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Best HR Analyst Certifications 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Ready to explore the best HR Analyst Certifications that will help with your HR career? Let’s dive in.

With the help of HR analytics certifications, you can boost your HR career and stay up-to-date in today’s competitive world. HR analytics courses not only teach you how to employ data-gathering practices and understand data-driven insights but also enable you to meet the expectations of key stakeholders by maximizing business value through predictive analytics.

This article presents some of the most prestigious HR data analytics certifications worth getting if you are interested in learning the HR analytics knowledge base.

HR Analyst Certification Benefits

  • HR Analyst certifications provide an excellent opportunity to increase your productivity and efficiency in your typical HR role, and they can upscale your job rank and salary prospects.
  • This certification makes you more proactive instead of reactive as it enables you to enrich your HR analytical skills. You will be able to become a strategic partner due to the capability of catching up with best-emerging practices to handle the workforce.
  • After getting certified, you learn how to combine data science technologies, tools, and analytics techniques to optimize your HR work in human resource management, saving time and energy.

Best HR Analyst Certifications of 2024

However, with so many HR analyst certifications available in the online space, to save your time and effort from the extra overhead of Google’s search results, we have created a list of top HR analyst certifications to help you find your path in the HR sphere. Let’s jump right in.

1. People Analytics Certification Course by HR University

People Analytics Certification Course

HR University offers one of the top analytics certification courses. The certification is well-recognized in the industry and will help further your career. This course enables you to make data-driven decisions for your organization. The curriculum is designed by leading HR practitioners and data scientists.

The course offers theoretical as well as practical skills. You learn to use different HR data analytics tools and techniques in more than 15 classes and 90+ video lessons. The course also offers a step-by-step guide to using software like Excel and Tableau.

It explains how to use HR data to improve hiring, employee retention, and other HR processes. You will learn how to use statistical methods to make better decisions. It also teaches you the fundamentals of HR analytics to enable you to understand more complex models. With this course, you learn to organize data and make it actionable. Moreover, it also helps you improve your interpersonal skills. You learn to communicate with employees and clients effectively. The topics you learn in this certification course are:

  • Basics of Statistics
  • Data collecting and organizing
  • Creating surveys
  • Interview conduction
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Basics and advanced knowledge of analytics
  • Dashboard creation
  • Creating tables and graphs
  • Making sense of collected data
  • Microsoft Excel

How Much is The Enrollment Fee for the People Analytics Certification Course by HR University?

You can learn data-driven approaches with this certification course for $349. It offers you lifetime access to the course and downloadable resources. You also get a certificate of completion. 

Who is Eligible to Apply for the People Analytics Certification Course by HR University?

This course is ideal for HR professionals starting their careers. It is also beneficial for those who want to enhance their HR skills. The course is also suitable for those who want to learn how to use data to improve HR processes.

Access: To check out more information, please visit this link: HR University’s People Analytics Certification Course

2. HR Management and Analytics Certification by Wharton School

Wharton HR Analytics

It is a well-known saying that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” so this people analytics certification gives you hands-on experience with all the tools required to track data. There are 7 modules available in this course, and the course duration is two months (4-6 weeks online).

Learning Outcomes

Through this course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of using HR analytics to enhance collaboration among personnel and departments through innovation or efficiency.
  • Leverage statistics evaluation to split ability from luck; discover inner biases, and recognize hiring and internal mobility staffing cycles.
  • Understand the four critical elements in measuring performance: regression to the mean, pattern size, sign independence, and manner instead of the outcome.
  • Initiate and manipulate human analytics tasks to help you attain your organizational goals.
  • Motivate performance, lay out pay structures, and create a perfect professional environment.

Who can enroll in this course?

The course is excellent for mid-to senior-level HR professionals and helps small business owners manage people.

How much does it cost?

This course costs $2,520, and you can also get $280 off with a referral. There is also special group enrollment pricing available.

Access: To check out more information, please visit this link: HR management and analytics program

3. HR Analytics Leader by AIHR Academy

AIHR Academy HR Analytics

This online, self-paced HR analyst certification consists of 7 modules. It intends to examine the “effect of people-associated decisions” to perceive higher approaches to improve organizational performance. Whether attempting to strengthen your HR management or initiate a new career, this certification gives you a solid foundation to learn the skill set and expertise that key decision-makers possess. By analyzing the effect of people-associated decisions using a data-driven approach, you can assist business leaders in achieving their strategic objectives.

Learning Outcomes

This course reshapes you as an HR Analytics Leader to implement data-driven HR practices in your organization. You learn to:

  • Analyze dozens of real-world projects and examples, case studies, and the HR value chain, and learn how to estimate organizational costs via data statistics. 
  • Identify which organizational issues are of greater importance and draft cases using HR cost chain methodology. 
  • Build a competency matrix and discover the skill set and proficiency levels required to accomplish HR analytics projects. 
  • Keep a record of your stakeholders using our stakeholder control toolkit. Manage them primarily based on their involvement and objectives.

Who can enroll in this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course, and you can access this course 12 months a year. The preparation material is available as an “online form” to prepare for this course. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of this course is relatively lesser than the other courses, which is just $975. You can receive a 20% off on their website if you register yourself right now.

Access: For more detailed information, please visit this link: HR analytics certificate program

4. Essentials of HR Analytics Certification by Cornell University

eCornell HR Analytics

In today’s organizations, the need for a data-driven mindset is an essential metric. This certification program offered by eCornell includes four courses. This program teaches you how to source, analyze, and visualize HR Metrics to drive choices and recommendations. You can improve your analytical insights with the help of applied predictive analytics to make informed decisions. eCornell emphasizes mastering all situations HR employees face while hiring quality talent, retaining engaged workers, and comparing a group of workers’ diversity.

Learning Outcomes

In this certificate program, you’ll learn all the key steps to analyze valuable insights acquired from HR data records, which are as follows:

  • Evaluating HR data, discovering key questions that guide the analytical process, and discovering fundamental calculations for correlation and regression.
  • Interpreting and searching records
  • Composing a presentation to visualize vital HR data records for understanding organizational psychology and evaluating workforce diversity in a better way.

The course duration is two weeks, where you need to focus for 3-5 hours per week. Cornell University provides 100% online access to all learning materials and proper instructor guidance. 

How much does it cost?

The fee for this course varies depending upon whether you are a member or non-member. If you are a member of eCornell certification programs, you need to pay only $3595; if you are a non-member, you need to pay $4195. 

Who can enroll in this course?

Folks with no prior analytical training or knowledge can enroll in this certification program. This course is highly beneficial for analysts, HR Associates, HR Managers and Directors, and VPs of HR.

Access: For more information, check out this link: HR Analytics Certificate

5. Human Resources Analytics Certification by University of California, Irvine

Human Resources Analytics Coursera

To ensure organizational success, it is essential to have a strong analytical team in the HR department. The University of California offers a well-designed HR analytics certification that helps you be proficient in manipulating data and delivering meaningful insights. This course guides you on distinguishing data sources, specifying HR metrics, devising measures, and employing results considering organizational goals. The program consists of 4 modules that talk about HR metrics life cycle, staffing, training and compensating workforce, maintaining employee relations, improving overall human resources organization, and building your case and capability to take proper actions.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn:

  • Analyzing employee life cycle, HR agility, and the numerous metrics used to measure and lead organizational outcomes.
  • How to work with staffing, training, and rewards metrics.
  • Understanding HR operations such as recruiting, hiring, and retaining potential hires.
  • Devising strategies to track measures and how to report effectively.
  • How to utilize the data acquired from different sources to improve strategic business planning.

Who can enroll in this course?

Anyone who wants to learn the art of managing people through analytics can enroll in this course. It is suitable for both HR beginners and HR professionals who aspire to better understand HR processes at their own pace.

How much does it cost?

There is no enrollment fee for this course. You can audit it for free and access its learning resources, but you have to pay only $49 to earn this analytics certificate.

Access: For more information, check out this link: Human resource analytics certificate program

6. People Analytics and Evidence-Based Management by openSAP

People Analytics & Evidence-Based Management Course

OpenSAP’s HR analytics certificate program outlines how to cope with critical situations and guide key decisions based on facts and data stats. In this program, you learn how to take HR initiatives and enhance talent acquisition in your organization. People and data are the two most important assets of an organization. That is why people analytics is considered a game-changer for HRM practices.

Learning Outcomes

In this people analytics program, you’ll learn:

  • How to analyze critical areas of people analytics and meet challenges in hiring the best talent.
  • Best practices and methodologies from experts from academia and business. They share their people’s analytics journeys in this program.
  • How to select and employ analytics tools to meet your objectives and budget.

The course duration is three weeks, and you only need to give 2-4 hours per week, after which you can receive your program certificate.

How much does it cost?

This course is free of cost. You have to register for an account by visiting openSAP’s website.

Who can enroll in this course?

HR professionals, HR practitioners, and managers are the best audience for this course. Anyone who is growth-oriented and seeks value addition can enroll in this course.

Access: To learn more, check out this link: OpenSAP’s people analytics program

7. Human Resource Analytics program by Portland University

HR Analytics Graduate Certificate offered by Portland State University is a highly prestigious program that equips you with the necessary conceptual knowledge and applied skills to meet organizational needs. It is a 100% online certificate program that provides an in-depth understanding of managing organizational data. This self-paced HR Analytics certificate gives you a competitive advantage by maximizing work efficiency. Whether your goal is to onboard more clients, build better relationships with co-workers or bosses, or make higher wages, this online course can help. It covers various skills, including:

  • Data Plotting & Time Analysis
  • Non-Session Time Reports (IST)
  • Attendance Systems

Learning Outcomes

You will learn:

  • Best hiring practices such as how to utilize pre-interview assessment tools
  • How to employ data analysis tools like programming language R, Power BI, and Tableau that HR professionals can use to analyze performance metrics.
  • How to streamline employees’ workflows, making all operations more efficient.  
  • How to analyze the employee’s sense of belonging to the company and strengths/weaknesses
  • How to improve daily work experiences of a workforce.
  • Understanding how to process human resource data insights and make the right decisions

Who can enroll in this course?

Individuals who want to qualify for supervisory and leadership roles can enroll in this course. This program is also best suited for HR executives, analysts, and consultants.

How much does it cost?

The total tuition fee for this program depends on whether you are a resident. The total cost for residents is $14,791; if you are a non-resident, the price is $17,329. 

Access:  For more information, check out this link: HR analytics certificate program

8. People Analytics by Josh Bersin Academy

JoshBersin HR Analytics

We live in a world where organizations struggle to find talent and people. At this point, data analytics and people analytics are of great importance. Josh Bersin’s academy offers a wide variety of certifications focused on critical topics in human resources. This course is a fantastic analytics certification that provides a sound understanding of the fundamental concepts and strategies to manage people. It includes five modules that provide comprehensive content and interactive exercises, which are as follows:

  • The Analytics Revolution
  • Creative Questions
  • Meaningful Data
  • Insightful Analysis
  • Persuasive Communication

Learning Outcomes

HR practitioners and professionals always look for ways to grow and learn more about people management. This course enables you to understand:

  • How to employ data-driven analytics tools and techniques to guide, coach, manage people and conduct workforce planning
  • How to ask the right HR questions to resolve any issue in an organization
  • HR analytics skills to become a better problem solver and informed decision-maker
  • How to conclude high-level insights from the data

How much does it cost?

The cost for this course varies according to different membership plans.


  • $25 per month

Professional membership:

  • For a team of fewer than 50 people: $280 annually per person
  • For a team of fewer than 50 people: $350 annually per person

There exists an enterprise membership plan as well.

Who can enroll in this course?

HR professionals at all levels can enroll in this course. Young HR talent can also plan and execute HR strategies using cutting-edge techniques after getting this certification.

Access: To explore more, visit this link: people analytics certificate program

9. Applied Business Analytics by MIT

MIT Applied Business Analytics

The goal of business and data analytics is not just to understand what’s happening but also to determine which datasets are most beneficial to increasing operational efficiency, productivity, and revenue. In this non-technical program, you will learn the basics of data analytics, such as data collection from different sources (directly or indirectly), integrating multiple perspectives into the decision-making process, and techniques to use data visualization in a helpful manner. 

Learning Outcomes

This non-technical Applied Business Analytics program provides a practical framework to process data to improve decision-making. You will learn:

  • Identifying which analytics methodology is the most appropriate in your case
  • How to handle big data and manipulate it for better results to grow in business
  • Describing standard algorithms, their relevant analytics applications, and constraints
  • How to use analytics problem solving to drive teams, plan strategies and deliverables accordingly
  • Applying best practices to improve data analytics process management, such as mapping out workflows and pinpointing inter-dependencies 

Who can enroll in this course?

Anyone interested to learn data-driven HR analytical skills can enroll in this course. The only eligibility requirement is that one should possess high school-level knowledge of statistics or mathematics.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this program is $2,800, which is reasonable compared to the other courses.

Access: For more information, check out this link: applied business analytics program


What is HR Analytics Certification?

HR analytics certification teaches you the latest techniques and tools for data collection and analysis. It guides you in applying HR analytical skills in real-life business situations and executing effective workforce management strategies to make informed business decisions. The best HR analytics certifications help you use the right HR metrics like workforce diversity, turnover rates, and talent management. Acquiring these credentials builds leadership skills to evaluate employee performance, increase retention rates, and reduce turnover.

How do I get HRIS certified?

It is crucial to enroll in a reputed HR information system certification program. There are several types of certification out there. Each certificate comes with a different requirement and eligibility criteria. First, you must select which is suitable for you considering your qualifications, HR experience, budget range, skill level, and future goals. HRIS certifications enhance your data-driven decision-making capabilities and empower you to improve business efficiency. Here are some HRIS certifications for you.

  • The Human Resources Information Program (HRIP) certification
  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certifications
  • The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification

What skills should an HR Analyst have?

According to the recent trends, the most relevant and essential analyst skills that one must possess are devising data-driven strategic plans, workforce management, data analysis using various tools, documentation, business procedures, HRIS, performance management, SQL, and more.

How do I become an HR Data Analyst?

Basic knowledge of human resources analytics is necessary to become an HR Analyst. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in human resources, organizational psychology, business administration, or a related major is required. A minimum experience of three years in HR analytics or data mining is beneficial. If you meet this criterion, you can acquire certification enabling you to use data analytics software tools and possess leadership and business skills.


Research is the best way to figure out the best certification options that cater to your HR analytics needs. This article compiles and explains the top-level certifications to help you out. You can flourish your HR career by earning HR analyst certification as it offers a comprehensive guide on how to employ data-driven approaches in the HR sphere to boost business value.


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