Hi, my name is Josh.

I help scale the best technology companies with proven growth frameworks and product marketing. Want to work with me?

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I'm the founder of The Product Company, a partner at Product Manager HQ, was named “Top Product Marketer of 2018," and was credited with breaking LinkedIn's feed algorithm by LinkedIn's engineering team. I also helped develop the first live streaming application for Facebook.

Over 60,000 growth marketers, product managers and founders follow my work and case studies.


In 2017, I had cracked LinkedIn’s algorithm to produce hyper-viral content as highlighted by BuzzFeed, Reuters, and Forbes. As a result, LinkedIn changed their feed algorithm for over 500 million users as noted in their LinkedIn Engineering Blog. Correspondingly, LinkedIn banned me from their platform when I reached over 70,000 followers and 200 million views. You can read more here.

Yes. I enjoy ecommerce and other verticals. However, most of my interest lies in understanding new technology and software.

I usually work with 3 – 4 clients at a time. I don’t have the bandwidth to work with more people, otherwise, I would. I’m very selective about who I take on as a client.

I usually work with companies post Series A or bootstrapped with at least 3 mil ARR.

Yes, I own Product Manager HQ (one of the world’s largest product manager training platforms), HR.University (HR training platform), and Technical Writer HQ (technical writing training university). I also own Squibler.io, a writing software.

Because I’m looking to invest in long-term relationships, I work only on retainer-based agreements.


I do not. I primarily work with software companies.

If you have to ask, then we’re probably not a good fit.