8 Best Sacramento Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries

8 Best Sacramento Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries

Weed is turning out to be a true blessing in these trying COVID times, and at-home cannabis delivery services are making it super easy to get some bud therapy. If you’re in Sactown looking for same-day weed delivery Sacramento services, keep on reading.

We’ve come a long way from when the State of California legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016. Today, getting weed delivered to your doorstep is as easy as ordering pizza!

There are over 1,500 cannabis shops all over California, with Sacramento accounting for dozens of them. That’s why you’re never short of quality same-day marijuana delivery services in the Cali capital.  

In this article, I’ll list the 8 best weed delivery Sacramento services in 2020.

Let’s jump right in.

Why Bud is the Top Weed Delivery Sacramento Service?

Whenever I’m in Sacramento for a business meeting or event, and I’m looking for a happy, creative boost, I always buy legal weed products from authorized Sacramento cannabis shops. Out of all the shops I order from, Bud.com has always been the most reliable.

The marijuana delivery service is a large online dispensary that prides itself on quality.

Bud connects its customers with licensed cannabis delivery providers and brings several dispensaries and weed shops together on one platform.

The startup is focused on educating consumers about the proper use of marijuana and providing the highest quality (100% legal) cannabis products that you can buy.

Top 8 Same-Day Weed Delivery Sacramento Services

California is quickly becoming the weed capital state of the US and Sacramento is at the center of it, with tons of legal weed delivery services in the city.

For all your recreational and/or medicinal marijuana needs, here are the top 8 weed delivery services in Sacramento:

1.    Bud

Bud.com is an online weed delivery service that provides marijuana in flower form, as well as, through various cannabis products.

The company started operating in 2017 and has since grown to distribute in all of Northern California. 

Other than Sacramento, the service currently delivers in several CA locations including Rio Linda, Orangevale, Folsom, Carmichael, Elk Grove, and Citrus Heights.

With Bud, you can order all the top-tier cannabis strains (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids) from some of the world’s greatest brands. Their leading strains in Sacramento include Space Force One, Happy Pineapple, and Primo Cherry, to name a few.

You can also order joints and pre-rolls, as well as, vape pens, cartridges, herb pods, and more.

In case you prefer your weed in tablet form, Bud delivers a range of tasty gummies, lozenges, and mints.

For customers looking for delicious weed edibles, Bud offers cannabis-infused chocolates and a variety of baked goods. There’s also a selection of capsules and topicals for medical usage.

In a nutshell, they are a one-stop weed shop that offers fast, safe, and discreet delivery.

Staying true to their socially responsible roots, Bud offers a 5% discount to elderly customers (over 65 years of age). Plus, US military veterans can get a 5-10% discount on their purchase, depending on their location. There's even a variable first order discount for new customers.

Overall, Bud is my top pick for cannabis delivery due to their reliability and the vast range of amazing weed products they offer.

2.    CleverTree Delivery

CleverTree Delivery is an online cannabis dispensary that provides fast delivery throughout Sacramento.

Founded in 2014 as CleverTree, the online dispensary was created with a mission to upgrade the medical marijuana business by offering online availability.

A Sacramento-based business, CleverTree Delivery has a large variety of weed flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes.

What makes CleverTree Delivery great is its super-fast delivery times.

Their entire motto is based on bringing the dispensary to the consumer as quickly and safely as possible. They offer one-hour delivery, and that too, at affordable prices.

Overall, CleverTree Delivery is a good source for weed delivery if you need it ASAP.

3.    Humbleroot

Humbleroot is an online weed store with a large inventory of all kinds of cannabis products.

Launched in 2015, Humbleroot delivers within the greater Sacramento area and some neighboring cities.

The online store currently has 124 different weed flowers, 90 different edible varieties, as well as, dozens of pre-rolls and vape kits.

Additionally, they have concentrates and many medicinal cannabis products such as tinctures, topicals, and capsules.

Because it’s a local online weed store, Humbleroot offers same-day delivery. You also get free delivery for orders over $43. On top of that, they regularly hold clearance sales and offer variable discounts.

Overall, Humbleroot is ideal for folks looking for a huge variety of options to choose from.

Honorable Mentions

4.    Crystal Nugs

Crystal Nugs is another Sacramento-based weed delivery service that offers fast and discreet delivery.

A relatively newer dispensary, Crystal Nugs launched in 2019 and is the first women-and-minority-owned cannabis delivery business.

The best thing about this online weed store is their one-hour delivery within Sacramento and free delivery for orders over $50. Plus, they regularly run discounts on all their products.

Crystal Nugs has both recreational and medicinal marijuana products, including flowers, vape kits-pens with refills, infused pre-rolls, extracts, and more.

Overall, Crystal Nugs is ideal for quick and affordable weed delivery with a decent product variety at good prices.

5.    Exotic Cannabis

Exotic Cannabis is an online cannabis provider with a focus on vaping devices and e-cigs.

The shop is backed by an Operation Tier 3 company that produces and processes their own cannabis. Furthermore, they bring thousands of different strains from all over the world, on one platform.  

Exotic Cannabis stands out due to its website, which provides a streamlined and pleasant shopping experience. I’ve often found myself browsing through their massive collection just for the look of it!

As mentioned, their primary product is electronic vaping devices.

Exotic Cannabis has a huge collection of e-cigarettes, dry herb vaporizers, vape pens, and refill cartridges.

They have a pretty decent weed flower selection, too, featuring over a hundred different strains.

Overall, Exotic Cannabis is for people looking for a great weed shopping experience with fast delivery.

6.    420 Healing Tree

420 Healing Tree is a former medicinal marijuana provider that has since expanded to cover recreational products, as well.

The service is pretty basic, with a limited variety of flowers and vape options. However, 420 Healing Tree makes up for the lack of variety with their rare strains, which you might not find anywhere else.

420 Healing Tree doesn’t offer delivery seven days a week, but they do offer same-day delivery with very brief wait times.

Overall, 420 Healing Tree is a basic online weed delivery option that’s better for short-distance delivery.

7.    Kolas

Kolas is primarily a medicinal cannabis dispensary that also offers recreational products.

It’s one of the very few online weed stores that offer medicinal marijuana clearance to patients via an integrated medical card facility.

What’s special about Kolas is that though their overall flower selection is not as big as some of the other stores on this list, their menu has some of the best strains for each type of weed (Sativa, Indica, and/or Hybrid).

On top of that, they have a range of premium concentrates from some leading cannabis brands.

Kolas also provides same-day delivery with the option of curbside pickup, for added safety during the pandemic situation.

Overall, Kolas is a good option if you’re looking to get a medical marijuana card, along with a fine selection of weed products delivered to your doorstep.

8.    Eaze

Eaze is an online cannabis retailer that offers fast and efficient delivery in several cities in California.

Their large delivery area covers San Francisco and Davis, along with Sacramento.

Eaze has a selection that rivals Humbleroot, with a dedicated section for women-owned cannabis brands. Their socially-responsible business model offers a ton of freelance delivery driver jobs to young and underprivileged folks.

Eaze has a very diverse menu with premium brands and affordable options, all in one place. Plus, they often run deals on seasonal products.

Overall, Eaze is a great choice for people looking for diverse menu options and delivery in more than one city.

All You Need to Know About Buying Cannabis Online in Sacramento

Looking to buy weed online in Sacramento for the first time? Here are some of the main rules you need to know:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older, to purchase legal marijuana in Sacramento.
  • You can purchase and carry up to 1 ounce (28.5 grams) of marijuana.
  • Smoking marijuana in public is strictly prohibited.
  • You can only purchase edible marijuana products containing a maximum of 10 mg of THC/CBD.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana is punishable under Sacramento DUI laws.
  • You cannot take marijuana purchased in Sacramento across state lines.

Additionally, it’s advised to always carry legal marijuana products in clearly-labeled childproof packaging.

To learn more about the Sacramento cannabis regulations, visit this page.

Whether you’re enjoying a blaze with friends, coming up with a detailed product marketing plan, or just craving some bud after dinner, the websites in this list will fulfill all your cannabis delivery needs.

However, if you want some high-quality strains in your preferred form with same-day delivery, and that too at the best price, Bud.com should be your go-to weed delivery destination.

Have a great smoke!