8 Best SEO Consultants to Hire in 2023

Have you been considering hiring an SEO consultant to help your business grow?

Trusting your ’s SEO to a professional with track record bringing more visibility to organizations similar to yours is a smart choice. 

Search engine optimization has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes in recent years. 

However, keeping up with evolving algorithm updates while continuously devising website strategies can be a challenge if you are handling other marketing-oriented tasks at the same time.

But you can’t afford to neglect search engine optimization. Over 5.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day.

Handling your SEO operations to an expert can be a game-changer for your ’s success.

What SEO Consultants Do

An SEO consultant’s main job is to leverage organic search. They often engage in the implementation of content-related marketing strategies that draw leads from search engines to the ’s website.

SEO consulting is all about translating experience into actionable advice for companies by crafting strategies to optimize their website’s appearance on search engines like Google, , and .

From keyword research abilities to link building techniques, a top SEO consultant must have a thorough knowledge of SEO best practices. 

That’s because there’s not a universal approach for SEO. Each case should be approached differently.

While many organizations need to improve their search engine results, successful search engine optimization consultants create custom strategies for each client. 

The ability to read the opportunities of each , and coming up with unique solutions to each case, is crucial. That demands at least a few years of experience, a lot of industry research, and a pinch of creativity.

Besides that, highly experienced SEO consultants should be able to uncover technical restraints that are affecting the website. The technical know-how should allow them to work closely with developers to fix these glitches.

Benefits of Hiring a Qualified SEO Consultant

If you take the time to find a capable SEO consultant, to help you win the SEO game, you can expect to:

  1. Have Google as a primary source of leads
  2. Offer better user experience 
  3. Maximize your returns on website investments
  4. See higher conversion rates
  5. Build brand

Investing in high-quality SEO consulting services will boost search engine rankings, which will generate more intentional clicks, and result in more customers. This cycle can take your a long way.

With that, let me share a list of qualified professionals with SEO expertise

8 Best SEO Consultants  

Hiring the right person for the job is crucial. Not every SEO professional has the ability to drive all the results you expect.

As a business owner, you should take the time to assess your ’s needs and look for an SEO expert with the right set of skills for your specific demands.

After reading about each SEO expert you shall have an idea of each professional is the best fit for your .

Keep in mind that they are all excellent professionals, but each individual has a different background, with experience in certain industries. These are the particularities that should count on your decision. 

Let’s explore:

1. Joshua Fechter

I’ll with me. I have almost ten years of experience driving results to companies through growth marketing strategies with a focus on SEO and content marketing.

As a marketer, I’ve scaled many different SaaS organizations by creating personalized growth strategies for their needs.  

I helped build growth teams at SaaS companies like and was involved in the first to create a live streaming app for . 

Not long ago, Product School named me the best Product Marketer, and chose me as their top writer in both 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

are a few of my case studies:

1. FutureFuel: 0 – 130,000+ Monthly Visitors in 9 Months

FutureFuel is a SaaS employee benefits that streamlines student loan assistance as a benefit for leaders and employers to offer their employees. My team and I created 16 calculators for FutureFuel, as well as four extensive directories, among which you can find:

  • Employee benefits
  • Review phrase
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • 529 plan

During this time frame, we developed their blog, homepage, and acquired over 500+ backlinks to help rank their content with an average of 80 backlinks/month.

2. Lumen5: 25,000 – 500,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Lumen5 is a SaaS that allows video marketers to create videos seamlessly to market their brand, showcase their products, and reach new target audiences. We created 27 landing pages and their blog, wrote thirty blog posts, and acquired over 300 quality backlinks.

3. Squibler: 20,000 – 200,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors in One Year

Squibler is a SaaS organization that we built from scratch to help writers practice and improve their storytelling, connect with each other, and write scripts for novels, screenplays, and short stories.

You can hire me on The Product Company website or book a consultation .

2. Hailey Friedman

Hailey Friedman is known for her profound knowledge in the digital marketing space. 

She is the co-founder of Growth Marketing Pro, one of the largest growth marketing sites on the web.

That’s enough to tell you that she aces the SEO game and knows what it takes to move the needle.

But besides leading Growth Marketing Pro, she is the Head of Marketing at Improvado.io, a flourishing Silicon Valley’s SaaS. The startup that helps organizations to make educated marketing decisions by consolidating all their data in one place.  

Hailey also developed GrowthBar, an SEO tool that helps marketers to access the key competitive insights on any website and keyword while you do a Google search.

She has a visionary mind and certainly knows how to make things happen. Entrusting your ’s SEO operations to her means guaranteeing massive inbound success. 

You can hire her on The Product Company.

3. Omid Ghiam

The next SEO consultant on the list is Omid Ghiam. He is a leading expert in the content and SEO world who has built his reputation with successful growth strategies. 

Omid is currently a Growth & Content Marketer at . He leads growth strategy and operations on Affiliate Program and Blog. The ’s blog has at least several thousands of readers per day and the recently raised 72 million dollars in Series A. 

In 2017, he founded Marketer Milk, a blog that offers resources and guidance for other marketing professionals.

Before that, he worked with InvolveSoft and was responsible for growing the ’s visibility on Google. 

With this impressive background, there’s no doubt that Omid is one of the best SEO experts you can hire to grow your software .

You can hire him on The Product Company.

4. Albert Ai

Albert Ai has thorough expertise in search engine optimization. He specialized in SEO early in his career and was able to drive impressive results to many SaaS companies.

As Reedsy’s SEO advisor, Alfred has been able to grow the company’s traffic from zero to more than 400k visits per day in two years.

Also, he recently joined Nova Credit’s team as the SEO Lead. In this new role, his excellent management and internet marketing skills are already shining through his early successes.

He has been an SEO consultant for more than five years now. With remarkable results in enterprises and businesses that he worked with, we can only expect him to create exceptional SEO campaigns for other companies wanting to grow its search engine presence.

You can hire him on The Product Company.

5. Suumit Shah

The next SEO consultant on the list is Suumit Shah. He’s the perfect combination of a creative mind with technical SEO expertise.

During the early days of his career, he worked with many SaaS companies to scale their digital marketing presence. 

Later, he founded Risemetric, a successful SEO agency that has been operating for more than four years now. In the past year alone, Risemetric has been able to help eight companies to achieve 7 figure valuation.

After experiencing some of the pains involved in link building, he founded Rankz.io. The SEO company has been growing incredibly fast and helping many businesses to scale their content marketing and SEO operations.

As one of the leading SEO experts, Summit’s background and skillset can be a game-changer for your business.

You can hire him on The Product Company.

6. Faith Storey

Faith Storey is a skillful marketing professional with SEO expertise. 

She’s been responsible for growth at different organizations, including a company named SaaStr, the largest community for SaaS companies.

Partnering with SaaS startups, Faith has achieved notable results. She recently got 1346% ROAS for a SaaStr ad campaign and increased their email list growth by 150%. 

As a Growth Marketing Manager at Casetext, she is currently in charge of user acquisition. Within two months in this position, she increased Casetext conversion rate to trial by 205% and conversion to subscribe by 118%.

There is no doubt that Faith is one of the best marketing consultants you can hire to grow your software .

You can hire her on The Product Company website.

7. Jonathan Pogat

The next SEO expert on the list is Jonathan Pogat. He has more than 10 years of executive experience devising marketing strategies for high-performing companies.

Jonathan is currently the VP of Marketing at Drips, a SaaS company that focuses on increasing lead conversion through conversational marketing with the use of AI-powered text. 

As a VP of Marketing, he has a broad understanding not only of SEO strategies but also of every other area of marketing, including social media marketing and mobile marketing.

In fact, he spent three years as the VP of Mobile Marketing in the Mobile Direct Division of Dunn Data. 

Also, he worked as the Senior Director of Marketing at Fathom, a digital marketing agency. 

The sequence of impressive results he has been obtaining in his careers makes him an excellent person to trust in SEO services.

You can hire him on The Product Company.

8. Nick Jordan

I will complete this list with Nick Jordan, an SEO consultant with big wins on his background.

He is currently the Executive Director at Content Distribution, an organization that helps companies build massive online audiences through content creation and distribution. In this role, he saw more than 60K keywords ranking on search engines’ first page. 

When asked about Nick, one of his clients — marketing strategist at Tupelo Media — said that he is “a no-nonsense, straight-forward, goal-oriented professional who gets right to work producing results. He was well into the execution of our projects in less time than it takes most consultants to finish signing the contract.” 

Previously, he was the Director of Marketing at LogicInBound, where he grew organic search traffic from 445 visitors per month to more than 100K visitors per month.

Just like he has done for many other organizations, he can equip your audience with relevant information, engaging visuals and easy-to-navigate web pages.

You can hire him on The Product Company.

Should You Partner with an SEO Consultant?

Whether you have a restaurant or a multinational enterprise, SEO can do wonders for your organization, if you’re looking to increase visibility.

This list includes the best experts in the market, but they all shine brighter in different areas. Take the time to contact the SEO consultants that match your ’s needs better and see how they can collaborate.

Be sure to ask us for testimonials or case studies from past clients. This will help you to set the right expectations.

SEO is a long-term game, but it’s 100% worth it since the benefits that come with the investment are also long-term. 

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. He's written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.