7 Best New York Food Delivery Services from Restaurants

7 Best New York Food Delivery Services from Restaurants

In a time when you can’t go out to get a bite to eat, food delivery services have been a major blessing. New Yorkers, who are having maybe the hardest time dealing with the lockdown crisis, are relying on food delivery in New York to get their grub.

Food delivery services are one of the few businesses that have stayed running during the nationwide lockdown.

In New York, thousands of businesses took a hit and millions of people are stranded at home. Food delivery services have provided some relief by doing home deliveries almost around the clock.

Today, there are tons of food delivery sites to choose from, each with its own unique flavor, if you will.

This can make it difficult to decide which one should be your go-to choice for food delivery.

Fortunately, New York has tons of options.

In this article, I’ll list the 7 best options for food delivery in New York to settle the debate.

Let’s dive right in.

Uber Eats – The Perfect Food Delivery New York Service

Personally, I’ve always found Uber Eats to be the most reliable and convenient delivery service. No matter where I’ve been in the city, I’ve always had my food delivered fresh and fast.

My experiences aside, there are a lot of elements that make Uber Eats the ideal option for food delivery in New York. Their giant driver and partner network is just one of them.

Uber Eats is backed by an already hyper-successful communing and human logistics service. Their coverage in other cities, such as their food delivery Chicago service, reflects their delivery expertise.

Efficiency and all-around service quality are a given when you have so much experience in a similar industry as food delivery.

The marketing strategy adopted by Uber Eats has allowed them to build strategic partnerships with a lot of restaurants throughout the city.

Additionally, they manage their workforce pretty well – you’re likely never to experience any mishaps with your order.

Ultimately, Uber Eats is my top pick because of its combination of citywide coverage, service quality, and the perfect record of timely deliveries that I’ve experienced with it.

DoorDash – A Close Second for Food Delivery in New York 

DoorDash is also a great option, especially for a city like New York. In some areas, DoorDash has the fastest delivery of all.

This is because of their primary focus on streamlining the pickup-delivery process as much as they can.

With DoorDash, you order and receive your food with minimal steps. A sleek interface also allows you to easily browse through a huge list of restaurants and menu items.

DoorDash is a close second choice for me because of its perfect mix of variety and speedy arrival times, no matter which city I’m in. I’ve used their Los Angeles food delivery service extensively, and gotten the same quality (if not better) as their NY service.

It also helps that they usually have more drivers nearby when you need food delivered. 

Their delivery speed and a decent number of restaurant choices make them a good alternative to Uber Eats. As a result, DoorDash has been another delivery service constant for me wherever I travel.

Top 7 Food Delivery New York Services

Food delivery is a necessity for a lot of New Yorkers.

But with all the restaurant and delivery providers, it can be frustrating to lock on to one.

To help you decide, here’s a list of the top 7 services for food delivery in New York.

1.   Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the biggest food ordering and delivery service in the world, with a huge presence in New York.

The service is run by Uber, which is the most efficient ride-sharing and taxi service in the country. Considering that, it’s no surprise that Uber Eats shares the same efficiency in terms of food delivery.

The Uber Eats NYC driver network is massive, with thousands of drivers registered on just the delivery service. Plus, a lot of Uber drivers also drive part-time for Uber Eats.

Currently, the service has over 1,000 New York City restaurants registered, with more being added every day. At the moment, Uber Eats delivers to all major areas, including Hell's Kitchen, East Village, Harlem, Union Square, and Bushwick. 

As of November 2019, it also delivers to Queens and The Bronx. 

Uber Eats has an easy-to-navigate app that sorts food places by customer location. As long as a restaurant is open, it has a chance to reach nearby customers.

The best thing about Uber Eats is that it’s not dependent on restaurants registering with it and integrating it into their delivery system. Their dedicated driver pool picks up and delivers food from any restaurant in the city. And because they’re partly non-integrated, you can order food from any restaurant that offers delivery or takeaway.

Aside from being super convenient, Uber Eats is economical, as well, especially right now with little to no traffic on the roads. Their deliveries are quicker and they have changed their fee structure from a flat $4.99 to distance-based fees.

Recently, Uber Eats announced that they’ll waive delivery fees for customers who order from independent restaurants. This is in addition to several promotional events they’re doing to support small, independent restaurants that are vulnerable to revenue loss because of the total shutdown.

Overall, Uber Eats is a great 24/7 service for food delivery in New York and offers quick, affordable, and efficient deliveries.

2.   DoorDash

DoorDash is a dedicated restaurant delivery service that offers a user-friendly app and fast deliveries.

The service specializes in quick home deliveries, hence the name.

Although it has a large variety of food places on the platform, it's usually preferred for cheap and casual meals such as burritos and ramen.

Their operation model is based on delivering the ordered food as efficiently as possible and making it easy for customers to order instantly.

Besides standard home delivery, DoorDash offers a ‘restaurant pick-up’ option that places a takeout order that you can pick up yourself. You can pay for the meal from within the app or at the restaurant.

The standard delivery fees for an order is between $1.99 and $4.99 (higher in case of tough road conditions or traffic congestion during rush hour).

DoorDash is the only delivery app that doesn’t limit the customer to a certain area from – you can basically order from anywhere in the city.

There’s also no minimum order limit. You can order the exact amount you want without filling minimum orders and paying for what you don’t need.

Right now, DoorDash is the only delivery service that has a ‘leave it at my door’ option as the default. You can order away and won’t have to come in contact with any delivery personnel.

Overall, DoorDash is a nice option for fast and safe delivery without ordering distance limits.

3.   GrubHub

GrubHub is a food delivery service based in Chicago but has a wide driver and local restaurant network in New York.

Founded in 2004, GrubHub is one of the oldest of such services and offers a flexible and affordable delivery service to New Yorkers. Their New York City driver network is also one of the biggest in the country.

Over the years, the company behind GrubHub has brought several other food delivery services under its wing. The expansion has added more features to the primary offering.

GrubHub has a lot of great features going for it. A simple app interface to a huge variety of registered restaurants and a convenient curbside pickup option are just some of them. It may not have non-integrated access to restaurants like Uber Eats, but it makes up for that by working with tons of big and small food places.  

Furthermore, you can order meals of any size and they will be delivered with the same efficiency. This is great for people who usually place larger orders.

GrubHub has previously had some customer complaints about its delivery times and ETAs. That issue has now been solved with the company taking in several other delivery services.

Overall, GrubHub is a good service for people looking for a huge variety of restaurants to choose from.

4.   Caviar

Caviar is a high-end restaurant ordering service that offers delivery from fine-dining places.

While most other delivery services focus on improving its service coverage and register more restaurants, Caviar focuses on food and service quality.

In short, it’s an upscale version of the standard delivery site.

A lot of the restaurants featured on Caviar don’t offer delivery through third-party services at all. If you’re looking for an elaborate meal delivered to your doorstep, Caviar is your only option at the moment.

Its delivery costs are also higher compared to the other entries on this list. There’s no defined amount and the customer-end fees are based on meal costs.

However, the delivery cost is justified by their quality standards.

Caviar transports your meals in high-quality packaging, keeping them fresh and making sure they don’t deform on the way.  

Overall, Caviar is the go-to option for upscale dining delivered to your home.

5.   Postmates

Postmates is a delivery option that offers full meal delivery from restaurants and grocery stores.

While not a grocery delivery service, Postmates has partnered with several major grocery chains to bring food and other items to the consumer. 

The company was created with the idea of expanding delivery services to include most convenience stores with built-in restaurants. This expands its network to include most of the larger convenience store chains that also sell full meals.

Currently, they have their own pool of delivery drivers, serving individual customers and companies that need regular supplies. 

In addition to food, Postmates delivers gifts and even cleaning supplies. However, there's only a limited variety of these items, with food accounting for the majority of orders.

The delivery service costs between $0.99 and $9.99. Fees are based on distance from the customer and whether you’re ordering from one of their partner chains.

Their broad delivery model has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially in NYC.

Overall, Postmates is ideal for people looking to order meals from grocery and convenience stores.

6.   Seamless

Seamless is one of the delivery services that were absorbed by GrubHub. It does have a lot of its own quirks, though.

In terms of driver pool and service quality, it’s exactly the same as GrubHub. In fact, a lot of their features have now been unified.

At its core, though, Seamless is totally New York-centric, from its app design to the way it promotes its service. The design is among the most loved features of the app.

Seamless has a very streamlined app that offers a great user experience.

Ordering is simple enough, with a vibrant app interface and a smooth ordering process.

In addition to the visual appeal, Seamless has a history of keeping up with the local food trends. It features many restaurants with vegan, gluten-free, and health-conscious menus. 

The healthy food options and the New York-based brand representation make it popular with a lot of locals.

Overall, Seamless is the perfect service if you're looking for an ordering experience that's very New York!

7.   Slice

Slice is a delivery service dedicated to local pizzerias.

Seamless may have the most visually New York app, but Slice captures the essence of New York – which is pizza.

Slice lets you choose from several pizza types, flavors, and locations within the city.

The service has a presence in all major cities in the United States, but New York is where it operates best. The company also records most of its orders from New York.

Slice has a variable delivery fee that is based on what each pizzeria costs for delivery. Some places even offer free delivery, which reduces the total payable by the customer.

Overall, Slice is the perfect delivery service for pizza lovers.

BONUS: Delivery.com

Delivery.com is a massively popular delivery app for all kinds of food, beverages, and groceries across the city.

The reason why Delivery.com is a bonus entry here is that it delivers food, as well as alcohol, groceries, dry cleaning, catering, and gifts.

It’s basically a one-stop-shop for most of your kitchen and laundry needs, something that’s very useful during the lockdown.

Delivery.com has an area-based search that shows all of these services in your area.

The item sections have their own menus, where, for example, customers can choose from red or white wine, liquor, beer, organic beverages, etc.

Just like Postmates, Delivery.com has its own delivery staff and serves customers and companies with scheduled orders. 

Overall, Delivery.com is ideal if you want groceries and related items delivered as quickly as food is. 

How to Choose the Best Food Delivery New York Service

NYC is one of the biggest, most populated cities in the world.

Its size is in proportion to the number of restaurants and delivery services available throughout the city. According to one report, there are currently more than 27,000 restaurants in New York City.  

On top of that, there's the immense range of foods you can order. There is a restaurant for everything, including fast food, Italian, Thai, Korean, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern. And, let's not forget the world-famous New York pizza.   

This translates to New Yorkers rarely running out of options on what to eat, and from where.

Even despite the strict lockdown measures, people are getting their culinary fix al thanks to delivery services.

Tensions are already running high because of the coronavirus lockdown across the country. People at home want even better delivery services from their chosen companies.

Considering all of that, it might be difficult to find one service that offers the most convenient deliveries, with smaller fees, high-quality service, and great ordering experience.  

Some of the basic things to look for in the ideal delivery service are restaurant network, coverage area, delivery costs, the app experience, and overall ease of ordering.

What the service does in case of a spillage or mishap is another important factor.

If a service has all of these qualities (as Uber Eats and DoorDash do), it should be the default choice.

Truth be told, the competition is very close in terms of which is the best restaurant delivery service. However, certain qualities make one service better than the other, and one service the best.

Regardless of who you choose for food delivery in New York, make sure to stay safe and dine at home!