Hustle Con 2023 Review: Should You Attend?

If you’re interested in learning about all things startup and entrepreneurship in a casual environment – Hustle Con is for you.

Held every year in the San Francisco Bay Area, the 2-day event is all about getting real-world business tactics and insights from successful founders from across the globe.

Founded by Sam Parr under the umbrella company, The Hustle, Hustle Con brings founders and startup enthusiasts from all over the world.

The 5th annual Hustle Con, held in December last year, was the highlight of 2019 in the domain of startup growth.

Continue reading to learn everything about Hustle Con – a recap of the 2019 event and what to expect in 2023.

Hustle Con at a Glance

Hustle Con is a 2-day event that’s held every year in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The idea behind the conference is to teach aspiring and ambitious business founders the art of entrepreneurship. It’s a bit broad than attend specific niche conference such as only ecommerce, but it finds its footing in the quality of the speakers and community.

Every year, the conference invites the founders of some of the hottest companies, to give keynote sessions (similar to Ted Talks) on genius business tactics and non-technical skills – the kind of stuff they don’t teach in business schools.

That is why Hustle Con has been dubbed a mini-MBA in startup growth.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re a business founder/aspiring leader, or just someone who enjoys the company of entrepreneurs, it’s highly recommend you attend the next Hustle Con. It’s an espresso shot business accelerator event.

Besides listening to origin stories and actionable advice from seasoned founders, you’ll get the opportunity to network with almost 2,000 like-minded individuals, find co-founders for your own venture, and land on the radars of potential investors.

Hustle Con 2019: A Complete Recap

Last year, the 5th annual Hustle Con was held at Paramount Theatre, in Oakland, California.

On December 2, 2019, the theatre opened its doors to participants and keynote speakers.

Like every year, the conference invited founders, CEOs, coaches, and directors to share their (valuable) two-cents with the attendees.

The topics ranged from the realities of entrepreneurship to the benefits of building diverse teams.

Here’s a quick summary of both days:

Day 1: December 2, 2019

On the first day, the conference involved over 10 insightful sessions from the likes of James Reinhart (CEO, thredUP), Amy Errett (founder, Madison Reed), and Moiz Ali (CEO, Native), to name a few.

Exhibits and networking began in between the sessions. Participants had the golden opportunity to rub elbows with one another, as well as, the speakers.

To wrap the day up in style, everyone celebrated with a Hustle Con happy hour.

Day 2: December 3, 2019

The second day began with exhibits, followed by an opening keynote session.

Adam Grossman (CEO, Papa & Barkley) and Wade Foster (CEO, Zappier), in collaboration with Sam Parr, gave general sessions.

However, the highlights of the second day were tracks (including breakout sessions) such as:

  • Side Hustlers Ready for Takeoff – for those who were ready to start their ventures (or already had full-time gigs).
  • Founders & Operators Upping Their Game – meant to help business founders take their operations to the next level.
  • The Secret Life of Entrepreneurs (The Sh*t No One Talks About) – perfect for folks managing multiple ventures. This track focused on the ground realities and grind of the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Participants were allowed to choose any breakout session, regardless of the track they picked.

Here’s the catch: the timings of some sessions overlapped. If you went there, you probably had trouble making a decision – because every single one of those sessions was amazing.

An awesome wrap up party concluded the conference.

Notable Speakers

Participants were lucky enough to learn actual business strategies and hacks from hotshots belonging to various industries.

To give you an idea, here’s a brief list of the speakers present:

  • Moiz Ali – CEO and co-founder of Native, one of the world’s leading consumer-packing-goods companies. Moiz gave an insightful keynote session on “Building a $100M company in 2 years” and a breakout session on what it means to launch a company.
  • Michele Romanow – Co-founder and President of Clearbanc, Romanow gave a keynote session on how to bootstrap a startup. She also spoke on retaining the ownership of your business.
  • Amy Errett – The founder of Madison Reed (a renowned brand of hair color products), graced the conference with her presence. She shared her inspirational story of how she built a company worth $130M back in the 1950’s.
  • Hilary Coles – Co-founder of Hims & Hers, a venture that provides access to healthcare products via telemedicine. Brad Wolverton, a legendary content creator himself, and manager at The Hustle, interviewed her about her journey.
  • Shaan Puri – Currently the Director of Product at Twitch, the popular live video streaming service, Puri sold his startup Bebo, to the company for $25M. On day 2, he shared his invaluable advice on perfecting a pitch and how to flip a business that’s falling apart.

A few more noteworthy speakers included Euwyn Poon (President, Spin), Alex Mather (CEO, The Athletic), and Michael Acton Smith (CEO, Calm).

Each of the speakers had something super-valuable to lend to the discussion, and their advice was very well received by the attendees.

Key Sessions

Here’s a quick recap of the most interesting sessions at Hustle Con 2019.

  • Mark Gainey’s Strava Journey – Gainey is the co-founder and chairman at Strava, a global sports participation platform, who went from catering to a niche (cyclists) to attracting over 40 million athletes from around the globe and becoming a category leader. He was kind enough to share his marketing strategy. You can read all about it here
  • Reinhart’s Rise to Millions – Believe it or not, but investors rejected thredUP, the brainchild of James Reinhart, 27 times. It then went on to bag $300M in funding. To learn more about his inspirational story, click here.
  • Schneider’s Secret to Selling $30 Vitamins – The founder of Ritual, a company that sells vitamins, Kat Schneider shared her secret tactics for selling at a price higher than her competitors. To learn more, click here.

The aforementioned 3 sessions barely scratch the surface.

This is just a glimpse of what the last Hustle Con was all about – actual, actionable advice on how to launch, scale, and position your business.

Hustle Con 2023: What’s Cooking?

Hustle Con never fails to amaze the world with its amazing lineup of speakers and topics.

With the aftertaste of last year’s conference still fresh, people have already started to look forward to this year’s event.

As of now, there are no updates regarding the dates and speakers at Hustle Con 2023.

How to Become a Speaker at Hustle Con 2023

In order to speak at the Hustle Con 2023, someone has to nominate you.

However, nomination doesn’t guarantee a slot.

To get nominated, ask someone you trust to fill out this form.

How to Sponsor Hustle Con 2023

The Hustle Conference is a golden opportunity to potentially get your brand in front of more than 2,000 business leaders and ambitious professionals.

If you wish to become a sponsor for Hustle Con 2023, fill out this form (or click here to learn more about the opportunity).

Ending Note

Considering all of the above, there’s no reason why anyone would ever miss out on Hustle Conference – whether you want to speak, sponsor, or just participate.

To set yourself up to be notified of the registrations for Hustle Con 2023, you can fill out a form by clicking here.

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