$7 Off | Uber Eats Promo Code (That Actually Works) in July 2020

$7 Off | Uber Eats Promo Code (That Actually Works) in July 2020

If you’re working from home like I am, chances are you’re ordering a lot of food from local restaurants through delivery services like Uber Eats. And considering all the money you’re spending on your orders, it’d be nice to have an Uber Eats promo code, wouldn’t it?

Even better – up to 7 promo codes that actually work and are not a scam.

Well, that’s exactly what we have here.

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Unlike a lot of the promo and coupon codes you find online, these are guaranteed to work perfectly. Plus, with more than one code on here, you're looking at more than one discounted order. That's a win-win dining scenario right there. 

Without further ado, here are the 7 best Uber Eats promo codes that are guaranteed to work and have you enjoying your meal without worrying about your wallet.

Where to add the Uber Eats Promo Code?

Getting a discount on your Uber Eats orders is super easy. Here’s how you can apply your promo code and get $7 off on your next order from Uber Eats:

Open up your Uber Eats app on your smartphone and click on your profile icon. In your profile, find the ‘Promotions' tab and click on it. Then, find the tab called ‘Add Uber Eats coupon code.’ Enter your Uber Eats promo code (eats-joshuaf1514ue) in the field, then click ‘Add Promotion.’

And voila!

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Your discount promo code will now be applied to your order. Go ahead and choose from hundreds of restaurants in your local area and enjoy your next meal with a discount – on me!

1.  $7 Off Your Next Order 

Here is your Uber Eats promo code for $7 off your next order: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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Simply enter the code as mentioned at the beginning of this article and get a full $7 off your next order. Enjoy your meal without having to worry about spending too much on food delivery. This is a limited time offer so get it while you can!

2.  Save $7 On Your Uber Eats Order

Here's your Uber Eats promo code for a $7 discount on your order: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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This discount code gets you $7 off your first order from Uber Eats. Indulge in your favorite food and order from your favorite restaurants, all while saving money on your orders with our 100% working Uber Eats offers. Go ahead and enjoy your food without the budget guilt.

3.  Get a $7 Discount on Uber Eats

Apply this Uber Eats promo code for $7 off first order: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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Uber Eats always welcomes new customers with a nice discount code on their first order from one of the listed restaurants. If you’re a new Uber Eats user, be sure to use this code to save $7 on your next meal at checkout. 

4.  Uber Eats Promo Discount for $7 

Apply this Uber Eats discount promo code before placing your order: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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Are you worried about spending too much money on Uber Eats? Looking for a little discount with your Uber Eats order? Use this promo code to get $7 off your next delivery from any of the listed restaurants. Enjoy your food while saving on your daily food budget.

5.  Promo Code for $7 Uber Eats Discount

Take advantage of this awesome $7 discount code when placing an order with Uber Eats: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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Working from home is not that bad when you can have your favorite food delivered to your doorstep. With Uber Eats, you can order all your local favorites from the comfort of your home. Plus, with this discount code, you can shave $7 off your order. 

6.  Save $7 With an Uber Eats Discount Code

Apply this discount code on your Uber Eats app and enjoy $7 off on a single order: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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All that staying-at-home has you feeling hungry for your favorite food? Want to save some money without holding back on culinary indulgence? With this promo code, you get a substantial discount off your order. Save some cash so you don't feel guilty when placing your next order.

7.  $7 Off Your Total Meal Cost

Use this promo code to knock $7 off your total with your next Uber Eats delivery: eats-joshuaf1514ue

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Are you thinking of ordering something off of Uber Eats but worried it might run you too much? Well, worry no more. Uber Eats is running a promotion that gives you $7 off your order. Get your meals delivered fast and safely with Uber Eats, and save some money on the next order while you’re at it.

Discounts with an Uber Eats Promo Code

Uber Eats is known for its quick and efficient delivery, as well as, its affordable delivery costs. They are the most economical food delivery service out there, considering their service quality.

In addition to that, they have a vast delivery network that gives each customer a wider area to choose their favorite restaurant. 

At the moment, they have a no-contact delivery policy in place in most areas. Customers can also choose to have their meals delivered curbside for added safety. 

In light of the pandemic situation and the resulting lockdown, the company has started to support local services, as well as, independent restaurants. 

As far as their discounts go, they have a number of local promotions running all over the country – on top of their collaborative discounts they offer from time to time.

What’s best about their promos is that the codes work every time and always deliver the discounts they promise. 

They're my go-to choice whenever I'm looking for a little discount on my orders. 

Uber Eats Referral Program

Uber Eats has a referral program that gives existing users $20 credit for getting a friend to sign up on the app.

If you want to refer a friend, simply send them the app-generated promo code. As soon as they sign up using your promo code, you receive the Uber Eats credit in your account. 

Each new referral brings in enough credit for a good meal. 

Additionally, the new user gets a discount on their own order (total discounted amount may change according to the customer's location).

This is just one of the ways in which Uber Eats rewards it's new and existing customers.

Use Our Uber Eats Promo Code List and Order Away 

The thought of free food can bring a smile to anyone's face. If you're someone like me who orders via a food delivery service every day, you probably already know the value of a solid discount when you order food. 

That feeling of getting half (or even full value) off your order is great, just like getting free delivery or cashback on your credit card order during checkout.  

With Uber Eats, I can always count on finding a nice discount or promo code. 

The company is always putting out promo codes to add to their first time order and ongoing usage rewards. Plus their service quality is always great, as anyone who has used their regional food delivery, such as their food delivery New York service, can testify. 

Be sure to use all of these promo codes to slash a hefty bit off orders. And of course, enjoy your meals!