How to Create a Facebook Group Content Strategy

Did you know that you can run a Facebook Group or become a top poster in one without creating any original content?

I’ve seen it.

I’ve done it.

And now I want to teach you how to do it.

But first, the methodology behind this strategy is based on one content consumption principle: the majority of people who see a piece of content on one platform or platform community will not see it on another.

For example, if you copy and paste a popular Tweet into a Facebook Group, most people in the Facebook Group haven’t seen that Tweet. As a result, there’s no content consumption saturation because most of the audience is having their first experience with it.

To understand how to repurpose content, we’ll be diving into four platforms to “steal” content from:

Use Content from Reddit for Your Facebook Group

The picture below is a piece of content I posted in a Facebook Group. In fact, it’s the best-performing piece of content ever posted in this Facebook Group.

The crazy part? I knew this would be the case.

The funny part? I didn’t even understand this quote the first time I read it.

The secret to engagement lies in this question. Ask yourself, “What’s the #1 variable that determines whether anything will do well?”

The answer is if its already done well.

Because an object in motion is more likely to stay in motion. An object in motion for a long time is also more likely to stay in motion for a long time than one that just started moving. Now just replace “object in moton” with “post with engagement.”

Knowing this, I went to Reddit and dove into the keyword “author” to find relevant content for this group. I found a particular piece of content upvoted close to 24,000 times! Better yet, the content was about storytelling which is more crucial to fantasy and science fiction writers than non-fiction ones. In other words, perfect material for a “Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors” Facebook Group.

All I had to do was repost it with a simple caption. That was easy.

There may be many subreddits similar to the Facebook Group you want to post in. For example, I noticed a fantasy subreddit where there are many fantasy writers and questions about related books. So I filtered by the top posts over the last month and found a few highly upvoted questions.

These are questions I can drop in the Facebook Group and expect high engagement with many comments.

Without hesitation, I put a couple of these questions in the Facebook Group and to no surprise watched the onslaught of many comments and post likes.

Use Content from Quora for Your Facebook Group

You can find great topics and answers on Quora that are relevant to the Facebook Groups you want to post in.

An easy way is to type in relevant keywords into the search bar, then select a resulting topic.

Make sure the resulting topic is popular; otherwise, you won’t find any content there to repurpose. For example, this topic has 4.3 million followers. That means there’s likely to be a ton of content here to look through.

Now, dive into the answers to see what hits home with the readers. Ideally, look for anything that has over 100 upvotes. I’d recommend reading the piece, then writing a similar one in your own words. Since you know what POV and facts from those answers resonate with that topic’s audience, there’s a strong chance if you keep the same POV and facts in your Facebook Group post, then it will perform well.

Here are a couple of great answers you could do this with:

This next one below is perfect for the Fantasy and Science Fiction Author Facebook Group as it touches on science fiction by mentioning Stephen King.

The last way to find content to repurpose from Quora is to dive into their Ads Manager. If you set up an Ad account, select “Targeting by Questions” and enter a relevant keyword, Quora will actually show you questions with the number of weekly views/week. The higher the number, the more interest around that topic – which means you should post about it!

How to Repurpose Content from Facebook Groups and Pages (let’s get meta)

One of the best approaches to marketing and find content that will perform well is to copy it from another related Facebook Group. For example, the question posted in this group below with lots of engagement will perform well in a general author and writing Facebook Group, too.

Or, find content from a relevant Facebook Fan Page.

Use Content from Twitter for Your Facebook Group

One of my favorite tools to find content that performs well is TweetDeck. In TweetDeck, I can filter Tweets by keyword, engagement, location, and even users who Tweeted. This allows me to see popular Tweets like the one below.

Notice how I simply reposted the Tweet on LinkedIn with my own spin and it’s getting a ton of engagement.

There are many ways to do this. In the example below, I take a screenshot of a popular Tweet and add my own opinion to it. Almost 40 engagements in the first three hours on my Facebook profile. You can do this ins your Facebook Group, too. That’s incredible.

As you can see, finding content for a Facebook Group has never been easier. By taking the work off your plate when it comes to community engagement, you’ll have more time to focus on improving your product or service.

Good luck!



Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. He's written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.