14 Best Sites to Hire iOS Developers [In 2023]

Over the years, I have helped a number of software companies get their operations off the ground. Just last year, we set out to hire iOS developers to help build some of the top upcoming iOS apps for the App Store.

This year, we decided to go with our best resource for software and iOS development, DevTeam. We’ve found them to be the best source for iOS, Android, and UI/UX developers.

Looking to hire iPhone app developers? DevTeam has the best developers from around the world, at very affordable costs. Let them know your project details and they’ll connect you to an iOS developer that’s right for you.

Why Should You Use DevTeam to Hire iOS Developers?

Bringing in the best iOS developer for your project is easier when you have a full developer community backing you up.

DevTeam builds a support network around you that helps you get in touch with top developers for your software projects. Furthermore, their technical management process is impressive.

Their technical support community is full of experienced developers and technical professionals. Simply send the guys at DevTeam a request and based on your profile, they’ll assign the perfect iOS developers for your project.

DevTeam has a detailed vetting process for each developer they bring onboard. Unlike other freelance developer platforms that rely more on automated onboarding, the experts at DevTeam personally vet each developer they bring in.

Ultimately, DevTeam hosts the best developer community for your iOS software development project.

14 Top Sites to Hire iOS Developers

If you’d like to explore all your options, here’s a list of the 14 top sites where you can hire iOS programmers and developers.

My RankSite NameQuality (1-5 Stars)
3.Stack Overflow★★★★
4.Authentic Jobs★★★★
5.GitHub Jobs★★★★
8.People Per Hour★★★
10.Swift Jobs★★★

1. DevTeam.Space

DevTeam.Space is a massive community of freelance developers with some of the top development specialists out there.

You can hire iOS app developers and development teams from within the community, and bring them on board with a request.  

DevTeam.Space carefully selects the professionals they want to associate with via their platform. By vetting incoming freelance profiles and choosing their competencies, DevTeam.Space ensures that all their community members are the right fit for just about any dev project.

The community features an intelligent user dashboard and tracking system that lets you keep track of the development process. In addition, the system notifies you whenever a project milestone is completed.

Need to hire iOS developers for your new iPhone app idea? Looking for a full-time dev team to maintain an iOS-based system? DevTeam.Space has the right developer or app development team for you.

2. Toptal

Toptal is a talent matching that features professionals from a wide variety of tech areas.

The company was started with only tech experts in mind but has since expanded to include creative designers and even finance experts. Still, the majority of members on Toptal are developers.

If you’re looking for an iOS app developer for a very niche project, Toptal is a good option.

The website has an elite base of experts who are selected after some comprehensive technical testing and vetting. This results in just 3% of the applicants becoming qualified members of their developer base.

The stringent vetting system means that only the top devs make it through. For that reason, if you’re looking for services for small projects, then you may want to go elsewhere. Otherwise, Toptal makes a great fit.

Visit Toptal

Honorable Mentions

3. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a huge resource for all types of developers and designers. The website has created a community of freelance developers, including iOS development specialists.

The dedicated community at Stack Overflow basically serves as a knowledge board for both new and experienced developers to ask questions and learn new skills. However, they also have a dedicated job board, where you can find iOS developers and programmers for all your projects.

In addition to hiring iPhone app developers, you can also look for advice and tips on programming, full-suite development, debugging, and more.

4. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a platform for some of the top design, web, and creative development professionals.

The job board has been very popular with web design professionals, but it also has a large number of iOS developers and experts for other operating systems.

If your project involves both technical and creative development, Authentic Jobs can help you find freelance developers for both aspects. The majority of their job board is filled with iOS, web, and mobile app dev positions.

Authentic Jobs has an international developer community on board, which helps you find developers for specific geographic ecosystems. In addition, the diverse range of devs means you get to choose from a diverse range of skills.

5. GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs is one of the biggest open-source repositories for developers.

Hosting a massive developer and designer community, GitHub Jobs probably has a professional for any type of project, no matter how diverse or niche.

The developer community is good for amateur developers to gain some exposure (and pro tips) from experienced devs. Furthermore, they can post their job adverts on the dedicated job boards, and create their own developer profile.

GitHub has one of the larger developer bases specializing in iOS and mobile app development.

6. Upwork

Upwork is the world’s biggest premium freelance marketplace.

If you don’t want to go through endless job boards, and would much rather fill in project details and have a list of suggested professionals to choose from, Upwork is for you.

There are millions of freelancers registered on the Upwork platform. The best thing about this site is that you can find a developer for just about any task related to iOS application development. Looking for a freelancer to take of a simple coding task? Or maybe you want to enter into a long-term relationship consisting of a series of complex projects? In any case, you’ll likely find someone on Upwork for it.

Upwork also has a profile score system, which lets you find freelancers with the best professional record.

7. Dice

Dice is a well-known IT and tech job board with over 3 million registered developers and tech professionals.

This is more of a premium service, as it costs around $400 to post a job advertisement. However, this means that your ad is exposed to some of the leading freelance developers. This also means that you should resort to Dice if it’s premium-quality work you’re looking for.

Dice does give job ads a lot of exposure, so even though it’s expensive to post there, you’ll likely find iOS developers for your project.

8. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is one of the most selective freelance marketplaces that curates its members.

The platform has freelancers available to work on your project at fixed or hourly rates. This lets you find services that fit your budget.

Keep in mind that while this is one of the more affordable options to find iOS developers, it’s best if you’re looking for devs with entry-level skills for smaller projects.

9. Gun.io

Gun.io is one of the smaller developer communities, but it’s growing fast and already has over 25,000 members.

Gun.io does vet all of their talent, making sure that each and every member is not just technically skilled, but also dedicated to their work. Each employer that comes on board is connected with a VP of hiring. Freelancers looking to expand their skills are also provided with resources to grow and expand their careers.

Gun.io also manages talent for the employer. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for every hour of work. This makes it one of the safest platforms for you as an employer.

10. Swift Jobs

Swift Jobs is a dedicated job platform for iOS developers.

If you don’t want to waste time sifting through large freelancer pools, Swift Jobs is for you. Since it’s only for iOS-specific jobs, you won’t have to look far for a developer. However, their professional base is small right now, so you’ll  have a limited of devs to choose from.

11. X-Team

X-Team is another platform that trains and mentors its members, just for being a part of the community.

Also like other full-service tech talent boards, they do all the vetting and interviewing themselves. This means that you only need to look through their list of profiles and select the one that best suits what your project needs.

The one downside of X-Team is that they organize teams of developers to work on bigger or ongoing projects. If you need just an individual developer for a smaller task, you’ll have to look at one of the other platforms.

12. Crew.co

Crew.co also assembles freelancer teams for design and development projects, just like X-Team.

It also works as a professional matching company, like Toptal, albeit with a much smaller network of professionals.

What’s good about Crew.co is that you’re almost guaranteed to find an iOS developer within 24 hours of beginning your search. This comes at a price though, and it’s one of the more expensive options to hire iOS developers.

13. Freelancer

Freelancer is a giant freelancer marketplace for all sorts of tech talent.

With over 12 million posted jobs, 25 million users, and tons of completed projects, Freelancer has a professional for any tech-related job. Millions of users mean you’ll definitely find an iOS developer. However, finding a developer who’s perfect for the project you have in mind may be harder.

Freelancer also doesn’t vet or interview the candidates, which lets you have more control over who you’re hiring. However, hiring the perfect dev may be like looking for a needle in a tech haystack!

The platform is only recommended if you’re looking for a more affordable option, or a group of developers to collaborate on a project.

14. Guru

Guru is a large freelancer hub with a global developer base.

It has a smaller pool of freelancers than say, Upwork or Stack Overflow, but you’ll generally find industry experts there which are better for more complex projects.

Since Guru is a diverse freelancer marketplace, you’ll have to refine your search to find the right iOS developer. You’ll also be responsible for the interviewing and vetting. This is better if you want to retain more control over the hiring process and work with freelancers who understand your project better.

How to Hire iOS Developers

A lot of recruiters are faced with the challenge of finding the right professionals for any given project.

This is partly because of different onboarding criteria for professionals, and partly because of the ever-growing iOS development industry.

According to one report, Apple paid out a whopping $155 billion to iOS devs, and that too within the last reporting period. As more and more developers begin learning how to program within the iOS ecosystem, employers will have a harder time finding the perfect developers.

While the majority of services listed above do help in finding the right mobile app developer, they all have some aspect of their service that makes it harder for you to bring in a developer who will understand your project completely.  

Some platforms such as Stack Overflow and GitHub put you in touch with professionals who know developmental techniques and workarounds. Other platforms, such as Upwork, connect you with freelancers who possess a wide array of technical talents.

Others, like Gun.io and X-Team, even vet the freelancers for you, which provides some relief if you’re already busy with recruiting.

However, all of these platforms require you to do a lot of the selection yourself. This means that there will always be some professional risk involved for the employer.

Toptal eliminates that risk for you. Being an invite-only dev community, all of their members are already evaluated and thoroughly screened, prior to them joining. This reduces the margin of error for you, allowing you to hire only the most talented mobile developers. You don’t have to screen and vet the applicants either, meaning that you can dedicate resources to growing your business or setting up further projects.

The Toptal community has a developer for every iOS development position out there, from end-to-end iPhone application development to user experience design. Plus, their developer base keeps up to speed with all the latest updates in iOS development, so you can be sure you’re always getting a dev with the right skills for the job.

Ultimately, one of your best bets is to let the Toptal community assist you with your iOS project. Their vast base of proven talent (with years of experience) can help your project reach completion without any hiccups, while also leaving a lot of room for adjustments and modifications in the future. Plus, their proven experts possess a diverse skill set related to mobile applications, so you’re likely to get an all-around developer or dedicated team of such devs – eliminating the need to hire more people.

Whether you’re an app development company looking for experienced iPhone developers, someone looking for basic development services, or even looking to hire PHP developers, Toptal is a sure-fire platform for finding programmers for any development project – no matter the size or scope.

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