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6 Best Marketing Consulting Firms in 2023

It’s every company’s primary goal to grow exponentially while using minimal resources. The best way to do that is to make good investments – and the best investment you can make is in a marketing consulting firm.

You can always hire several marketing consultants if you already have a marketing strategy in place. However, I believe if you want to truly disrupt the digital marketing world, hiring a marketing consulting firm can help you do that.

It’s not about the marketing services, but about concocting a customer experience with an innovative marketing campaign. Additionally, you’re not limited to just social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you’re a business owner.

With a top marketing consulting on your side, you can develop complex marketing plans, lead generation campaigns, and robust competitive advantages. All that with limited resources and budgets.

That is exactly why I transitioned to providing marketing consulting services.

Why The Product Company as Your Marketing Consulting Firm

My experience as a growth marketer has helped me achieve feats like building an entire software company in just 6 months. The Squibler case study further emphasizes on what strategic marketing solutions and web development techniques I used.

Using that experience, I founded The Product Company – a marketing consulting firm that helps businesses build SaaS platforms intelligently.

The Product Company has worked with many top tier brands including Webflow, Format, Quality Counts, DataPoint, and more. 

The Product has many of the most renowned case studies when it comes to go-to-market software. The idea is to have a marketing that takes each industry into account separately. This helps develop more targeted marketing programs and marketing channels.

All a client has to do is provide detailed information on their professional services, business type, of employees, marketing objectives, business goals, and future expectations. Using this information, The Product Company analyzes the best course of action and starts strategy development.

6 Best Marketing Consulting Firms

While The Product is a one-in-all marketing consulting firm, it’s understandable if you want to explore all your options. Therefore, I compiled a list of the top marketing consulting firms.

1.       The Product

The Product Company is a marketing consulting firm that doubles down as a digital marketing and go-to-market agency. To help expand our offerings, we’ve developed several tools and marketing tech to improve the marketing efforts of our clients.

The Product Company has an extremely diverse marketing team from all over the world. With years of experience, each team member can be considered an innovator in their line of work.

We develop entire marketing plans and strategies, as well as, provide high-level services to execute them. The company also features talented freelancers that run agencies, helping clients gain access to a plethora of resources.

You provide all the details regarding your brand identity, company processes, and overall goals. As a result, The Product Company matches you with the most relevant marketing team in their employ. The idea is to provide a team that not only understands the client’s industry but also their company and processes.

This helps provide personalized and targeted consulting services. Furthermore, you can also ask for experts in specific marketing areas such as email marketing, Google Analytics, public relations, etc.

The company also has several affiliations with web development service providers and marketing software providers. As a result, you don’t have to look for such services elsewhere – you’ll be provided with several options you can choose from.

All in all, The Product Company simplifies the entire marketing process by providing consultation services, marketing services, and affiliate services.

2. Story of AMS

Story of AMS is a digital agency based in the heart of Amsterdam. Story of AMS specializes in creating e-commerce & apps that customers love.

Contrary to most agencies these days that offer a wide variety of services, Story of AMS is focused. Focused on digital, with a service offering that consists of strategy, design, and development.

Story of AMS works for leading brands such as Intersport, Nike, Nestlé, and Lucas Bols. Why these brands choose to work for them is because of their unique and effective approach. Strategy and Design form the core of every project. During these phases, they discover who brands’ customers are and what they look for in an e-commerce website or app. Based on this the team designs and develops best-in-class e-commerce solutions.

Honorable Mentions

3.       Bain &

Bain & Company  is a global marketing consulting firm that assists with marketing strategy, digital transformation, corporate finance, and IT.

With decades of experience, the has been mentioned in publications such as Forbes. It has also been #1 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list several times.

The provides a wide range of marketing services with relevant experience. It has a dedicated department for customer insights and segmentation that analyzes customer behavior and derives custom approaches.

It also has a complete product and category management department that works to make product development smoother. This helps develop customer-centric value propositions.

The partners with companies for sales and channel effectiveness. It also has affiliations to derive unique marketing and brand strategies. Its primary goal is to provide a unique customer experience through several smaller, positive interactions.

Bain & Company’s three blocks rule includes designing a unique customer experience. Optimize it for every touchpoint, then revitalize the ’s processes to ensure customers and employees always come first.

This rule has helped them exacerbate their clients’ growth exponentially time and time again. The best thing about the is that they walk their clients through all aspects of pricing to ensure they make the most strategic decision possible.

4.       Accenture

Accenture is one of the most well-known global marketing consulting firms that specialize in marketing, finance, technology, and strategy.

The is spread out across the world and has worked with most of the companies in the Fortune Global 100 list.

The one reason for their success is their emphasis on tailored customer experiences. Understanding the demand for custom-curated experiences, the develops content directed towards extremely targeted audiences.

It accomplishes this using insights from their analyst department and state-of-the-art technology. They make use of things like decision trees, customer behavior, automation, and analytics to develop unique engagement tactics.

Accenture is known to create competitive agility, power disruptive growth, and transform channel strategies.

Furthermore, the also works to create a more sustainable working environment. It’s also at the forefront of empowering employees and fostering an ethical culture.

With a holistic approach to marketing in general, Accenture provides vast amounts of consulting experience with a green, yet customer-centric process.

5.       PwC Digital

PwC Digital is a marketing consulting firm that also specializes in tax, audit, cybersecurity, and forensics.

Present in most countries around the world, the company’s success can be attributed to their philosophy. They believe in providing exceptional client experiences through branding efforts using state-of-the-art technology and marketing platforms.

A large part of their marketing services revolves around innovation as a means to capture the market quickly. The PwC team works with clients to develop strategies based on their immediate business goals. They then use that to create innovative user engagements to develop a unique experience.

The uses advanced insights collection techniques and marketing technology to analyze tons of data. This information is used to boost performance and optimize marketing channels.

The also has some unique perspectives on working with clients. This includes things like revitalizing CRM system usage, developing social campaigns, eliminating silos, and developing entire frameworks based on the digital age.

PwC is a that completely depends on raw data and analytics to develop marketing material. This gives them a unique upper hand on other marketing consulting firms that rely on holistic marketing practices.

6.       Nielsen

Nielsen is a leader in marketing consultancy, data, innovation, and analytics. Their entire business revolves around the power of analytics and data and how it can be used to create extremely targeted marketing strategies.

In some countries, it also acts as an advertising agency with a complete advertising wing. They’re mostly responsible for showing clients what works and how they can get the best possible results out of a campaign.

The specializes in audience segments and provides complete insights into who’s watching or listening for the client’s products. This level of research helps them calculate statistically accurate marketing ROI. As a result, Nielsen’s future impact predictions are rarely wrong.

Nielsen has also developed a name for reputation management. Its public relations department is revered for its services. The provides price and portfolio optimization services to help clients develop better price and promotion strategies.

The company’s success is attributed to its total audience approach: A comprehensive research approach that considers every aspect of the media process.

Overall, Nielsen is a that runs on data and analytics. Their research-oriented approach helps them develop targeted strategies and accurate future predictions. However, that level of accuracy is locked behind a hefty price tag.

How to Hire a Marketing Consulting Firm

There are many other major marketing consulting firms such as Deloitte, McKinsey & , and Ogilvy in the market. However, the aforementioned firms are at the top of their game when it comes to providing complete marketing consultation services.

When choosing a marketing consulting firm, you need to keep a few key aspects in mind. Starting with your company, what it stands for, how big it is, how many employees you have, and what products and services you provide.

Then, you should consider your budget – how much you can spend on marketing and how much of that you can spend on a marketing consulting firm. Some companies provide free consultations to discuss how your budget can be used.

Finally, take a look at your objectives and your current marketing strategy. See how much you need to extend your capabilities, whether you need innovative techniques, and whether your strategy is streamlined.

Consider all of this and then make an informed decision on choosing a marketing consulting firm.

However, my recommendation will be to choose a firm that can also provide you with a complete set of marketing services – and that’s exactly what I do at The Product .

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. He's written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.