On the left: Dhaval Bhatt, Product Manager in AI @ Wells Fargo and Co-Founder of Squibler. On the right: Sam Ho, Director of Product @ Glassdoor. In the middle: Josh Fechter, founder of Product and Growth and Squibler.

My Mission

To empower founders with the best growth and product resources to scale software companies. Today, I lead a team of almost thirty individuals around the world.

What does 'scaling intelligently' mean?

Founders need to cut through the noise to drive real growth for their companies. 

As product marketers and growth marketers who became SaaS founders passionate about scaling companies, we’re devoted to helping others have the skillset to do the same.

I've used my methodology to start and scale our companies, including The Product Company, Product Manager HQ, HR University and Squibler.

I ask you to help us on our journey as we empower others to create products that continue to help the world. We work with many of the fastest growing technology companies, and our experience and case studies explain just why they choose us.