Top 8 SaaS Consultants to Hire in 2023

Interested in finding the best SaaS consultant?

We made a list of the best in the field and a few case studies below.

Gartner, Inc predicted that the value of the market for Software as a Service (SaaS) would have grown from $182.40 billion in 2018 to $214.30 billion in 2019. What’s more it’s value is only expected to increase in the next few years. 

What Does a SaaS Consultant Do?

A SaaS consultant is an expert in Software as a Service who translates their expertise into advice that SaaS businesses can leverage for growth.

SaaS often involves the use of a cloud based service which allows you to access SaaS applications by way of an internet browser.

However, many B2B and even B2C SaaS enable you to access their programs straight from your desktop without internet access (e.g. Adobe software).

What is a SaaS Consultant?

A SaaS consultant can help you with onboarding, marketing, development, and team structure to ensure your SaaS company is successful.

SaaS consultant may specialize in just B2B SaaS; others in just B2C. It’s important you find one with the ideal background to what you’re looking to improve.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits to hiring a SaaS consultant for your business’ growth: 

  • They handle your market research and devise a concrete plan to strategically position your business
  • A good SaaS consultant advises you on budgeting and opportunity costs
  • They develop growth strategies that are personalized for your business’ unique attributes
  • A SaaS Consultant also creates processes and a product development life cycle 

Top 8 SaaS Consultants To Hire for Your SaaS Business

Picking a SaaS consultant to bring your business to the next level is a tough decision.

There are several to choose from with each one bringing their own spin to this field. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 professionals in SaaS consulting. 

You can then decide which profile is the right fit for your company. 

Let’s dive right in: 

1. Joshua Fechter

I’m an experienced marketer who specializes in growth marketing and scaling software companies – both startups and post Series A.

I’m the former head of growth for several SaaS companies including the first company to create a live streaming application for Facebook. I’ve also helped build growth teams at SaaS companies like Webflow and others.

In 2018, Product School named me the best Product Marketer in the world. 

Quora chose me as their top writer in both 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

When it comes to SaaS, I have teamed up with several companies and guided the growth strategy for their products. Here are a few of my case studies:

1. Product Manager HQ: 15,000 to 50,000 Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Product Manager HQ is a platform that trains product managers for SaaS companies. I rebuilt the website, created a content strategy to drive more visitors, and tripled the website’s revenue. 

2. Lumen5: 25,000 – 500,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Lumen5 is a SaaS company that helps video marketers make videos seamlessly to market their brand, educate their fans, and reach new audiences. We built 27 landing pages and their blog, wrote thirty blog posts, and acquired over 200 backlinks.

3. Squibler: 20,000 – 200,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Squibler is a SaaS company that we built from start to finish to help writers practice storytelling and connect with each other.

You can book a consultation with me here.

2. Bruno Estrella

Up next is Bruno Estrella, a digital marketer with over five years of professional experience in SaaS growth marketing. 

Bruno has developed a strong understanding of digital marketing as is evidenced by his solid portfolio. He’s based in the San Francisco Bay area and working on growth at the SaaS company, Webflow which recently raised 72 million dollars in its Series A

Webflow is currently one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies. There, he’s in charge of close to a million-dollar in monthly marketing spend.

He brings a wealth of understanding to businesses when it comes to developing SaaS solutions that will position your company where it needs to be. 

3. Dhaval Bhatt

Dhaval Bhatt is a product marketer who merges both his academic background and professional experience to offer the best consultancy to his clients. 

With two Master’s degrees in IT and Computing Engineering under his belt, Dhaval has complimented his scholarly achievements by working in several product managerial roles across multiple companies. 

At LifeLock, he brought the company $3M in incremental lifetime value by using data science to enhance product experience. 

In 2016, he founded Resonate AI, a content marketing tool that optimizes text by gauging the emotion evoked as it relates to the narrative being told. He’s also the co-founder of

As someone with a proven track record in SaaS marketing, Dhaval is a reliable consultant that you can trust to grow your business. Jonathan Pogact.

4. Jonathan Pogact

Up next is Jonathan Pogact, an expert in all things digital marketing. 

At present, he is the Vice President of Marketing at Drips, a SaaS company that focuses on conversational marketing through AI-powered text. 

Previously, Jonathan acquired experience in SaaS by working in a number of similar roles. 

For instance, he was the VP of Mobile Marketing in the Mobile Direct Division of Dunn Data for three years. 

He also served as the Senior Director of Marketing at a digital marketing agency known as Fathom

His ample experience in the area has enabled him to hone his SaaS marketing skills and claim a spot as one of the best SaaS consultants in the world.

5. Julius Baron

Julius Baron is a seasoned digital marketer who has demonstrated that he has a strong understanding of digital growth and strategy.

He worked as a Growth Strategist for Roiworks, a marketing agency that specializes in growth. 

Since then he worked as the head of marketing for one of the fastest growing ambulance companies, Royal Ambulance. There he worked on software initiatives to help streamline the healthcare industry.

Currently, he is the head of growth for, a marijuana delivery service hat connects dispensaries with consumers. To date, he has worked with a broad range of businesses for whom he developed custom strategies to expand their digital footprint.

6. Faith Storey

Just like the others who made our list, Faith Storey is well-experienced SaaS consultant. 

Over the years, she has built an impressive catalog of successful collaborations with businesses seeking to leverage software as a tool for growth. She’s led growth at many companies, including SaaStr, a venture firm and the largest community for SaaS companies.

Although her knowledge in the field is extensive, she specializes in developing growth strategies for small startups across a variety of niches. 

Now, she’s in charge of growth marketing at Casetext, a company that offers a research tool and platform geared towards the legal field. 

Thanks to her experience and innovative mind, there is no doubt that Faith is one of the best consultants you can find to grow your software company.

7. Suumit Shah

Suumit Shah is a co-founder of, a SaaS product that allows enterprises to plan, execute and measure their content marketing campaigns. Prior to that, he worked as a growth consultant at

He has a technical background and has a deep knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. In, he helped them to grow from 0 to 3.2M organic visitors under 14 months and his recent successful growth story includes the growth of InVideo from 70k to 290k organic under 60 days.

He believes that anyone who has sound expertise with data analytics can unfold the Search Engine Optimization strategies, that’s exactly why he is building a SaaS product called All the data that this platform uses are comprehensive and come from verified sources, which help them rank well in search results and generate organic traffic.

8. Liam Labistour

This list wouldn’t be complete without Liam Labistour, an experienced consultant in growth strategy and management. 

He has teamed up with major companies, including Lumen5, B2C SaaS company and BuildDirect Technologies. At BuildDirect owned all marketing reporting and present weekly performance updates and analysis to team. He also Manage negotiations and upkeep of 200+ affiliates and partners. He oversaw paid, email, and affiliate channels while leading the analytics and marketing automation duties. 

Thanks to his proven track record with partnering companies, there is little doubt that Liam shall steer Lumen5 in the direction of continued growth and digital expansion. 

Choose Your SaaS Consultant 

The SaaS consultants listed above are representative of the best in the market to help improve your SaaS platform.

Feel free to contact them at The Product Company to find out how they can help you scale your business and put you on the path to success. 

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. He's written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.