring out how the tool works.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the most commonly asked questions and answers about AI writing software here.

Are AI novel writing tools meant to replace human writers?

AI tools can assist in various aspects of the writing process but can’t replace human creativity and storytelling skills. These novel writing software tools are designed to act as an AI writing assistant, helping you brainstorm, edit, and refine your work. They’re not meant to write novels independently but complement your skills.

Is AI writing software expensive?

Pricing varies. Some tools offer free basic versions, while premium features come at a cost. Always consider your budget and needs when selecting an AI tool. While some specialized AI writing tools can be pricey, there are also budget-friendly options available that offer good value for your investment.

How reliable are AI-generated suggestions?

While AI has come a long way in understanding context and generating text, thanks to advancements in natural language processing, reviewing and editing any AI-generated content is always a good idea. AI tools are getting smarter, but they’re not infallible. Exercise your judgment when incorporating their suggestions into your work.

Can I use multiple AI tools simultaneously?

Many writers use a combination of tools for different tasks—like one for brainstorming and another for grammar checking. You can also add a specialized AI tool for improving your writing style or for more advanced editing. There’s no rule against using multiple services to enhance your writing experience.

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