Collision Conference 2022 Review: Should You Attend?

The Collision Conference 2021 will be Canada’s biggest technology conference to date.

Run by Web Summit, a company from Ireland that holds events across the globe, Collision hosts huge names in the business, academic, and entertainment spaces to talk about the role of technology in today’s world.

The conference featured notable people, from Seth Rogan (Houseplant) to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as speakers at the 2019 event. This year will be even bigger, with more people attending, and a more diverse speaker cast.

Anyhow, let’s get right into what we can expect from Collision 2022.

Collision Conference 2022

Collision 2021 will be the latest in a line of successful events for Web Summit, who also hold Web Summit in Lisbon and RISE in Hong Kong. With a bigger lineup of speakers, and more prolific names among them, the upcoming event (June 22nd to 25th in Toronto) will be very informative.

About Collision Conference

One of the premier technology conferences in North America, Collision has now entered its 7th consecutive year, with an estimated 30,000 people expected to attend the 2021 event.

The meetup brings together emerging tech innovators, buyers and sellers, experts, and thought leaders to discuss where technology is headed, and how we can use it for good.

Collision 2022 will highlight the startup scene in Toronto, which has been called ‘the new Silicon Valley.’ However, I have many doubts about that terminology.

Collision has always had some prime objectives, which are as follows:

  • Bridge the gap between technology buyers and sellers, and bring them together on a single platform.
  • Discuss the needs of the public and tech adopters, and the capabilities of the creators, moving forward.
  • Let technology enthusiasts connect with each other and network.
  • Talk about how technology can be improved and wielded to benefit users and the world as a whole.

As always, Collision 2021 will feature creators and experts from a variety of technology areas.

Collision Conference 2022 Speakers

Collision Conference has always had an interesting mix of speakers. These have included founders and CEOs of technology companies, media personalities (actors, singers, filmmakers), and even tech-forward politicians. Some of the big names that have spoken at past conferences include:

  • Palmer Luckey (Founder of Oculus VR and Anduril Industries)
  • Ryan Holmes (Founder of Hootsuite)
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Actor, filmmaker and co-founder of HITRECORD)
  • Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Government of Canada)

The speakers for 2021 will be announced in the weeks leading up to the event. Some of the confirmed speakers are:

  • Rupi Kaur (Poet, Author, Illustrator, and Performer)
  • Tobias Lütke (CEO of Shopify)
  • Rick Ridgeway (Environmentalist and Explorer at Patagonia)

The diversity of the speaker lineup at Collision has always been a standout feature. This is a good move on the conference founders’ part, as it lets attendees hear from the leading voices in the technology industry. Also, it’s a chance to hear about unique people’s unique journeys to the top of their field.

As we get closer to the event, there will be consistent additions to the total lineup, which is said to number over 300 this year.

Activities for Collision 2021

The following are just some of the announced activities attendees can look forward to at Collision 2021.

Learn About Technology Today

It’s no secret that technology leaves some level of uncertainty in the minds of experts, and even end-users, the way it is being created and exploited. The technology industry is moving towards rapid automation and integrating AI into everyday processes.

This is good news for companies looking to grow and scale. However, it does create a challenge for companies to utilize technology to its full (practical) potential.

Collision 2021 will dive deep into topics such as environmental conservation, automotive innovation, data science, as well as, content and marketing. The stages will cover how to create sustainable growth (within our respective industries) and how to tackle the challenges facing the tech industry. The overall message will be about using technology to change ours and other people’s lives for the better.

Amplify the Message

The conference attracts a huge number of journalists (1,300 attended the 2019 conference) and various other international media figures each year. 2021 will scale it up, with big media groups sending in their reps to gather the messaging and send it out into the world.

Major publications, such as CNN Business, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times, and Bloomberg, to name a few, will also be in attendance this year.

Media companies and representatives of the new media movement are the main source of tech-related knowledge for the general public, so it makes sense to have a huge presence of media reps at the conference.

Network with Fellow Tech-Enthusiasts

With attendance figures being estimated at over 30,000, Collision 2021 is looking to go bigger than all previous similar conferences in terms of sheer attendance numbers. This mostly due to Toronto’s rapid development into one of the technology centers of North America. In addition, the general excitement related to such conferences is sure to bring out even greater numbers by the time of the event.

Some of the world’s biggest companies will be sending their founders, co-founders, CEOs, and CTOs, to the meet. In addition, some very promising heads of startups and seasoned technology investors are coming.

All of this presents an opportunity for attendees to connect with the people who are either leading or making waves in the technology game. Though, I have many doubts that this will happen. Large conferences hurt communication patterns.

Areas of Discussion for Collision Conference 2022

Here are some of the technology areas that Collision 2022 will focus on.

Automotive Technology

Some of the biggest technology disruptors in recent times have been AI-powered self-driving cars and the Internet of Things. The Auto/Tech discussion will touch upon where this technology is headed, and how to optimize it for various applications.

Data Science |

The session is based on data science and will bring in various data engineers, analysts, and data scientists. They will give their opinion on what a data-driven technology future looks like. In addition, they’ll talk about how marketers can use data to improve marketing and sales, as well as general operations within enterprises.

Creating Content through Tech | ContentMakers

Technology and content creation go hand in hand and this talk will focus on that very relationship. Experts will discuss how we can create better, more user-centric content by using newer technology.

Growth Summit

The Growth Summit will bring in founders of companies that saw the highest growth in recent times. Here we’ll learn about what made those companies successful, and how we can emulate their success.

Technology in Sports | SportsTrade

The SportsTrade stage will focus on the use of technology to make sports more efficient, and improve the performance and training methodologies of athletes. Also, we’ll learn about how new technology has transformed how we watch and interact with our favorite sports.

Robotics | TalkRobot

The TalkRobot session will discuss how cutting-edge technology will impact the human sector in the global industry. In addition, experts will evaluate how human workers and machines can benefit each other, and their host organizations.

Startup University

This session will be purely based on guiding new and upcoming founders and CEOs on how to take a startup off the ground, and how to grow the business consistently. Senior business leaders and veteran CEOs will lend their knowledge and experience. They will talk about how technology can help startups get out of the initial phases.

Q+A Session

The attendees will take control of the Q+A session, and ask the experts any and all questions about technology and its applications. In addition, this session will provide an open platform for young and hopeful tech professionals to learn from the leaders.

Key Takeaways from Collision 2021

Here are some of the main points to take away from Collision Conference 2021:

  • It’s important to understand the role of technology in areas other than the ones you’re working in.
  • Using data to develop everything, from content to whole companies, is important.
  • Implementing the concepts that shape the technology of the future into our daily lives, can help us become just as efficient as said technology.
  • Innovation is at the center of growth, for startups, corporations and individuals alike.

In conclusion, we’re hoping Collision 2021 answers many concerns about technology, and how we can use it to benefit others, as well as, ourselves.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. He's written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.