Josh Fechter

Josh Fechter is the founder of The Product Company and a partner at Product Manager HQ.

Best People Analytics Certification Course: Reviews and Pricing

Are you searching for the best people analytics certification courses? You’re at the right place. While you are in the HR field, you know the significance of employing talent in the right manner and tracking their progress. Also, it is essential to understand how they are performing and what changes you need to make to improve their productivity. You must be aware of people analytics to make your organization a...

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Best Knowledge Management Tools: Reviews and Pricing

Are you the leader or part of a team responsible for implementing knowledge management in your organization? If your answer is yes, you need top-notch knowledge management tools to safeguard, create, and share organizational knowledge. Knowledge management is part of business strategy and is a key business initiative. It protects your business and creates opportunities for enhancing the capabilities of your workforce. Making information available helps employees improve performance and...

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