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Best Content Design Courses 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking to bring your content design skills to the next level? Learning advanced content design skills can open countless job opportunities. If you’re not sure where to start, there are many content design courses online. But which one is for you?

Content design courses offer an effective way of learning about this rapidly-growing field. The available courses cater to professionals interested in an overview of the field, new entrants, and experienced content designers.

Benefits of Content Design Courses

The main benefits of content design courses are the following:

  • Cost-effective: the biggest advantage of courses and certifications is that they are cost-effective and are therefore accessible to a broad range of professionals.
  • Short duration: in contrast to degrees that take a long time to complete, the durations for content design courses vary from one day to a few weeks.
  • Focused learning: in contrast to degrees that cover a plethora of often unrelated topics, courses and certifications offer focused learning on one specific topic of interest.
  • Multiple formats: courses and certifications are available in a number of formats such as live workshops, short courses, and longer bootcamps. You can choose the course that suits your preferences.
  • Credibility: courses and certifications improve credibility in the marketplace and help professionals stand out from the competition.

A wide range of content design courses is available. The best course for you is the one that matches your needs, requirements, and preferences.

5 Best Content Design Courses

In this blog, we will review 5 of the best content design courses that are available.

1. UX Writing Certification Course by Technical Writer HQ

Certified UX Writer Course

The UX writer course from Technical Writer HQ allows you to unleash and nourish your content design skills. With this UX writer course, you can gear up your UX content design skills, and learn the fundamentals of content design and development so you can refer to yourself as a specialized content designer. 

This specialized course is not just a video course, but also includes steps to prepare your content design portfolio through its 10+ capstone projects. You can use this portfolio to showcase your talent and skills to potential recruiters and clients. Moreover, once you complete the course, you’re provided a UX writer certification that you can showcase in your resume and add more value to it.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

You can get the lifetime access to the course with a one-time payment of $499 

What is the Course Duration?

With 4 hours given to the course per week, you can finish the course in 10 weeks. So, the course duration is around 2 months. However as this course is a self-paced course, this means you may finish it sooner or later based on your work routine.

Who is the Course For?

This course is a perfect choice for beginners content designers as well as skilled content designers, service designers, and product managers to enhance their content design skills.

Explore the course contents on Technical Writer HQ.

2. Advanced Content Design – Content Design London

Advanced Content Design - Content Design London

The course covers a wide range of topics including the identification of user needs from research, the role of empathy mapping in user journeys, managing content projects, content patterns, project planning from scoping to testing, matching business and user needs, presenting content design, and involving stakeholders and other teams in your work.

The course places special emphasis on creating content based on a bank of user needs and on managing bigger content projects

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The fee for the course is £850 + VAT.

What is the Course Duration?

The duration of the course is two days.

Who is the Course For?

This course is aimed at senior content designers, product managers, service designers, and other experienced content design professionals.

You can learn more about the course here.

3. Content Design 12-week Academy – EventBrite

The Content Design 12-week Academy course combines course learning with actual project work. During the course, students produce content for a prototype. The instructors will walk you through all the aspects of a content project including understanding the audience, writing targeted content, measuring success, and content strategy.

At the end of the course, the students will know how to perform focused research, identify and validate user needs, create accessible user-focused content, use data to analyze success and value metrics, talk about all the elements of an agile content design project, demonstrate a design example, and present content design from team to board level.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The fee for the course is £2395+ VAT. Students who have attended a previous 2-day content design course offered by Content Design London can claim a 10% discount.

What is the Course Duration?

The duration of the course is 12 weeks.

Who is the Course For?

The course is aimed at professionals who have previous experience in content – journalism, technical writing, or copywriting.

4. Content Design / UX Writing Certificate Program – SVC

The Content Design / UX Writing Certificate program covers user research, information architecture, interaction design, content strategy, UX writing, usability testing, accessibility, ethical and inclusive UX writing, and a capstone class with live client projects.

During the course, students learn the hard and soft skills needed to land a job in content design and UX writing.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The fee for the certification program is $7,685.

What is the Course Duration?

The duration of the course is 35 weeks.

Who is the Course For?

The course is aimed at professionals who want to enter the content design industry. Pre-requisites include the Fundamentals of UX course (must be taken at SVC) and the Figma Fundamentals course.

You can learn more about the course here.

5. UX Writing Academy – UX Writing Hub

The course is divided into four phases.

During the first phase, students spend 12 weeks learning the basics of UX writing and product design. They complete exercises and get feedback from experts.

During the second phase, students learn UX-writing-focused research methodologies, create a UX writing research report, and present research findings to peers and mentors for feedback.

During the third phase, students design and write copy for a fictional digital product. They also learn design tools such as Miro, Figma, and Whimsical.

During the last phase of the course, students work in groups on a UX writing project for a real company under the guidance of a mentor.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The fee for the course is $2850.

What is the Course Duration?

The duration of the course is six months.

Who is the Course For?

The course is aimed at professionals who want to gain practical experience and build a portfolio, and at professionals who want to transition to the content design career path.

You can learn more about the course here.

6. Introduction to Content Design – Futurelearn

The Introduction to Content Design course covers the fundamentals of content design, including the pivotal concepts of user-centered content design, user needs, and user research. Students will learn the value of journey mapping and prototyping. Students will also learn to use data to improve content through iteration.

The course also covers the content design profession, the role of a content designer, and the skills that are essential for the role.

At the end of the course, you will get a printable digital Certificate of Achievement.

You will need to check if the course is available.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

Futurelearn is an online education provider that offers a discounted annual subscription for $189.99. This subscription gives you unlimited access to all courses on the platform.

What is the Course Duration?

The duration of the Introduction to Content Design Course is 4 weeks.

Who is the Course For?

The course is aimed at entry-level content designers and at professionals whose job roles involve content design.

Leverage the Right Content Design Course to Advance Your Career

Courses and certificate programs are a great way for content design professionals to learn new skills, meet other professionals in the field and increase opportunities for career growth.

Content design courses also offer a path to professionals from other fields who want to transition to this rapidly growing field. During the courses, students get hands-on experience and build projects that become part of their portfolios, which in turn help them in their job search.

Choose the course that is right for you, and use it as a stepping stone to achieving success in your career.


How much do content design courses cost?

The fee for content design courses depends on a number of factors that include duration, format, and student skill level. The fee for courses reviewed in this blog ranges from $200 to almost $8,000. A few free courses are also available for professionals looking to get an overview of the field.

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