11 Best Food Delivery Services in San Francisco from Restaurants

11 Best Food Delivery Services in San Francisco from Restaurants

Cooking at home is time consuming. Given my already hectic schedule, dedicating time to cooking every day takes away from getting work done. 

The good thing is that there are companies in San Francisco that I can rely on to get my favorite meals delivered on time, every time.

My personal favorite is UberEats. I’ve been using them for years and they’ve never let me down.

Another company that’s impressed me a great deal is DoorDash.

Both myself and other professionals I know in tech have been using their services for years and we all believe that they’re right up there with UberEats. 

Even now with the Coronavirus quarantine in effect, they’re one of the food delivery companies in San Francisco than have been consistent in their delivery.

Is UberEats the Best for Food Delivery in San Francisco?

UberEats has been one of the companies that has changed the way food delivery services operate in San Francisco. 

Being a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc, a pioneer that set the standard in the transport niche, no one was surprised when UberEats took the food delivery business by storm. 

Uber leveraged their status as a major company to partner with over 46,000 restaurants all around the world. 

Their application is user-friendly, visual, and aesthetically attractive. 

I’ve been ordering some of my favorite meals in San Francisco with UberEats. 

Comfort food, Indian cuisine, Mediterranean dishes, and Mexican burritos: Ubereats has always delivered on time.

Without a doubt, they remain one of the best in the industry and in San Francisco when it comes to food delivery. 

Why DoorDash Is Just As Good

Although UberEats is the best, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t give props to DoorDash for being one of the best food delivery companies in San Francisco. 

While UberEats has raised the bar, DoorDash’s reputation for consistent food delivery services needs to be recognized. 

I first became acquainted with them when a marketer told me about the benefits of their DashPass subscription program.

For a one time monthly fee, they give you free delivery once you order from select restaurants.

This program covers breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner across a host of restaurants in the bay area. 

What’s more, with this program, they partner with several restaurants, so if your favorite is up there, you can save money.

Over the years, DoorDash has proved that it deserves a place alongside UberEats when it comes to food delivery in San Francisco.

There are some other delivery companies that have shown good service as well. 

Top 11 businesses for Food Delivery in San Francisco

1. Uber Eats

UberEats has proven itself as the leading digital platform for food ordering and delivery throughout the world. San Francisco is no exception. In the bay area alone, there are over 80 restaurants that specialize in a host of cuisines. With Vietnamese restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, and so many others, UberEats users in San Francisco are never at a loss for options. Check out their list of restaurants to see which ones catch your eye and try out their delivery service. 

2. DoorDash

As I said, DoorDash is just as good as UberEats when it comes to service and consistency. Across Canada and the U.S.A, the company has partnered with over 300,000 restaurants across a wide variety of cuisines. Apart from food delivery services, they also include services whereby you can place an order through their platform and pick it up yourself when you so desire. As mentioned, their monthly subscription fee makes it a favorite for many as it promises major savings on delivery for users who choose select local restaurants. 

Honorable Mentions

3. Local Foodz Cali

Local Foodz Cali is one of the most popular San Francisco restaurants that specializes in healthy eating. The restaurant offers both an a la carte menu as well as a menu tailored to meal planning. For that reason, they’ve become a favorite for lots of athletes, bodybuilders, vegans, and people who practice fitness in San Francisco. For their focus on health, good quality food, and their home delivery service, you should try out one of their specialties. 

4. Green Tiffin 

Similar to Local Foodz Cali, Green Tiffin is another San Francisco restaurant that caters to persons who eat healthy. However, they have taken things a step further by ensuring that every aspect of their operation is environmentally friendly. The ingredients they use are all organic and they package their meals in reusable lunch boxes. They also deliver on E-bikes. Without a doubt, Green Tiffin is a restaurant that is at the forefront of the healthy eating movement in San Francisco.

5. The Cupboard

The Cupboard is yet another restaurant located in San Francisco that is changing the face of what meals should be. Rachel Wright, the chef at the restaurant, is a licensed nutritionist who prepares meals that all have local and organic ingredients. However, her mantra is to ensure that people know that healthy food also has flavor and can be delicious. The restaurant does delivery throughout the San Francisco area, so be sure to order from them and try out Rachel’s meals. 

6. Aspire Meal Prep

Aspire Meal Prep is a restaurant that delivers premium quality, healthy food that falls in line with what most athletes consume. Unsurprisingly, they also do meal prep plans for customers who want healthy meals on the go. What’s commendable about them is that on every meal purchased, they dedicate a toy to a kids’ hospital. As someone who loves healthy food and charitable causes, I am a firm supporter of Aspire Meal Prep’s business model and would recommend anyone to try out their delivery service. 

7. PostMates

PostMates is a popular food delivery marketplace in the United States that operates in San Francisco. Apart from offering food delivery services, the company also provides grocery store services by way of pickups and delivery. Therefore, if you want grocery items like apples, flour, ramen, or any meals available at your local store, then PostMates is a good choice. In such cases, you should go through the list of items available in your local grocery store and decide on the ones you’d like to either be picked up or delivered to you. 

8. Instacart

Just like PostMates, Instacart is a grocery pickup and delivery marketplace whose services extend to San Francisco. The company prides itself on customer service and quality assurance, stating that they pick out the best grocery items for you and make sure that any fragile items like eggs are kept safe. While many elderly people use their service, it’s not uncommon for young professionals like myself to use them. It saves time and money from having to go to the grocery store. 

9. GrubHub

Along with UberEats and DoorDash, GrubHub is one of the most popular food delivery marketplaces in the U.S. Founded in 2004, for years, the company has operated in San Francisco and competed in the bay area with other major names. In recent times, they launched subsidiary food marketplaces such as Eat24, Seamless, and Level Up. Thanks to its popularity and service, GrubHub continues to be one of the most successful marketplaces in California. 

10. Delivery.com

Delivery.com is another major food pickup and delivery enterprise that Californians love to use. In the San Francisco Bay area, they are one of the more noticeable brands in their niche. The company has partnered with over 12,000 restaurants and grocery stores to provide pickup and delivery services for their patrons. Whether you’re looking for sushi, thai, caviar, dumplings, tacos, or just bbq fried chicken, you can count on Delivery to bring your takeouts safely to you. 

11. BuffetGo

BuffetGo is a food delivery company that has a remarkable story. In an effort to combat climate change and prevent food wastage, they partner with restaurants all over the United States and package fresh food that is no longer needed. Usually, when food hasn’t sold for the day, restaurants would throw it away. BuffetGo doesn’t believe that food should be thrown away when people are hungry and starving. While they are not as popular as other services, their mantra is worth every delivery call placed. 

Why Use Food Delivery Services in San Francisco

Using food delivery services in San Francisco is a difficult choice. 

For starters, cooking your own food usually allows you to save more money than if you kept eating out all the time. 

Considering that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in, any extra money that we save will go a long way. 

However, we don’t always have the time to prepare our own meals. For example, my friend is a top San Francisco real estate agent - he's busy. Cooking is a time-consuming activity that takes me away from his professional obligations.  

In as much as we try to prepare my own meals, that isn’t always possible. 

For that reason, I do takeouts. When I do, UberEats and DoorDash are my go-to companies. 

They have never let me down. 

Much less during this COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s more, thanks to their partnerships with so many restaurants in San Francisco, I can order my favorite meals from restaurants that prepare food. 

That way, I don’t have to compromise my health.

Start ordering food with Uber and DoorDash to get your meals delivered to you so you can focus on the priorities in your life.