Dayforce HCM Review: Should You Use it?

HCM software is the modern HR realm’s answer to managing a workforce with zero hiccups. This is in line with the recent wave of automation that’s sweeping the business world, and which has software such as Dayforce HCM at the center of it. HCM software is the basis for efficient HR management at companies, regardless of the size of the workforce.

HCM software is an HR management tool that streamlines human capital management, by automating payroll processing, talent and workforce management, and tax compliance. Dayforce HCM does all of that and more, with its host of features designed to handle corporate human resources.

Is Ceridian Dayforce HCM right for your company?

Here’s a full review to help you decide.

What is Dayforce HCM?

Dayforce HCM by Ceridian is one of the biggest providers of HCM services today. The company was founded in 2012, and has since expanded to one of the biggest SaaS companies for HR tools. It offers services to SMEs and bigger companies alike. Their HR management services can help both single teams within a company, and the entire workforce.

Dayforce HCM itself works as a cloud-based SaaS platform. It manages almost all the responsibilities of a human resources professional/manager, via a single application. In addition, the software oversees tax and regulatory compliance, HR records, and documents management, among other secondary HR processes.

Dayforce HCM can be accessed via a mobile app in real-time, which can track various employee details, so you can implement any employee-specific decision-making on the go.

Dayforce HCM Features and Services

Since Dayforce HCM can potentially take over the entire HR operations at a company, it has a feature for almost every human resources task or scenario. The software suite looks to automate the HR framework end-to-end, from finding the best talent, onboarding, managing employees, and employee engagement efforts. However, since different companies have varying requirements, with regards to their HR departments, not all features will benefit everyone.

The following features and services can be used by almost any company, no matter which industry it operates in.

Payroll Processing

Perhaps the most used feature of Dayforce HCM is the payroll processing facility. It’s also the most all-encompassing feature, since it takes the initial employee details, plus the company’s payment criteria, and completely manages the payroll.

Processing payroll for larger workforces can be difficult, especially if companies offer more benefits and rewards. Dayforce HCM integrates benefits management with the payroll processing feature to automatically supply benefits, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Benefits Management

As mentioned earlier, some companies offer a variety of benefits (more than most traditional firms). The benefits management feature in Dayforce HCM manages all applicable benefits for each employee separately. This allows HR managers and senior staff to concentrate on the strategic aspect of HR, with the software handling repetitive tasks.

The software takes into account life events, open enrollment, and individual benefits administration, while also providing guided support.

Human Resources Management

This feature works as a virtual replacement for a junior HR professional. If a company is scaling up their workforce or simply finding it difficult to manage the more paperwork-oriented tasks, this feature can help manage said tasks.

The software takes all the relevant personal information for every employee (and senior staff), and puts it all in one central location, for easier access. Additionally, it functions as a record-keeping service with an active database for the entire employee information network.

Workforce Management

As far as overall workforce management goes, this feature has you covered. Dayforce HCM is known for its workforce management framework, which allows you to improve the efficiency of your employees. The software also provides oversight on regulations and maintains a check on the company’s compliance with various state and local laws, while also implementing real-time updates.

Talent Management

While the workforce management feature takes care of employees as part of a larger body, the talent management feature helps bring potential employees in. It takes into account the demands of the host organizations, and discovers, as well as, narrows down ideal candidates. Basically, it improves the overall employee lifecycle 

Once that is done, the software also helps with the onboarding of new employees.

Dayforce HCM Pricing

The complete Dayforce HCM software suite by Ceridian has a number of features that have to be customized to each new enterprise. This is why there is no available pricing structure for the software. Companies usually have to get individual quotes, after providing some information regarding their company size and demands.

According to some third-party sources, however, there is a basic cost of $10-11.50 per employee.

Dayforce HCM Pros and Cons

Here are some of the benefits and negatives of the software.


  • Very customizable to each company’s needs
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Very dependable record-keeping facility
  • A vast array of services for firms of any size
  • Centralized database for all employee information
  • Access via mobile devices


  • The software is not fully optimized for Google Chrome
  • No mass email communication facility
  • Some persistent bugs in the HTML timesheets

Should You Use Dayforce HCM?

For the most part, Dayforce HCM is a good option. It’s a comprehensive cloud platform that offers more than just document management and employee records.

The software is as diverse as the companies that it’s intended for (from product marketing firms to domestic vendors), and can be accessed from anywhere (via Dayforce mobile on Android). Above all, it offers ease-of-use, which improves the overall employee experience. 

In conclusion, the number of service offerings, ease of use, and superior user experience make Dayforce HCM a good addition to any human resources department.

Josh Fechter
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