Leadscon 2022 Review: Should You Attend?

Updated on December 22nd, 2021
Leadscon 2022 Review: Should You Attend?

Leadscon is a major lead generation and performance marketing conference held annually. Covering everything from simply getting more quality leads and understanding customer behaviors, to sending conversions through the roof - Leadscon covers it all.

This year’s event will call in lead-gen and marketing leaders, such as Thumbtack's Senior Manager of Growth Marketing and CORE Digital Media's SVP of Product & Sales, to dive deep into acquiring and keeping the best leads. Before we dive in, keep in mind they also have Leadscon Connect to Convert in Boston every year, too.

Let’s go over everything Leadscon has in store for 2022 and whether or not you should attend.

About Leadscon Las Vegas

Held every year since 2008, Leadscon is a global lead generation conference that brings in experts from marketing and business development firms from all over the world. It’s primarily a US-based conference, with the most important leg of it being in Las Vegas.

Over the years, we have seen experts from corporations and startups come together on one platform to provide unparalleled insights.

Plus, it's the one time of year I get to reconnect with my friends over at Drips at the Leadscon expo. I've known them for three years and their CEO, AC has mentored me and helped grow my marketing business.

Here are some of the consistent points of discussion at Leadscon:

  • How the process of acquiring a lead has changed over time, and how companies and individuals can evolve to become better at it.
  • How customer behaviors are different as compared to previous years, and what we can do to better approach them.
  • Techniques and lead gen strategies from experts, particularly focused on direct-response marketing. The keynotes are usually delivered by veteran marketing executives who detail their journey to the top.
  • Exploring how technology can impact overall marketing efforts, and how to effectively use it.

While the focus of the conference is lead gen, Leadscon is a very good place for marketers, consultants, and agency owners to collect pointers on how to tweak their own marketing repertoire.

Leadscon 2022 Speakers

Every Leadscon event has invited some of the biggest names in lead gen, human capital, and growth marketing. These have included marketers, Directors of Growth, CMOs, and even CEOs of corporations such as Wells Fargo, Google, and Microsoft.

Here are some of the more prolific ones from the past:

  • Don Batsford, Jr. (Head of Industry at Google)
  • Matt Dowd (VP of Product Management)
  • John Hargrave (CEO of Media Shower, regular contributor to Bitcoin Market Journal)
  • Mark McMaster (US Online Sales Leader at Snapchat)

The lineup for 2022 is just as good, if not better, than the previous year’s. For 2022, Leadscon is hosting:

  • Gordon Brott (Founder and CEO of Gordon Brott Marketing)
  • Geoff Colon (Head of Brand Studio at Google Advertising)
  • Mark Kaminski (Co-Founder of Over The Top Marketing)
  • Rob Seaver (Executive Director of LeadsCouncil)

The Leadscon tradeshow has always invited a very diverse group of speakers, with one interesting profile being teachers and subject matter experts. Their 2022 lineup has a number of individuals with prior training and development experience within the lead gen space.

Event Tracks for Leadscon 2022

Here are the different events attendees can look forward to at Leadscon this year.

Buyers and Sellers Summits

For 2022, Leadscon is holding individual summits for both buyers and sellers of products, such as insurance (financials), media solutions (software/service), and even home improvement goods (materials). The buyer’s summit will take place first, followed by the sellers.

Keynote Sessions

As is tradition for Leadscon, there will be two keynote sessions for 2022, both by very prominent individuals. The first is a general keynote by Seth van der Swaagh of Google. He’ll be talking about consumer funnels, and how marketers can enable customers to easily navigate them.

Seth will also talk about how modern consumer demands call for smarter marketing practices. In addition, he’ll explain the best practices for lead gen experts operating through 2022 and beyond.

The second keynote will be by Dave Frankland, who is both the Managing Director of Winterberry Group and an independent author. He’ll talk about how to market to and make opportunities for the more demanding customer.

Lead Market Mastery

This event track will take attendees through industry lead gen scenarios. Experts from the financial, home improvement, academic, and human capital sectors will discuss how to accelerate and optimize lead generation in companies, and for individuals.

Leadscon Workshops

The workshops will focus on practical lead gen techniques, and will support the sessions held during the lead gen mastery track. Leadscon workshops will touch upon 3 areas: growth and optimization, organic lead generation, and marketing in a partnership.

Insights and Innovation

This track will feature sessions on marketing and lead gen best practices for companies of all sizes in 2022. Spread over 2 days, the track will have a dedicated focus on marketing for the small to medium-sized enterprise and startup. Experts will talk about the newest trends in lead gen, and how industry professionals can come up with their own lead gen solutions.

Networking and Special Events

This track will include the meeting hub and the networking lunch. The latter will provide a more casual space for attendees to meet and network. You'll also connect with new innovative exhibitors showcasing how they're leading the forefront of marketing technology.

Power Lead Gen Sessions

This will be one of the more knowledge-heavy tracks for this year’s conference. Power lead gen will take attendees through what and what not to do in terms of traffic channels, analytics and privacy, and emulating successful lead buyers.

The Agenda for Leadscon 2022

As always, this year’s Leadscon will feature general speaker sessions and 2 prominent keynotes.


The first of two keynote sessions will be called “The Infinite Funnel: Untangling the Messy Web of Modern Consumer Journeys."

Here, Seth van der Swaagh (Google) will talk about how the consumer of today is more curious, and knowns more about products, as well as, marketing. This results in them being savvy and impatient.

With more purchase paths emerging and consumers having access to better technology channels, marketing has to adapt. Here, Seth will break down what all of the above means for marketing - specifically for lead generation. Additionally, he’ll reveal how savvy marketers can make sure to connect with their consumers at the exact moments when reaching them matters most.

During the keynote, Seth will detail how, over time, the attitudes of consumers have changed, and what marketers can learn from each point of change to predict what future consumers will be like.

The second keynote will be “Entitled Consumers are a Threat to Your Business – Unless You Make Them an Opportunity”. Here, Dave Frankland (Winterberry Group) will go through the actual demands of the customer, especially those related to the people marketing to them.

Customers today expect marketers to know all about them and their preferences. However, sending non-stop ads their way only annoys them further. Seth will detail how marketers have no choice but to meet those expectations, albeit through a new strategy.

Overall, he’ll discuss how to focus more on consumer-based marketing, rather than product-based. Finally, he’ll teach attendees how to engage with the more entitled consumer, and turn their demands into business relationships.


Leadscon 2022 will have 3 distinct workshops on the very first day.

The first will be the “Marketing Growth and Optimization Workshop.” This will list some actionable techniques and tips & tricks on email, social, and search channels. Here, we’ll discover some unique pointers on how to approach customers on the mentioned channels for better growth. In addition, we’ll find out how to optimize those channels for our business.

The second will be the “Organic Lead Gen Workshop.” In this, we’ll learn about the best ways to get leads through content and SEO optimization.

The third and final workshop will be based on partnership marketing, and will discuss the more B2B aspect of discovering, creating, and scaling partnerships.

Key Takeaways from Leadscon 2022

Following are some valuable pointers to look out for at Leadscon 2022:

  • Actionable insight on how to reach customers via various channels.
  • The change curve of the customer, and how to gather intel from it for future lead gen efforts.
  • Using technology to aid in lead gen.

Overall, Leadscon 2022 looks to be a promising event, in terms of both knowledge delivered and networking opportunities.