Fiix Review and Pricing: Is it Worth it?

Did you stumble upon this Fiix pricing and review post while researching CMMS software in general? If so, I’ll start with a brief overview of the advantages of using Computerized Maintenance Management Software (or System). 

A CMMS is designed and implemented for one specific purpose—simplifying maintenance management for an organization. 

Using a maintenance software helps companies track maintenance tasks and implement preventive maintenance. Maintenance departments and maintenance managers know the pain of dealing with routine upkeep and inspections or facing on-demand work orders. Fiix’s work order management software streamlines this process across your entire organization.

One of the clear benefits of using a CMMS is that your maintenance workforce aren’t wasting company time with unnecessary paperwork, paper trails, and excel and csv files. Their time is wisely used in performing required tasks. 

Whether your organization is a small mom and pop company or a large global entity, there is a program best suited for your needs. This isn’t a one size fits all solution. 

If you’re in the market for a CMMS, look for one that will have the features and capabilities that will allow your maintenance manager to fulfill their duties to a new level of efficiency, while saving time and money. 

In general, a CMMS can provide an organization with the following benefits:

  • Help in implementing a preventative maintenance program 
  • Achieve better asset management 
  • Achiever better inventory management 
  • Inventory control 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Help increase the lifespan of your physical assets 
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Produce custom reports 

Now that you understand what a CMMS can offer you in general, let’s take a look at Fiix specifically. 

Fiix Maintenance Management Software 

As mentioned above, there is no one size fits all for a CMMS. Here is an overview of Fiix Inc.’s maintenance and asset management software and what it has to offer. This will help in determining whether it has the right feature set for your maintenance activities.

If you’re looking for comprehensive software that can lead to easier maintenance, asset management, and work orders, Fiix might be the right choice for you. 

To begin, if you are an OEM, White Label Partner, or Solution Provider, Fiix has a CMMS/EAM PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) which will allow you to distribute your own CMMS/EAM that you have built on the Fiix platform. 

UpKeep vs Fiix

As mentioned at the outset CMMS isn’t a one size fits all solution. There are a number of maintenance management software packages to choose from, with each vendor offering different options. 

For example, if your company would prefer a mobile-first CMMS, look to something like UpKeep. 

UpKeep is known for its easy to use mobile maintenance app. To the point it was awarded with a Best East of Use seal by Capterra in 2018. 

UpKeep allows you to:

  • Get real-time notifications
  • Send in-app messages 
  • Respond to maintenance issues immediately 
  • Manage work orders, assets, inventory, and more

And their starter plan is slightly less per user per month than the Fiix Basic plan. It’s priced at $35 per person. As someone who’s tried both, I recommend starting with UpKeep. It’s more customer friendly and intuitive.

Fiix Product Details & Features 

Below you will find a list of the features Fiix offers, plus a concise description of each. 

Asset Management &Tracking

Generally speaking, asset tracking allows a company to track their physical assets across locations. This is done by the use of barcodes or tags that broadcast an asset’s location, such as GPS or RFID tags. 

Fiix offers the ability to:

  • Locate assets by means of GPS or QR codes
  • Add asset information from a mobile device 
  • Using drag and drop, attach asset information such as user manuals and warranties 
  • Keep constant track of assets between locations, technicians, and work orders

Work Orders

If your company uses work orders to request maintenance, consider the capabilities of Fiix software. With it, you can:

  • Both add and track all maintenance costs, including parts and labor
  • Create and save custom commands 
  • Create multi-asset work orders 
  • Work orders can be assigned to technicians based on requests 
  • Technicians receive automatic notifications when new work orders are assigned 
  • Schedule maintenance on a variety of criteria such as meter readings, dates, or any custom trigger 
  • Use a calendar to view or filter your work orders 

Inventory Management 

With the correct inventory management tool, you can help reduce costs and stay organized. With Fiix you can: 

  • Keep track of all parts, prices, purchases, and quantities 
  • Create a Bill of Materials for Assets using drag and drop
  • Manage suppliers and vendors 
  • Receive quotes from suppliers 
  • Support multiple currencies

Fiix Mobile Access 

Being able to access their system when in the field and on the go is a great advantage. Fiix provides:

  • Access to complete information on all assets, maintenance events, and work orders
  • Import data using QR codes, barcodes, or tags
  • Full-featured Android and iOS apps 


With any CMMS its purchasing feature is an integral part of its functionality. With Fiix: 

  • Your technicians can send parts requests
  • Orders can be automatically triggered when there is a need for restocking 
  • Research the pricing of different vendors 
  • Send purchase orders and proposals directly 

Actionable Insights and Reports

With a good reporting feature, you have the ability to draw on the data you have been collecting and assemble it as needed. With Fiix, you have:

  • 150 different report templates
  • The ability to create custom templates and views using advanced filters
  • Send automatic reports anywhere, anytime 
  • A dashboard that provides a few of your KPIs (key performance indicators)


Your CMMS should help you remain in compliance. Fiix will assist you in:

  • Keeping track of all maintenance performances using Audit Log
  • Organizing your technician’s personal information, such as licenses and certificates
  • Continually monitoring compliance via a dashboard


Finally, with Fiix you can:

  • Set user permissions based on criteria such as site, location, and job titles

Fiix Market Segments 

Fiix is currently in use around the world by a variety of industries, including: 

  • Education 
  • Government 
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Places of Worship
  • Utilities 

Fiix Pricing 

If all of the above sounds like something that could work for your organization, then you’ll be wanting to know Fiix pricing. 

Fiix pricing is only on a subscription basis with the option of paying either monthly or annually. There are 3 different pricing tiers plus a free option. 

Free Tier. This option gives you the ability to simply track assets, create or edit work orders, and plan preventative maintenance. This can be combined with the free mobile app. 

Basic. Fiix pricing for this tier is set at $40 per user per month. It includes mobile access, 5GB of storage and: 

  • asset management
  • internal and external notifications
  • inventory management
  • preventative maintenance
  • purchasing
  • work orders

Professional: Pricing for this tier is set at $60 per user per month. It includes on-site training, 10GB of storage, the ability to brand with a custom logo, plus the following advanced CMMS features:

  • API integration
  • custom report writer
  • guest login
  • multi-site support
  • regulatory compliance tools
  • rotating assets
  • third-party notifications

Enterprise. At this level, Fiix offers custom pricing. On top of their own Dedicated Elite Support manager offering customized training and live interactive support, Enterprise users are able to:

  • integrate with other enterprise software 
  • automatically align purchasing, inventory, resource planning with an ERP

Fiix Training Packages

Our Fiix pricing would not be complete without mentioning their training packages, of which there are 4. 

Basic – $1,200. This is a 6-hour program that will help with a basic CMMS rollout. It will cover issues such as:

  • asset creation
  • parts planning
  • scheduled maintenance
  • user setup 
  • work orders

Professional – $1,600. This is an 8-hour program that will cover the issues of the above plus: 

  • data import 
  • filtering
  • reports
  • rounds
  • user group creation

Enterprise – $2,400. This 12-hour program covers all the above plus:

  • multi-site setup
  • purchasing
  • failure codes

Report Designer – $800. This is a 4-hour program that covers: 

  • adding graphs 
  • advanced filtering 
  • basic custom filtering
  • creating custom fields
  • designing master detailed reports
  • query building

Fiix also provides a free online training webinar every Thursday. 

Customer Service

Fiix has provision for customers to reach out to their tech support via telephone or creating a ticket request. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base of troubleshooting questions and answers plus a series of support videos.

They also encourage customers to make suggestions for new features, which can be done via their Features Request Forum.

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