8 Best Sites to Find Freelance Software Developer Jobs In 2023

Over the years, software developer jobs have seen a boom that few career niches can boast about.

In 2013, there were approximately 13 million professionals in software development worldwide.

A more recent study reported that there were an estimated 23.4 million full-time and part-time software developers in the world. That’s almost twice the number of devs.

Unfortunately, that also means twice the competition in the developer world.

All of this makes it tough to find jobs that fully utilize your skills and contribute to your career growth.

To help you out, in this article, I’ll list the 8 best sites to find software developer jobs.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Choose Toptal for Software Developer Jobs?

Whether you’re a beginner or a senior software developer looking for jobs online, there are certain parameters you have to set for your freelance career. The most important parameters are the job platforms you use and the complexity of the jobs you take.

You can define your preferred complexity easily, but most of the time you’re forced to look through cumbersome job boards with subpar jobs.

That’s where Toptal.com comes in.

Not only is Toptal.com the perfect job board, but it is also a great base to develop your freelance career.

Top 8 Sites to Find Software Developer Jobs in 2023

Finding a great dev job is easy when you know where to look. Here are the top 8 sites that you can use to find the best jobs for your skillset.

1. Toptal

Toptal is an online marketplace that provides software developers from around the world high-end jobs. It’s my top pick among the top sites for software developers because of the quality of available positions and how easy it is to find well-paying jobs.

The site functions as both a freelancer platform and a job board.

There is a separate section of the site where software developers looking for work can put up their posts for prospective clients to apply to.

Hired has opportunities for freelancers, as well as, full/part-time software developers.

What sets Toptal apart from the rest is the quality of jobs you can find. Additionally, there are very few generic opportunities there. The majority of the posts are for jobs that will help you enhance your skills and learn to develop more complex software systems.

Overall, Toptal is ideal for software developers looking for the best dev jobs in the industry, all through a convenient platform.

Visit Toptal

2. Hired

Hired is an online recruiting platform that connects developers with companies

It has since grown to include many other niches including product management data science, for product marketing, and more. I personally know several people who’ve found their next job through Hired.

Hired operates as a platform where they put candidates in touch with hiring professionals. They also help vet the candidates to small extent.

This results in developers being able to work on high-level projects in environments that improve their competencies. Additionally, they are only contacted for jobs that suit their skillset.

Overall, Hired is for devs looking to take on jobs that are tailor-made for their skills.

Visit The Product Company

3. X-Team

X-Team is a freelancer matching company that connects software developers with employers.

The platform functions similarly to Hired in the sense that they listen to job requirements and put employers in touch with the ideal candidates for the job.

What’s different about X-Team is that they cater to employers who need development teams.

For example, let’s say a client comes to them looking for a team that can build cloud software applications. They will form a team with a front end developer, a Java developer, a node.js expert, a Linux or Azure developer, and a lifecycle manager for software programs. Because of this, the only way to work for that client is to be part of that team.

Fortunately, X-Team gets a high volume of employers, so there’s always a great chance of you getting included in one of the teams they assign.

Overall, X-Team is for software developers who work better as part of a larger dev team.

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Honorable Mentions

4. Gun.io

Gun.io is a freelancer site that actively manages the talent that they host on their platform.

Just like X-Team, the hiring experts at Gun.io go over project details with employers. However, instead of connecting clients with a manager, they put them in touch with a VP of hiring.

All of this results in their talent only being hired for dev tasks that they’re good at. This makes Gun.io a great platform for specialist developers. For example, if a client came to them for database development and management job and you’re an Oracle or SQL developer, you’re very likely to be contacted for it.

Unfortunately, this limits the number of jobs you can get. However, if you’re already selective about the jobs you take, Gun.io is a good platform to join.

Overall, Gun.io is for specialized developers looking for job descriptions that match their specialized skillset.

Visit Gun.io

5. Authentic Jobs 

Authentic Jobs is a job board that hosts development, design, and creative talent.

They’re one of the fastest-growing platforms that cater exclusively to dev and design professionals.

Their site functions as a simple job board. This makes it very easy to post a job or find one from their service.

What’s best about Authentic Jobs is its focus on the development and design side of tech and the resulting variety of dev jobs. Whether you develop Android web applications or have extensive experience with control systems, you’re rarely out of opportunities.

Additionally, Authentic Jobs has tons of remote jobs.

Visit Authentic Jobs

6. Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest online marketplaces for freelancers. While it has dozens of categories and subcategories, most of the profiles on it are from tech professionals.

The platform is straightforward and easy-to-use.

Applicants are required to submit their details and a few samples of their work to get started. There is a brief evaluation period after which qualified applicants can create a profile that showcases their skills and professional performance scores.

As a software developer, you can find opportunities for web developers, mobile application developers, senior software engineers, backend developers, javascript experts, and more.

The platform also features a secure payment system that prevents fraud and lost payments.

Overall, Upwork is ideal for software developers looking for a diverse range of dev jobs with a secure payment process.

Visit Upwork

7. Freelancer

Freelancer is another huge online freelancer marketplace with millions of profiles from all over the world.

It’s a massive job board where individuals and agencies can post jobs and interested parties can bid on them. It operates in the same way as Upwork.

What’s great about Freelancer is the exposure you get as a tech professional. Because of the size of the platform, you’re almost guaranteed a job if you have the skills and your portfolio has several successful projects in it.

While Freelancer has tons of categories for jobs, software engineering, software development, HTML programming, application development, and similar fields make up the majority of the job opportunities. As a result, if you’re a full-stack software engineer with secondary skills in backend management and machine learning, you’re in luck.

Overall, Freelancer is for freelance software developers who are looking for consistent and diverse jobs.

Visit Freelancer

8. Guru

Guru is a freelancer platform for mostly technical fields of work.

The platform is popular with agile developers who specialize in software systems based on a single dev framework, such as Java, Angular, CSS, Python, etc.

What’s best about Guru is the diversity of developers you’ll find on the platform. As a result, you can find jobs regardless of whether you are an entry-level dev or a sr. software developer with years of software development experience.

Since Guru is primarily a job site, it allows you to post a detailed profile and apply to openings at the same time, without any subscriptions or fees.

Although their otherwise great payment system has recently come under scrutiny, the company has made efforts to improve it for both employers and freelancers.

Overall, Guru is a good platform to use alongside other similar platforms to widen your job search.

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Move Up In Your Career with the Right Software Developer Jobs

Software developer jobs are in high demand in the United States.

Furthermore, there are millions of openings for software developers around the world.

This is great news for software developers looking for some work. Unfortunately, it also means that there are a lot of employers looking for great work on a not-so-great budget.

If you’re a talented freelance developer, you have to know which job boards are more likely to feature positions worthy of your skills.

Luckily, you have amazing freelance platforms like Hired.com that make it easy to build a career out of freelancing.

With sites like Hired.com, you’ll be a key player in creating software solutions for businesses looking to accelerate their product growth. With experience, you can even become a product manager for innovative software solutions.

Aside from that, there are also other career opportunities that can allow your skills to shine.

Discover the path for your own development as a software developer and set yourself up for success.

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