FutureFuel: 0 – 130,000 Monthly Visitors in 9 Months

FutureFuel: 0 – 130,000 Monthly Visitors in 9 Months

FutureFuel is a SaaS employee benefit company streamlining student loan assistance as a benefit to HR leaders and employers.


We embarked upon FutureFuel as an early-stage SaaS startup looking to scale fast. They raised approximately 15 million dollars in funding to help crush student loan debt. We spent a considerable amount of time studying this new market and competitors to inform our growth strategy.

Growth Strategy:

Knowing there was a significant education hurdle and a long sales cycle with employers, we focused on ranking content to help educate them along with their employees. We did this by creating an employee benefits directory that drove over 40,000 visitors/month after 3 months.

This content outranked Glassdoor and received the featured snippet spot in Google for many of the largest companies in the world. We did this by better structuring our content in our posts.

We also focused on driving traffic from people interested in paying down their loans faster and pointed them to our consumer onboarding funnels. 

We used this content to not only generate user signups, but garner affiliate revenue. Some of these posts saw as high as double digits click-through rates to the user sign-up page.

To rank the content, we acquired over 500 backlinks and acquired thirty blogs to create an ecosystem of content and traffic.

Growth Results:

In five months, we went from 0 - 60,000+ visitors/month on track to reach 200K+ in one year. Moreover, over 99 percent of the traffic came from the United States.

We ranked for many competitive keywords like "HCM software," "student loan grants," "flexible benefits," "employee appreciation," "employee incentive programs," and more.

Then over the next thirty days, we almost doubled our traffic from 2,000 visitors/day to almost 4000/day.