8 Best Oakland Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries

Updated on January 1st, 2021
8 Best Oakland Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries

You know what’s worse than running out of cannabis? Having to drive yourself to the local dispensary to get some in Oakland’s grueling traffic. Lucky for us, we’re alive in an era where we can safely order cannabis products online through Oakland weed delivery services.

No matter where you are in the state of California, with just a few simple clicks, you can get your favorite green products delivered to your doorstep.

Sure, these services may charge you a delivery fee. But the convenience and safety are worth a few extra bucks, especially now that we’re dealing with the novel Coronavirus.

If you’re looking for reliable Oakland weed delivery services, keep reading. In this post, I’ll share a list of the 8 best marijuana delivery services on the bright side of the Bay (and why Eaze tops that list).

Let’s light it up.

Why Eaze is the Best Weed Delivery Service in Oakland?

I frequently travel to Oakland. Over the years, I’ve tried many Oakland weed delivery services, and I can safely say that none come close to Eaze.com in terms of quality of service and selection of products. Since March, Eaze has seen more than a 34% increase in signups this year.

Despite being a relatively new business that started in 2017, Eaze.com delivers premium cannabis products in all major hubs of California.

One of the things I love most about Eaze.com is that they sell some of the best cannabis brands under one roof (or domain). All in all, they’re quick with their deliveries, very cooperative, and have never once let me down.

Whether you want to buy grade-A bud or are just looking for some edibles, you can rely on Eaze.com to deliver.

8 Best Oakland Weed Delivery Services in 2021

The cannabis industry is still very young.

Ever since the recreational use of weed was legalized in California a few years ago, the state saw a boom of marijuana dispensaries and weed delivery services (especially in major cities like Oakland).

However, like any other transaction, it’s your right to ask for top-level service.

For that reason, here’s a list of the top 8 Oakland weed delivery services in 2021.

My RankSite NameQuality (1-5 Stars)
4.Cannabis On Fire★★★★
5.Optimum Cannabis Delivery★★★★
6.Buzz Delivery★★★★

1. Eaze

We rated Eaze.com the #1 Oakland weed delivery service. Eaze is a a technology company and online marketplace with a focus on delivering cannabis.

Eaze bridges the gap between local retailers/dispensaries with consumers, offering compliant delivery in major parts of California.

From CBD and THC edibles to bath and body care products, you can buy all kinds of cannabis products through Eaze.

However, the one thing that I like most about them is that they’re passionate about making a social impact on the cannabis community. As a part of their efforts, they launched Momentum – a business accelerator meant to support cannabis business owners.

Try Eaze.com

2. Bud.com

With a focus on delivering recreational marijuana products, Bud.com is on my list of the best Oakland weed delivery services.

Bud.com isn’t in the growing business, rather, it’s a software and services company that works with licensed partners to deliver the best cannabis that money can buy.

They deliver in Oakland, Sacramento, San Mateo, Marin, Merced, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco. In fact, the company also tops my list of the best San Francisco weed delivery services.

To deliver the goods in Oakland, Bud.com partners with the CBCB (Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley, C10-0000353-LIC) to fulfill their orders.

On Bud.com, you can find pretty much every type of cannabis product, including:

  • Flowers (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids)
  • Pre-rolls
  • Edibles (top brands of gummies, mints, drinks, chocolates, and baked goods)
  • Tinctures
  • Vape (pens and cartridges)

Of course, to order from Bud.com, you must be over the age of 21. As a result, you’ll need to provide them with your ID during the checkout process.

Bud.com offers its delivery services throughout the week. However, the exact delivery hours may vary from location to location.

If you’re a senior citizen (65+ years of age) or a US military veteran, you’re entitled to generous discounts of up to 10% on all future orders made through Bud.com.

Visit their website now and browse through their wide selection of products.

3. Euphorium

If I’m ever unable to reach Bud.com (which has never happened, by the way) I’ll turn to Euphorium.

Known as a “weed concierge” service, Euphorium operates in Oakland and major surrounding communities.

Whether you’re after medical marijuana or just want to have a good time, you can find whatever it is you’re looking for on Euphorium. They sell premium quality flowers, topical products, vapes, tinctures, and much more. They also offer deliveries throughout the week.

They also have an awesome loyalty program that rewards you with one point for every dollar you spend. Once you accumulate a certain number of points, you can use them to get premium quality products for free.

Additionally, they offer exciting deals that can save you big on certain edibles, strips, and vape cartridges.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that Euphorium offers one of the best cannabis delivery service in the Bay Area.

4. Cannabis On Fire

Cannabis On Fire (Nine Mile Tribe LLC) is another decent business that offers fast delivery in Oakland, San Francisco, and most of the Bay Area.

They are a fully-licensed business that offers top-quality medicinal and recreational marijuana products at highly affordable price tags.

Cannabis On Fire sells flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and accessories.

A great thing about Cannabis On Fire is that they accommodate missed deliveries, so if you’re unable to receive your order for whatever reason, you can let them know in advance and they’ll change your date of delivery. Most weed delivery services don’t give you that option.

However, if you fail to inform them, you’ll have to pay a $20 “restocking fee” the next time you order.

As of now, Cannabis On Fire only accepts cash payments.

5. Optimum Cannabis Delivery

Optimum Cannabis Delivery is another weed concierge service that provides top-notch 420 products with a few simple clicks or a call.

In addition to Oakland, Optimum Cannabis Delivery also serves customers in Alameda Berkeley, Emeryville, San Leandro, Richmond, Walnut Creek, and the entire East Bay. According to their website, they deliver orders in under 2 hours, which is quite reasonable.

From flowers to vape cartridges, you can buy all kinds of green commodities from OCD.

They work with registered retailers, growers, and manufacturers to provide you with only the best products.

6. Buzz Delivery

Offering lightning-fast deliveries, Buzz Delivery stands as one of the Bay Area’s top-rated cannabis delivery services.

There’s nothing that you won’t find on Buzz Delivery’s extensive menu.

Are you looking for the finest strains that money can buy? You got it. Is there a certain edible that you’re after? Buzz Delivery has got them all.

Browse through their website and select from over 70 premium-quality products.

Furthermore, they have some of the best deals in town, including:

  • Next Day Special (a deal that saves you 10% on next-day deliveries, when you use the promo code “NEXT10”).
  • Give $20 Get $20 (a referral program that rewards you with $20 in store credits)
  • Senior’s Discount (5% off for customers who are over the age of 60)
  • Veteran’s Discount (offers 5% discount for US military veterans)

The typical wait time for deliveries is between 1 and 2 hours – depending on the traffic.

7. Flowsent

Flowsent is a premium weed delivery service that acquires its products straight from farms and extractors.

Their team consists of seasoned business owners who have perfected the art of growing weed and running compliant ventures over the years.

In addition to selling well-known and widely-available flowers, concentrate, edibles, and other high-quality products, Flowsent also provides access to rare strains through its special “Weed Club.”

By becoming a part of their club, you can enjoy exclusive benefits (on top of getting your hands on rare weed), including:

  • 10% discounts on all orders (regardless of quantity)
  • Special discounts/promotions throughout the year
  • Face-to-face meetings and dinners with growers
  • Priority when dispatching deliveries

The VIP experience and exclusivity offered by their club is what landed Flowsent on my list of top Oakland weed delivery services.

8. BayQueen

Let’s wind up the list with BayQueen – an Oakland weed delivery service with a focus on medicinal cannabis products.

Operated by someone with a background in pharmacy and health care, the folks at BayQueen know what they’re doing.

Their priorities are offering personalized experiences and educating their customers to provide them with the best-suited products.

As for their menu – you can find everything, from convenient pre-rolls to soothing balms.

If you order for the first time, you’re entitled to a 10% discount (just use the promo code “weed.life”).

Be Responsible and Have a Good Time

We’re lucky enough to enjoy the calming and soothing effects of cannabis without any legal implications. However, if you’re about to purchase and use weed in Oakland for the first time, you should be wary of certain regulations.

Here are a few:

  • You must be over the age of 21 to purchase and use cannabis for recreational purposes. For medicinal use, the minimum age limit is 18.
  • You can only purchase weed from licensed retailers/dispensaries.
  • You’re only allowed to carry up to an ounce of weed (for recreational use) at a time. You could end up in jail for 6 months or have to pay a hefty fine of $500 if you’re caught with more than the permitted limit.
  • Smoking weed and consuming edibles in public spaces is not allowed.

To learn more, visit this page.

Now that you’re aware of the main do’s and don’ts, feel free to order weed from any of the retailers listed above.

Again, I would highly recommend giving Bud.com a shot, since they’re quick with their deliveries and always have the best stuff in stock.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does Oakland weed delivery work?

Weed delivery is the most convenient way to access high-quality cannabis in Oakland. Some dispensaries offer in-house delivery services while other dispensaries count with the help of specialized weed delivery platforms, such as Bud. Simply place the order through the website and wait for your order to arrive.

What types of products can I get?

The possibilities are endless. If you want to go with the classic flower, you can choose from a variety of brands and components - Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. If you want convenience, you can go for pre-rolls - which are also available in a variety of brands and components, including CBD. Other products you can get include vapes, concentrates, gummies, mints, chocolates, drinks, tinctures, sublingual drops, capsules, topicals, and more.

What is the best weed delivery service in Oakland?

Bud is the best in terms of product range, quality, and delivery service. The company brings licensed cannabis delivery providers, online weed stores, and medicinal marijuana dispensaries together on a single platform for its Oakland customers.

How much marijuana am I legally allowed to possess in California?

According to California state cannabis regulations, each recreational customer is limited to 28.5 grams per day for flowers and prerolls. If you want concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, or topical ointments, you are allowed to get up to 8 grams per day.

How much is an ounce of weed?

Prices of weed vary depending on quality, State you purchase, brand, and product type. In California, you will find high-quality weed from $160 up to $260 per ounce.