Best Proposal Writing Certification Courses

Updated on January 31st, 2022
Best Proposal Writing Certification Courses

Think proposal writing is the skill you want to invest in with a proposal writing certification course?

That’s a smart career move.

After all, proposal writing is an emerging skill that is quickly becoming popular. By taking suitable proposal writing courses and certifications, you can confidently build this skill and benefit from the many opportunities currently out there.

Proposal Writing Certification Course Benefits

Proposal writing certification courses come with their set of benefits. The prominent ones are as below:

  • Better Earning Opportunities: The inclusion of the right proposal writing certification in your resume will help establish the knowledge and experience you need to negotiate higher pay.
  • Cultivate Improved Language Skills: The right certifications will enhance your communication abilities, especially how to effectively communicate ideas.
  • Important for Sowing The Seed for Leadership Abilities: Certifications focusing on proposal writing involve significant theory about adopting a mindset of pitching and leading projects, skills that are becoming increasingly valuable today.
  • Professional Growth: By completing the proper certifications, you can apply for better jobs and progress your carer.
  • Boost In Confidence About Writing Skills: Proposal writing courses mainly help you sharpen your writing abilities to help them become increasingly in-demand.
  • Establishing Determination to Grow Skill Set: Pursuing a solid proposal writing certification will help show employers your seriousness in growing your professional capabilities and make them trust you with more significant responsibilities.

Such benefits make the decision easier of pursuing a proposal writing certification course.

However, you may face some confusion in choosing a suitable proposal writing certification for yourself. Additionally, not all courses available on the market will deliver the same quality. Thankfully, we have curated a list of the best options out there so you can choose the suitable one and start your proposal writing journey right away.

Top Best Proposal Writing Certification Courses

Listed in order starting with our favorite:

Technical Writer HQ Proposal Writing Course

technical writer hq -proposal writing certification

We have placed Technical Writer HQ's Proposal Writing Certification Course as the first in our list of top course choices.

The main appeal of this certification lies in how it strikes a balance between theory and practice. It offers you more than 70 lectures to build your understanding of proposal writing. Additionally, it gives you loads of exercises to practice all that you learn. You also get proposal writing templates that guide you on structuring your proposals masterfully for every possible scenario.

The course is designed with updated content and strategies so that you start implementing what you learn immediately. Most importantly, you get instructor feedback on your proposal writing and access to a supportive community.

Some of the main concepts you'll be learning under this course are as follows:

  • Structuring Your Proposal For Better Persuasion
  • Setting Your Document's Scope And Purpose
  • Analyzing Your Target Audience
  • Carrying Out Proper Research
  • Creating a Compelling Proposal Layout
  • Brainstorming and Creating the Right Outlines
  • Budgeting

Such topics ensure that you know the ins and outs of proposal writing and start churning out impressive proposals in no time.

You can learn more about the course by visiting Technical Write HQ's Proposal Writing webpage at Technical Writer HQ.

How Much Does The Technical Writer HQ Proposal Writing Course Cost?

Technical Writer HQ's Proposal Writing Certification costs a very economical price of $300. It is kept affordable to reach a wider audience who wants to gain the crucial skill of proposal writing.

Who Would Benefit from Taking the Technical Writer HQ Proposal Writing Course?

Anyone looking to get into proposal writing can depend on this course as the commencement of their journey. However, experienced proposal writers would also benefit from this course to brush up their skills and maybe even learn a new thing or two.

View the course here.

APMP Practitioner-level Certification

AMPMP proposal writing

There is hardly any certification more recognized within the proposal writing industry than this one. It is offered by the Association Of Proposal Management Professionals and is targeted at more experienced individuals. Specifically, its eligibility criteria mention that candidates ought to have a minimum of three years of professional experience in the proposal field.

This certification mainly involves a completely online 2.5 hour-long exam. You receive scenarios and questions testing your knowledge of APMP best practices relevant to the scenario. The exam aims to assess your understanding gathered through professional experience and APMP's Body of Knowledge.

APMP provides a dedicated Practitioner OTE Preparation Guide to help you prepare for the certification exam. You need to go through it to have a better chance of succeeding with the assessment.

You can also take a practice exam in the same setting and of the same duration as the actual exam. However, it's best to dedicate enough time to prepare for this certification since it is intended for more senior individuals.

How Much Does The APMP Practitioner-level Certification Cost?

The cost of this APMP certification is different for different locations around the world. It shows it as 250£ which translates to around 336$. There is an additional fee for shifting the exam around to a different date.

Who Would Benefit From Taking The APMP Practitioner-level Certification?

Since this certification asks for significant professional experience as a pre-requisite, you should expect a certain level of difficulty. Therefore, we suggest gaining relevant professional experience in the bid and proposal field if you opt for this certification. Additionally, you need to be an APMP member and have done an earlier, much more fundamental certification. 

Nevertheless, such an advanced certification from such a prestigious organization adds solid value to your resume. Since it requires you to be an APMP member, you get the added benefit of practice material and resources.

APMP Foundation-level Certification

If you want the credibility and reputation of an organization like APMP but with less demanding prerequisites, this can be the certification for you.

APMP's Foundation-Level certification is targeted at less experienced professionals. It aims to assess your fundamental knowledge and understanding of proposal writing and bid management. Additionally, it will prepare for more advanced certifications that proceed it and give you a flavor of more complex assignments.

This certification's eligibility criteria only require a year of professional experience within bid and proposal. Even this required experience doesn't need to be continuous, and candidates don't even have to be APMP members. Such relaxed requirements open the doors for many aspiring individuals to gain a highly sought-after certification on their resumes.

Just like its more advanced counterpart, this certification also comes with preparatory material and exams. You can the Foundation Study Guide and even take self-paced courses offered by certified training organizations. You can also practice the exam online before taking the real exam.

Such certification has a lot to offer, and you don't have to worry about stringent requirements as you prepare for it.

How Much Does The APMP Foundation-level Certification Cost?

The APMP Foundation-level certification costs 550$, and it does not include withholding tax based on your location. You could pay this amount to get online training plus the exam or simply opt for just the exam for 400$. 

Who Would Benefit From Taking The APMP Foundation-level Certification?

This certification is a terrific starting point for beginners or slightly experienced proposal writers to gain critical exposure. Additionally, you will need to pass this course if you wish to earn certifications intended for more experienced professionals.

With this certification as part of your professional knowledge, you are eligible to start handling important proposal writing responsibilities. You can manage different proposal strategies and even draft quality proposals and bid documents yourself.

The Grant Development: State and Foundation Proposals Certificate

Arizona State University offers this course from their department dedicated to researching and teaching philanthropy and nonprofit innovation. It is a seven-week-long certification program that intends to be fast-paced and interactive. 

The course requires having advanced writing skills and some previous experience writing grants proposals. However, this requirement is flexible, and you can also be eligible if you have previously taken a college-level course about grant proposal writing. Any experience of working with NGOs and writing grant proposals also counts. 

The certification is challenging, and there is an expected coursework load of 12-15 hours. 

There are different topics in this certification, briefly discussed as follows:

  • Foundations of Grant Development and Proposal Writing: This introductory course will take you through the basics and build your foundational concepts. In the end, you submit a successful grant proposal to pass the course and move ahead in the certification effectively.
  • Grant Development- Proposal Exploration: This course mainly focuses on building your proposal writing style and presentation and creating a sense of what successful grants and proposals look like. This course will build on the foundations you learned in the previous course and take your knowledge one step further.
  • Grant Development- Proposal Application and Grant Management: The most advanced course in the certification provides expert-guided practice and professional mentorship so you can create skillfully drafted proposals. This course's completion will require researching and working on some challenging grant proposals scenarios to prepare you for everything in the professional world.

Such a certification aims to prepare you for serious grant proposal writing. You can move on to do a further advanced course centering on grant development and writing federal-level proposals. 

How Much Does The Grant Development: State And Foundation Proposals Certificate Cost?

The cost for The Grant Development: State And Foundation Proposals Certificate amounts to $1050, and the more advanced course costs $1175. Additionally, completing the foundation course gets you a 25% discount on the advanced course. Cancellation fee charges depend on when you cancel the course after the course starts. 

Who Would Benefit From Taking The Grant Development: State And Foundation Proposals Certificate?

Individuals looking for a more university-oriented approach to learning grant proposal writing can look into this option. By the end of it, you can expect to develop solid language and persuasion skills and write grant proposals for different needs of an NGO. 

Grant Writing Certificate By University Of Massachusetts Boston

This is another popular certification offered by a prestigious university. It is intended for a more beginner experience level and focuses more on solidifying the basics of compelling proposal writing. You can opt for taking the full certification or a particular course according to your experience level.

The certification is composed of two courses and is, therefore, one of the more accessible certifications on the list. Both courses collectively focus on topics as below:

  • Learning dedicated strategies for learning specific proposal writing foundation
  • Effectively collaborating when drafting grant proposals
  • Identifying the needs and requirements for crafting better grant proposals

Since it is a university course, you can expect to receive in-class sessions, supplemental readings, and assessments. The courses also heavily involve writing projects to get ample practice as you build solid proposal writing capabilities. 

How Much Does The Grant Writing Certificate Cost?

Each course is separately priced at 600$, so the certification in total amounts to 1200$. This price tag makes it the priciest certification on the list. However, the flexibility of opting for one course is not found in any other option.

Who Would Benefit From Taking The Grant Writing Certificate?

This course seems well-suited for existing college students who want to integrate proposal writing into their skillset. A certificate from a credible institution like the University of Massachusetts will only positively impact your professional image.

The University of Massachusetts also supports a Proposal Development Grant program for research projects. Its Grant Writing Certificate will prepare students so that they proceed to collaborate with the faculty and draft grant proposals for any research they plan to carry out.

Use The Right Proposal Writing Certification Course To Boost Your Skill Set

With the best options now in front, the final decision of choosing the suitable proposal writing certification course rests in your hands. Apart from their difficulty level, you should also factor in how much of your precious resources, like time and money, you are willing to put in.

While making the decision, know that pursuing a good proposal writing certification will do you good in many ways. It will open doors for many new opportunities, help you gain crucial new skills, and enable you to progress smoothly.

Go ahead with a proposal writing certification course and build yourself the future you want.

Proposal Writing Certification Courses FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions people ask about proposal writing certification courses.

How Does One Learn Proposal Writing?

Practice is an important habit to cultivate if you wish to become a masterful proposal writer. However, even the most experienced individuals may need guidance to improve their hand at proposal writing. Therefore, taking a dedicated proposal writing certification course will make learning this crucial skill more effortless. There will be a pre-planned roadmap ahead of you, and you'll only have to stay determined and pursue the certification.

Is Proposal Writing Difficult?

While it can seem daunting at first, proposal writing can become much more intuitive over time. Most people face difficulty because they don't have proper guidance or action plans when learning proposal writing. Hence, most people decide to invest in a quality proposal writing certification course to guide and help them.

What Does a Proposal Writing Certification Involve?

You'll get to learn what good proposal writing looks like and what differentiates a skillfully-written proposal from a poor one. Additionally, you get to know about vital argumentative skills that help you write better proposals and in your professional life too. Most certifications involve exercise and activities so that by the end, you have gained significant experience and confidence when it comes to quality proposal writing. 

How are Most Proposal Writing Certification Courses Structured?

Most courses begin by giving you an idea about what it will take to become skilled at proposal writing. Then, you move on to understanding what makes a proposal compelling, and this primarily involves studying some solid examples. Many courses give you exercises at this point and then give written samples so you can compare and understand where you need to improve. By the end, you will have to write a final big proposal capturing everything you learned during the certification course.

How Much Do Different Proposal Writing Certification Courses Cost?

The different certification courses you'll find on the market range from 300$ to thousands of dollars. You can select the one based on how much you wish to invest and the nature of the course. Some are online certifications, so they charge nominally based on their medium. 

Are There Any Dedicated Certifications For Professional Proposal Writing?

Many certification courses can help you become a professional proposal writer. You could opt for the APMP certification courses since the organization focuses on the proposal and bid writing in the first place. Their certifications are considered the most reputed in the industry and are a significant stamp of credibility.