7 Best Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) in 2023 | Reviews and Pricing

An average enterprise can manage anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand physical assets at a time. It’s nearly impossible to monitor, track, and utilize those assets to the max using mere spreadsheets. To keep that downtime in check and ensure maximum efficiency, enterprise asset management software can come in handy.

Most modern computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) come with built-in asset management solutions, with preventive maintenance and lifecycle management capabilities.

However, picking the right one (whether a complete suite or a stand-alone solution) can be a bit tricky.

To help you bet your money on the right platform, I’ll list down 7 of the best enterprise asset management software in 2023, review their top features, and list their up-to-date pricing plans.

Let’s get started.

Why Pick Limble CMMS as Your Enterprise Asset Management Software

At a glance, EAM systems enable enterprises to conveniently track the usage history, request maintenance/spare parts (MRO), track assets, and ensure optimal asset performance — all in real-time.

Without an automated system, managing the operational and maintenance activities of all of these assets can be quite difficult.

However, if you had to pick one enterprise asset management software that took of all the administrative, operational, and maintenance activities, you can’t wrong with Limble CMMS.

Designed for modern enterprises, Limble CMMS is packed with a wide range of cutting-edge maintenance management modules for predictive maintenance (IoT), vendor management, work orders, and of course, asset management, to name a few.

Their EAM platform is perfect for asset-intensive organizations that have to manage anywhere between 100 and 100,000 items.

From providing convenient maintenance logs to displaying critical asset data in real-time, this software streamlines everything, making an otherwise daunting process a total breeze.

Furthermore, it lets you do all of the above through a highly customizable and user-friendly dashboard.

Some of the world’s largest names use Limble CMMS to manage their assets, including the likes of McDonald’s, Unilever, Pepsi, and DHL, which speaks volumes for just how effective it is.

The Top 7 Enterprise Asset Management Software [Reviewed with Pricing]

Today, there are many enterprise asset management software in the market.

However, to really boost your uptime and ensure the longevity of your assets, you need to pick the right EAM system.

Here are 7 of the best platforms to choose from in 2023:

1.      Limble CMMS

Featuring the most complete set of functionalities, all packaged in a highly intuitive user-interface, Limble CMMS tops this list.

Its EAM module was designed keeping the asset management needs of the modern enterprise in mind.

Not only does the platform offer an asset tracking feature, but it also allows managers to review how much a certain asset is costing the company.

Additionally, the module allows its users to easily recognize assets with unique QR codes, customize dashboards to their liking, and even decide the depth of statistical information they need for their assets.

Top Features and Specialties

Here are the key highlights of what makes Limble CMMS stand out as an EAM software:

  • High-level of customizability, allowing companies to adapt the software however they deem fit
  • Ability to choose what you want to track with unlimited (customizable fields)
  • Granular reporting with metrics like MTBF and MTTR
  • Centralized asset cards that display the complete information of items in one convenient location
  • An app that you can access on almost any mobile device
  • One of the most user-friendly EAM systems, requiring very little training

And of course, as mentioned earlier, it also lets you conveniently maintain and view maintenance logs for every physical asset.

Limble CMMS Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Limble CMMS is one of the most flexible platforms out there, offering monthly and annual packages for enterprises of all sizes.

Here’s a complete breakdown of their pricing plans:

  • Starter – perfect for small businesses. This plan will set you back by $40/user/month (if billed annually) or $50/user/month (if billed monthly).
  • Professional – for both and small-sized businesses. This plan costs $70/user/month (annually) or $80/user/month (monthly).
  • Business Plus+ – best for medium-sized enterprises that need a higher level of automation. This plan is priced at $105/user/month (monthly) or $120/user/month (annually).
  • Enterprise – this package is perfect for heavyweight organizations with several thousand assets. It costs $185/user/month or $205/user/month.

All in all, Limble CMMS is perfect for enterprises of all sizes.

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2.      MaintainX

Next on the list is MaintainX, another powerful CMMS platform with both preventive and reactive maintenance capabilities.

Its mobile-first asset management software features a user-friendly design and streamlines work orders/maintenance scheduling, asset reporting, and all other essential features in one place.

Major companies, such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, The Quikrete Companies, and Burger King use MaintainX to boost their uptimes and automate asset lifecycle management.

Top Features and Specialties

Here’s what makes MaintainX a great choice for so many SMEs and global organizations:

  • Real-time tracking of asset failure, allowing managers to slash downtimes
  • 360-reports on repair and maintenance costs, providing a complete picture of how much money you’re spending on each asset
  • Easily assign work orders to technicians and share maintenance history and manuals
  • Ability to manage a diverse range of assets, including vehicles, manufacturing machinery, and other items
  • A platform that’s compatible with both desktop and mobile devices

You can also make your reports as in-depth as you want, with a wide selection of metrics.

MaintainX Pricing

As of now, MaintainX has the following 3 paid plans:

  • Small Business – also known as the essential plan. It costs $8.33/user/month (when billed annually) or $10 (when billed monthly).
  • Single Site – known as the premium plan. It costs $32.50/user/month (billed yearly) or $39/user/month (billed monthly).
  • Multiple Sites – also referred to as the enterprise plan. This will set you back by $115/user/month (whether billed annually or monthly).

MaintainX also has a free plan with an impressive range of features.

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3.      UpKeep

UpKeep (or OnUpKeep) is yet another complete, mobile-first computerized maintenance management system.

Its EAM software is loaded with top-of-the-line features, designed especially for modern businesses.

Whether you’re talking reactive or preventive management, you can rely on UpKeep to get the job done and increase your uptime.

Like most EAM software, you can use UpKeep to manage virtually any type of asset. This includes facilities, vehicles (entire fleets), and other machines and equipment.

Top Features and Specialties

Here’s what you can do with UpKeep’s enterprise asset management software:

  • Get detailed reports on downtime and asset usage (with metrics like mileage, PSI, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on how much each physical asset is costing you in terms of maintenance, repairs, and usage
  • Automate the workflow, which means that anytime a certain work order is created, it will be automatically assigned to the right person for the job
  • Get reports on other asset information (uptime, location, work order history, etc.) in visualized reports
  • Track inventory with ease through the platform’s inventory management system

Last but not least, UpKeep is primarily available as a mobile app.

Upkeep Pricing

UpKeep offers 4 paid plans that include:

  • Starter – this plan is ideal for small businesses. On an annual basis, you’ll have to pay $35/user/month, and on a month-to-month basis, it’ll cost $40/user/month.
  • Professional – perfect for SMEs requiring advanced reporting capabilities. It is priced at $60/user/month (billed annually) or $75/user/month (billed monthly).
  • Business Plan – a more advanced package, suitable for medium-sized businesses. It costs $100/user/month and is only billed annually.
  • Enterprise – this plan is ideal for global or multi-level facility organizations and is only billed annually. It will set you back by $180/user/month.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that UpKeep was designed to meet asset management needs of all sizes.

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Honorable Mentions

4.      IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo is one of the leading EAM platforms that leverages IoT data to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

The platform offers modern enterprise asset management and maintenance management features on a fluid and intuitive UI.

From handling the lifecycle management of assets to optimizing their performance, there’s a lot you can do with IBM Maximo.

Top Features and Specialties

These are some of the prime features of IBM Maximo:

  • A full suite of inventory and asset management tools
  • Advanced analytic reporting enabling users to take better predictive/preventive steps
  • Ability to optimize MRO, preparing users for unexpected downtimes
  • An AI-powered asset monitor that keeps an eye on the health of assets (and pin-points culprits causing failure)
  • An on-premises solution for maximum security
  • The option to add on industry-specific modules to get the most bang for your buck

IBM Maximo Pricing

IBM Maximo doesn’t have fixed pricing. You can request a quote from their sales team.

There are 3 plans that you can choose from:

  • Application Suite – the complete package, including all lifecycle management tools.
  • SaaS Dedicated – this is a fully-customizable and cloud-based solution.
  • Maximo (On-Prem) – if you want a solution installed on your hardware, opt for this plan.

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5.      Oracle eAM

Oracle offers an E-business suite offering end-to-end ERP solutions, including supply chain planning, HRM, sales and marketing, and asset management.

Oracle eAM is a part of the asset lifecycle management suite, which is also available as a standalone solution.

Designed for and large enterprises, Oracle eAM offers everything a typical EAM software/platform does, along with setting asset hierarchies, advanced administrative capabilities, and seamless integration with other Oracle products.

Top Features and Specialties

Here’s what makes Oracle eAM so special:

  • The option to set parent-child relationships between assets
  • Categorize assets according to activities, meters, groups, attributes, and more
  • Highly accurate data on asset performance (by using meters, condition monitoring, and quality plans)
  • Comprehensive reports on costs and other KPIs
  • A special feature for failure analysis to track the performance history of assets

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Oracle eAM Pricing

Oracle eAM isn’t exactly cheap.

Pricing is based on the license you choose:

  • Perpetual License – as the name suggests, this will provide lifetime access to the enterprise asset management suite. It costs $4,595.
  • Self- Work Requests – this license costs $575 and is meant for a minimum of 10 users.

Furthermore, any software updates and support will set you back by $1,010.9 (for the perpetual license) or $126.5 (for the self- work requests option).

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6.      Fiix

Fiix is a comprehensive suite of CMMS tools based on a multi-tenant cloud.

The EAM module lets you easily organize, track, and optimize your physical assets, no matter what they are.

With simple drag-and-drop features, you can easily map out your assets with convenient trees (or lists, whichever you like).

Additionally, it allows you to create standard operating procedures with just a few clicks, automating scheduling, reporting, and assigning of tasks.

Top Features and Specialties

Here are some of the features that make the asset management module by Fiix stand out:

  • Ability to create asset hierarchies to easily locate items in your facilities
  • In-depth reporting, with the option to set KPIs based on regions
  • Easily track rotating assets and spare parts
  • Asset tagging and scanning capabilities with barcodes and QR codes
  • Downtime tracking feature for better performance

And much more.

Fiix Pricing

These are all the paid plans offered by Fiix (the first month is on the house if you opt for annual billing):

  • Basics – this plan was designed for smaller teams, costing $40/user/month.
  • Professional – meant for larger teams. This plan is priced at $60/user/month.
  • Enterprise – this is a customizable plan and the price will depend on your special requirements.

It also has a free plan that includes an impressive range of features (but is limited to 3 users).

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7.      SAP Enterprise Asset Management

Last up on the list is the SAP Enterprise Asset Management – a full-fledged EAM software designed to manage complete lifecycles of physical assets.

With its real-time insights, IoT data, advanced predictive analytics capabilities, and machine learning, this powerful platform is guaranteed to cut down on your downtime and increase the longevity of your valuable assets.

Top Features and Specialties

Here are some salient features that got the SAP Enterprise Asset Management a spot on this list:

  • A risk assessment functionality that helps you make the right decisions at the right time (regarding maintenance and repairs)
  • A centralized repository where the data of all your assets is stored
  • The ability to communicate with your field technicians via a cutting-edge mobile app (compatible with both iOS and android), ensuring smooth work order management
  • The ability to visualize your data in 3D to make it easier to understand

All in all, this platform is perfect for asset-intensive organizations that require an intelligent tool to streamline their predictive and reactive maintenance activities.

SAP EAM Pricing

There’s no fixed price for the SAP Enterprise Asset Management platform.

You can request a quote by discussing your requirements.

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How to Select the Right Enterprise Asset Management System

Choosing the right EAM solution boils down to your requirements (regarding reporting, analytics, communication, etc.).

Furthermore, you have to consider where your enterprise currently stands/where you see it in the future and select a platform that you can scale with your requirements.

That being said, every enterprise asset management platform on this list has something special to offer – be it in terms of asset maintenance, flexibility, or pricing plans.

After careful consideration, I’ve found Limble CMMS to be the only platform that offers the complete package in a user-friendly environment.

But then again, before making a decision, evaluate your requirements, consider your budget, and think about your decisions regarding scalability.

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