Getting Started with Redux

And when clicking on the logo, it calls one of the start or stop actions. So, the reducer will receive both of our actions, both of which are of type rotate, and they both change the same state in the app — which is state.rotating. Based on the payload of these actions, state.rotating will change into true or false. So, we are going why redux to say to our reducer that the type of the action is about the rotation (rotate) of the React logo. And the state for the rotate of the React logo should be changed to true — we want the logo to start rotating. Let’s say the user’s avatar is stored as part of their profile data, and the top-level App component holds the user.

what does redux do

Actions are not born, but they are dispatched, with a handy function called dispatch. A simple Counter app is a great teaching tool, but Redux is absolutely overkill for something like this. React state is perfectly fine for something so simple. It’s like a secret passageway connected to every component, and using connect opens the door to the passageway. Another name for this is a higher-order component (aka “HOC”).

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If we dig deeper into this statement, we see that Redux is a state management library that you can use with any JS library or framework like React, Angular, or Vue. Redux offers a specific approach to handing state in your application.

Now to handle the action passed into the Reducer we typically use switch statements in Redux which is nothing but basically, an if/else statement. We have imported the createStore factory function from Redux, and then we have invoked the createStore() function to create the store. If you’ve enjoyed reading this tutorial please share it. Just give this thread a comment and I’ll be more than happy to reply. We need to change all the this.props.bgColor to this.props.bgState.bgColor .

Understanding Redux: A tutorial with examples

You can think of the data like electricity, connected by colored wires to the components that care about it. Data flows down and up through these wires, but the wires can’t be run through thin air – they have to be connected between each component in the tree. By the end of this post you’ll understand what Redux is for, and how to know when it’s time to add it to your own app. React, and Angular has a lot of popularity among tech companies across the globe as well as in India. Everyone who enters the world of React needs to understand how to handle the state of the application.

  • This way, we can combine our two actions in just one function and reduce a bit our code.
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  • The required components are then rendered in HTML and sent to the clients.
  • Either wrap the root component in a , or explicitly pass “store” as a prop to “Connect(Counter)”.

This gets pretty messy and the potential in teams for misunderstandings and mistakes, and it is the justification for using a state management library like Redux. Redux guides you towards writing code that is predictable and testable, which helps give you confidence that your application will work as expected. Redux is a pattern and library for managing and updating application state, using events called “actions”.

When to use Redux

An “action” is just a JavaScript object that contains two parts. The first part is a type of property that describes the type of action and what it is meant to do – for example, it describes that the user has entered their username. The second part is a payload of data that contains the actual data, such as the username ‘“sara”. However, the action is not doing anything by itself. We need to send this action to a reducer by calling a method called dispatch() and passing in an action object.

what does redux do

Whenever an action is dispatched, all the reducers are activated. Each reducer filters out the action using a switch statement switching on the action type. Whenever the switch statement matches with the action passed, the corresponding reducers take the necessary action to make the update and return a fresh new instance of the global state.

It takes time to understand, remember and get used to its patterns. It’s not recommended to learn Redux and React at the same time, if they are both new to you. Redux makes it easy to save what’s happening in an app in the storage. Later on, even if the computer restarts, the app can load all the data and continue from exactly the same spot, as if it’s never been interrupted. Redux supports optimistic UI in the same fashion as what it does for undo and redo.

what does redux do

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