15 Best Sites to Hire Freelance Developers in July 2020

15 Best Sites to Hire Freelance Developers in July 2020

My business is to build software companies. Last year, we spent over a million dollars on hiring freelance developers online to help grow many of the fastest growing tech companies.

For this year, my partners and I chose our favorite resource for software development, mobile app development, and frontend dev - DevTeam.Space. We consider them the top site to find freelance developers and almost developers of any background.

DevTeam.Space will connect you to the best at an affordable cost. Tell them about your project and they'll put you in touch with a developer who's right for you. 

Why DevTeam to Find a Developer?

Oboarding a freelance developer is easier when you’ve got an entire community rallying to support you. DevTeam.Space creates that support system that aids you in finding the developer you need. Moreover, they have the most sophisticated technical management process (seriously impressed!).

Their community is filled with experienced professionals who are ready to work. Send them a request and they’ll assign the best developers for your project based on your profile. Moreover, they personally vet each developer they onboard unlike the other developer hiring platform which rely more on automation.

Still, we’ve created a list of some of the other best sites where you can source top freelance developers. 

Top 15 Sites to Find a Freelance Developer

1. DevTeam.Space

DevTeam.Space is a community that comprises the best specialists in development that you can find on the internet. Both development teams as well as stand alone experts are brought in on an invite basis. This means that DevTeam.Space picks and chooses the types of professionals with whom they want to associate their brand. By vetting their members from the beginning, the community guarantees that their teams are up to par for your project. Get in touch with DevTeam.Space and they will set you up with the developers that you need to work on your next digital venture. 

2. Toptal

Toptal is a popular platform that unites companies with the best freelancers from all over the world. Since it is one of the most well known brands within the freelance industry, this platform features thousands of professionals who partner with clients in a number of niches. On a platform like Freelancer, you’ll be sure to find a slew of expert developers that are willing to work on your project. Post an advertisement detailing your project. You’re bound to get responses from developers that can get the job done for you. 

Honorable Mentions

3. Guru

Guru is another platform that ranks among the most popular freelance hubs on the internet. Although the platform reports having only 2 million freelancers, more and more professionals are beginning to gravitate towards offering their freelance services through Guru instead of other freelance hubs. This is because Guru charges a minimal 5% job fee, making it the most cost friendly freelancing platform. What’s more, as a client, you get to post jobs for free. Send out an ad for a developer and see which freelancers are interested in working with you. 

4. Fiverr

Fiverr joins the list of platforms that makes freelancing a whole lot easier for both the freelancer and the client. Through their portal, over 50 million transactions between businesses and contracted freelancers occur monthly. There, you can find thousands of IT specialists who have the credentials to complete your job. Whether you’re looking to hire a short term developer or an expert to grow within your team, Fiverr is a good place to look.

5. LinkedIn

Among social media channels, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for employers to connect with professionals from all over the world. By merging the interactive element that these communication networks are known for with the prestige of being the top social media platform for professionals to hang out, Linkedin has made a name for itself as a hub filled with talent. Just like freelance platforms, use Linkedin to post an ad indicating that you’re looking to add a freelance developer to your team. You’re destined to attract an expert that meets your criteria.

6. Upwork

When looking to hire freelance developers, a good place to start is Upwork. With well over 12 million freelancers and more than 5 million clients, this freelance marketplace stands as the largest freelance hub. Upwork connects these clients with professionals who freelance and facilitate the hiring process. There, you will find hundreds of thousands of developers and coders who specialize in various niches. From professionals in web development, app development and software development to experts in programming languages like Javascript, Python, and PHP, the best software developers are on Upwork waiting for you. Send out a job posting and specify the type of project you want to be completed. Be sure to include either the hourly rate or the entire cost of the job so that freelancers know what to expect. 

7. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is one of the leading recruitment platforms that clients have at their disposal today. Granted, the platform unites employers and freelancers who reside in the United Kingdom (UK). However, depending on your location and needs, you may be looking for a freelance developer from the UK. Some of the leading UK based experts in computer development are on People Per Hour. Set up an account and reach out to one of them to get started on your project. 

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor ranks as one of the most significant professional platforms that both freelancers and clients can use to get ahead. At first, the hub was known for being a place where companies are reviewed by anonymous users. However, as more and more clients are using it to post job ads, it is now known for being a portal that unites employers and future employees. Make use of this platform and post an ad seeking a developer so that you can get ahead. 

9. Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter is another recruitment platform that is a favorite among clients who need skilled freelancers to get their job done. It is a job board that maximizes a clients’ ability to reach a wide audience when posting an ad. For example, if you place an ad looking for a stack developer, Zip Recruiter links out to hundreds of other platforms like it and advertises your post there. The visibility that this job board affords increases the likelihood of you getting in touch with a developer that can get the job done. 

10. Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is a portal that connects clients from all over the world to freelancers from India. Although the platform is small in comparison to others, there are benefits to using Virtual Employee. For starters, the average wages charged by freelancers tend to be less than those that frequent other major platforms. Sometimes, you have budget restraints that prevent you from hiring a top developer from a major online portal. Therefore, you can consider using Virtual Employee to hire a developer from India whose rates fit within your financial limits.

11. Indeed

Both clients and freelancers alike consider Indeed to be one of the best portals available through which recruiters and freelancers can connect. Millions of job postings are advertised via the platform. Freelancers sift through these posts to determine which ones have the specific skills you're looking for. You can place an ad for a developer via Indeed and one will get in touch with you. 

 12. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is another job board that allows clients to widen the scope of their job ad’s visibility through the connections it establishes with other platforms. Similar to Zip Recruiter, when you place a job advertisement on Simply Hired, the portal links that posting to other job boards so that they can feature it as well. Simply Hired unifies your job hunting efforts for you. Create an ad for a developer and let them do the rest. 

13. Working Nomads

Since the platform launched in 2014, Working Nomads has gone on to become one of the most well known job boards on the internet. Thanks to its popularity, the best of the best in computer development roam the portal. Posting a job advertisement on Working Nomads is a good way to source a developer to get your project underway. 

14. GitHub

GitHub is a community made up of pioneers and experts in software development that work together to build software. Some of the top professionals in the tech industry can be found on GitHub. What makes it even more appealing to a client is that it is a tech based community. Therefore, all its members are familiar with software development. Hiring a team from GitHub gives you the assurance that your project is in good hands. 

15. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the largest community of computer developers on the internet. Through forums and discussions, members interact with each other, resolving doubts and answering questions on topics related to programming, web design, HTML5, and full stack. There, the leaders in the tech industry contribute and engage in discourse with one another. Doing so allows them to learn from each other and hone their craft. Scout the forums for knowledgable community members and reach out to get them on board with your project. 

How too Hire Freelance Developers

Figuring out the best way to hire freelance developers is a challenge that many recruiters face. 

Software development is a lucrative industry.

According to Gartner Inc, in 2018, SaaS companies raked in over $70 billion in revenue. 

As more businesses seek to leverage the power of software in their operations, this industry is expected to experience significant growth in the years to come. 

As you take on the competitive online industry, you want to have the best on your team. 

That goes for computer developers. 

Their technical skills form the backbone of your cyber outreach efforts and are also responsible for creating the digital products that your enterprise will be capitalizing on. 

Therefore, it’s only natural for you to be selective in who you bring on to your development team.

There are websites that help you to connect with freelance developers. 

Freelance platforms and job boards such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Indeed let you communicate with a host of freelancers who specialize in a wide variety of web development services. 

Developer communities like GitHub and Stack OverFlow allow you to get in touch with members who are well informed on developmental software. 

However, all of these platforms present a key inconvenience to the recruiter: the assurance that the freelancer is qualified to do the job. 

When using these platforms, the client is the one who has to sift through the list of applicants and make a decision. 

While there is nothing wrong with this, the client does assume a level of risk since they are taking a gamble on the freelancer’s abilities. 

I recommend DevTeam.Space as a way to eliminate that risk for you.

By hosting an invite only developer community, all its members are already screened and evaluated prior to them joining. 

That way, they reduce the margin of error that you would have if you were screening applicants yourself. 

Let the DevTeam.Space community help you on your next software project. Their team of proven experts will help your business grow.