8 Top Product Consultants to Hire in 2023

If you need a hand to enhance your product, it’s time to hire a product consultant.

And that’s a good sign. After all, having more complex challenges associated with a product means that it is evolving.

Choosing the right product consultant will help you to capitalize on the market opportunities to delight customers with your product.

What Does Product Consultant Do?

A product consultant is an individual who can leverage its deep expertise in the area to partner with companies needing support streamlining its products.

Product consultants can come from a variety of backgrounds, but it’s crucial that they have a proven track record driving results to at least several companies in a few different industries.

As experienced product consultants, you can expect them to analyze your company’s data, understand customers’ needs and generate practical solutions.

Ideally, product consultants should have (1) holistic business knowledge, especially in marketing and sales; (2) understanding of user experience; and (3) at least some technical knowledge.

With the increased need for product consulting services, there are many professionals who transitioned into this career lately. 

But as a product specialist with many years in the industry, I can tell you that most product consultants out there have limited expertise.

To help you go straight to the highly qualified individuals, I created this list of product experts.

Best Product Consultants to Hire in 2023

This list is constituted of top-notch product professionals that can team up with your company to devise an awesome product strategy.

1. Josh Fechter

As a product and growth specialist who founded and scaled several SaaS companies, I’m devoted to helping other business owners access the resources to do the same. 

I’ve been working with SaaS companies for over ten years.. I’ve created personalized product lifecycle strategies for many products whether in industries including fintech, ecommerce, delivery, website hosting, and project management. 

These are some of my latest study cases: 

  1. Bud.com: 4X Organic Revenue in 4 Months

Bud.com is a weed delivery technology company. It’s the Uber Eats of the weed delivery space. I embarked upon Bud.com as an early-stage marketplace looking to scale fast. I spent a considerable amount of time studying this new market and competitors to inform their growth strategy.

I focused on ranking content in the individual cities they were in for their highest converting keywords. I did this by creating optimized content and acquiring backlinks. I also worked to double rank them for their keywords on 3rd party sites

2. Lumen5: 25,000 – 500,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Lumen5 is a SaaS company that allows video marketers to create videos seamlessly to market their brand, showcase their products, and reach new target audiences. I created 27 landing pages and their blog, wrote thirty blog posts, and acquired over 200 quality backlinks.

3. Squibler: 20,000 – 200,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Squibler is a SaaS organization that I helped build from scratch. Squibler helps writers practice and improve their storytelling.

You can book a consultation with me here.

2. Vanessa Ferranto 

Vanessa Ferranto is an outstanding product management executive with many years of experience. 

She has experience developing Agile processes to grow both B2B and B2C teams across many different industries. Vanessa teamed up with financial services companies, healthcare organizations, transportation firms, and e-commerces.

Vanessa is the co-creator of the Agile Product Open group which focuses on bringing Agile principles to Product Management. The group offers meetups and high-quality training programs to enhance problem-solving and communication skills to several product teams.

In the past, Vanessa worked as a Senior Director of Product Management at The Grommet. In this role, she was responsible for solving complex problems with an emphasis on the user experience across native, responsive web and data-driven products. 

Today, she is the VP of Digital Products at Spartan Race Inc

No doubt that Vanessa’s product knowledge can do wonders for your business.

3. Phil Farhi

The next product consultant on this list is Phil Farhi. He has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in computer science from Stanford and an MBA from The Wharton School. But academics didn’t make him strong alone. Phil has thorough experience leading product in some of the largest tech companies in the world.

He spent seven years as the Director of Product Management at YouTube. In this role, he guided the team responsible for all aspects of YouTube ad-supported monetization. 

Later, Phil filled the role of VP of Product at Luxe, an on-demand valet parking and car services app. As a VP, he had the opportunity to set the direction of the company at an executive level. This experience counts a lot on the ability to grasp startup’s strategy as a whole, which is key in product consultant jobs.

Phil also worked in an entry-level product management position at Google during the early days of his career.

As one of the best product managers in the world, Phil is an excellent person to help you scale your product’s operations to support your business needs.

4. Tom Charron

Tom Charron is a well-established product consultant with expertise in go-to-market strategy. He specialized in product marketing services for SaaS small businesses and 3D technologies.

One of Tom’s latest clients said: “Tom’s product marketing expertise has been incredibly helpful for us. He takes a holistic, strategic approach to develop marketing materials that yield world-class results. His ability to quickly understand a technical product and who its buyers are and what they care about is second to none.”

Before dedicating his career solely to product consulting, Tom held executive positions at a few unicorn startups, including Gusto and Salesforce.

As the Head of Product Marketing at Gusto, he and his team focused on driving campaign strategy to acquire new customers in a cost-effective manner.

If you’re looking for a product consultant with extensive knowledge in marketing and sales, he might be the right person.

5. Alex Bauer

The next product expert on this list is Alex Bauer.

Alex currently works full-time with growth and product at Branch.io., an organization that provides linking and attribution solutions. At Branch, Alex planned and executed multiple product releases.

Before joining Branch, Alex worked for a few years exclusively with clients. As a consultant, he’s known for taking a data-driven approach to challenges.

Early in his career, Alex worked as a Product Manager at Flyreel. He was responsible for compiling product specifications and documentation while tailoring solutions to the targeted audience.

Alex’s expertise makes him a promising product consultant that can help any company streamline its product’s positioning, roadmap, and launch.

6. Manya Scheps

Like all the other individuals in this list, Manya Scheps has an impressive background. What is special about Manya is her drive for social impact and civic engagement.

Manya’s background in design and PR led her to her first product role at Versa, where she later became the Chief of Product. In this role, she led product development and user research strategy.

She later led product at a few other organizations including Twine and Change.org.

Manya currently is a product manager at Asana, one of the fastest-growing project management companies in the world. She joined the team not long ago, but there’s no doubt that she will make amazing contributions to the company.

And she can do the same for yours.

7. Neal Mhaskar

Neal Mhaskar started his career as a marketer, but transitioned to product and built an exceptional career in the field.

He’s currently located in San Francisco, where he works as the Senior Technical Product Manager at Zendesk. The company is leveraging Neal’s skills to support the development of its CRM software. In this role, he works directly with product owners, the development team, and with the sales team to bring products to the market.

Before joining Zendesk, Neal worked in product at Workday for more than three years. 

One of Neal’s previous clients recommended him, saying: “We entrusted him to drive several key initiatives within the company and he delivered consistently with his thoughtful and strategic approach.”

If you decide to hire Neil as your Product Consultant, you can expect him to use his technical and analytical skills to optimize your product and bring new products to the market. His thorough experience in the human resources industry might be an asset for people companies.

8. Shanea Leven

Shanea Leven is a leading product consultant with a specialization in cutting-edge consumer technology products.

With over a decade in the industry, she had the opportunity to devise product strategies for successful companies such as Google, eBay, and Cloudflare. 

She has spent her career developing and executing products that engage users and has successfully championed products across a variety of platforms: web, video, mobile, and artificial intelligence.

Known for being strongly customer-guided, she dives all in to make successful executions. 

Shanea is now the Head of Product Management at Lob, a San Francisco company backed by Y Combinator, Polaris Partners, Floodgate, and First Round Capital. 

As one of the best product consultants in the United States, Shanea’s professional services can certainly propel your company’s product strategy and drive increased lifetime value and revenue.

Find Your Ideal Product Consultant

Businesses primarily live to please their customers through amusing goods and services. Therefore, having experts known as product consultants working for the organization can sometimes be essential.

Keep in mind that you can hire product consultants for a short-term or long-term partnership. They can come in to make recommendations and implement business processes, or they can serve as product advisors. Product consultants can even train your product team members so they can proceed from there.

Regardless of how you intend to do this partnership, make sure to choose a product consultant with a performance history filled with wins. 

To find that out, make sure to ask for case studies, look at their past job descriptions, and ask questions about their specialties. 

Once you find the right fit, be ready to increase your recurring revenue, increase customer lifetime value, and boost customer satisfaction.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. He's written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.