Heartland Payroll Review: Should You Use It?

Online HR services are the digital answer to traditional human resources tasks. From making payroll processing simpler, to streamlining onboarding for new hires, these services do it all. Payroll services are especially helpful, since they take over the tedious task of running payroll for employees, leaving the HR personnel to concentrate on retention. Heartland Payroll is one such payroll system.

But, with so many companies creating such unique payment and workers’ compensation frameworks, does Heartland Payroll address the issues that come with such individual requirements? More importantly, are Heartland Payroll solutions a good fit for your company?

Let’s get into it and find out.

What Is Heartland Payroll?

Heartland Payroll is the prime payment processing and record-keeping service by Global Payments Inc., a provider of payment software and online financial systems. A United States company with a presence in over 32 countries, Global Payments Inc. provides the Heartland Payment Systems to thousands of large and small businesses around the world. 

The Heartland Payroll service is a cloud-based SaaS system that works as an integrated service, processing payments, creating payroll tax forms, tax reporting, and even keeping time and attendance records. In addition, with every subscription, clients get a dedicated support staff member who provides continued support for the duration of the subscription. 

Heartland Payroll Features and Services

Since Heartland is an end-to-end payment system, it has all the features that a company would require for workers compensation. Furthermore, clients can have the payroll service customized to their specifications and the requirements of their workforce. There are some features, though, that every company needs from its online payroll provider, and Heartland has all of them.

Let’s go over some of those features.

Payroll and HR Service

Heartland offers a comprehensive payroll running service that takes all the employee data during the initial setup, and automatically generates payroll for all employees on the pre-set time. The system also records payroll, and runs and sends personalized reports to the concerned personnel. 

In addition, Heartland includes an HR management service with its payroll system. This feature creates custom documents for hiring people, conducting interviews, onboarding candidates, generatimg payroll, as well as, personalizing updates about any changes to tax regulation and/or labor laws. Finaly, to help companies stay compliant, the system creates a regulations poster at the start of each year.

Attendance and Time Tracking

This feature works in tandem with the payroll processing feature. The system tracks when the employees come into work, how long they work, and when they time out. It does this by automated or manual punch-outs through either biometric recognition or e-cards. You can also create and monitor customized schedules for some (or all) employees. This feature basically manages all aspects of PTOs, and create reports for overtime, absences, exceptions, and labor. 

Integrated Software Solutions

This feature allows your Heartland Payroll system to integrate with other HR and management software. Some examples of the software that Heartland can integrate with include point-of-sale systems, 401(k) records, general ledgers, accounting systems, and more. 

In case you’re looking to use more than one software for HR and accounting management, the integration feature has you covered. Plus, Heartland is coming out with integration options for even more management platforms.

Payroll Tax Management

This feature takes all the payroll data and integrates it with a tax reporting and payment system that can cover all your regulatory compliance bases as you run payroll. The reporting capabilities help you manage taxes and keep your business compliant with local, state, and federal tax laws such as the R&D Tax Credit regulations.

The tax management feature comes with an information hub that lets you see all the annual withholdings, such as health benefits and social security, and workers’ compensation. It’s a self-service tax management platform for senior HR managers looking to stay compliant as the company scales.

ACA Reporting

This feature helps HRs prepare, fill, and print all the required tax forms, including reporting for the Affordable Care Act. The feature also lets you track the health insurance eligibility of each employee, and find out whether you qualify for “Large Employer” status. 

The ACA reporting tool will deliver updates if and when the company needs to report. HR managers can contact their dedicated support staff member for further information regarding ACA eligibility and regulations.

Benefits Management

This feature allows HR professionals to push new hire information, create benefits-related deductions on payroll, and send employee info updates to managers. You can also update real-time deductions for open enrollments. The software provides end-to-end management for all applicable employee benefits while also creating reports on tax benefits.

The benefits are also automatically updated as employees progress and become eligible for further benefits.

Heartland Payroll Pros and Cons

Here are some of the reasons why you should and shouldn’t use Heartland Payroll.


  • Good international service delivery.
  • Consistent support network with dedicated support staff.
  • A diverse set of payroll features.
  • Efficient mobile app and pay-on-the-go options.


  • No pricing information on the website.
  • Some negative reviews from global customers.
  • Heavy termination fee.

Should You Use Heartland Payroll?

As mentioned earlier, if your business requires a payroll service that takes care of all aspects of paying your employees, then Heartland Payroll will be a good fit.

However, whether you should adopt Heartland Payroll services or not, depends on how many resources you can allocate to the software. Because the software has a full-service payroll generation system, it’s better if your HR team doesn’t have the capability to manage regular HR operations, and generate payroll, too. 

However, the pricing information is not clear on the website, and so you’ll have to get a direct quote from the company. Plus, there is a hefty termination fee that makes the payroll service good for client companies who plan to partner with Heartland in the long term. Overall, Heartland Payroll is a broad payroll processing services with a host of other features that make it beneficial for many enterprises.

Josh Fechter
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