9 Best Data Science Certification 2023: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking for the best data science certification that will help you kickstart your career? You’re in the right place.

Data science is one of the fastest-growing industries as the need for machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and data-backed decisions increases. This has led to people opting for a data science career, and the most effective way to do that is to get a data science certificate.

Leveraging data is not new; it started with data analysts using data analytics and algorithms for data management, data visualization, and business intelligence. However, data science takes it one step further by including computer science, predictive analytics, and machine learning models.

Becoming a data scientist isn’t easy; it requires a working knowledge of multiple programming languages like Python, SQL, Java, and more. You’ll also have to understand and know your ways around software tools like Hadoop and SAS.

Getting certified is how you back up your data engineer, data analyst, or data science career.

This article will review some of the best data science certifications you can take to improve your credentials.

Let’s start.

9 Top Data Science Certifications You Can Go for Today

Data engineering and data science is a very experience-based field. That means you will need a specific skill set and experience to be prepared for a job. However, the downside is that many other people have the same data science skills.

Getting a data scientist certification can help you set yourself apart. However, getting as many data science certifications as possible is not the answer. Based on your experience, education background, industry, and specialization, you need to opt for a data science certification that would complement your career.

Every certification program is based on a different experience level and focuses on data science from a slightly different perspective.

You might be wondering why to get a certification when you can opt for a data science degree. Data science degrees and certificates from accredited universities tend to be costly, linear, and usually specialization-based.

On the other hand, a data science certification is less expensive, quicker, and can help you strengthen your existing credentials.

Moving on, the following are some of the top data science courses and certifications you can do in 2023.

1. DataCamp

DataCamp Data Science BootcampPrice: free trial. Plans start from $12.4 and go up to $25.00 per month. You have to contact DataCamp for The Enterprise Plan pricing.

Duration: Self-paced

Expiry: Expiration after two years

DataCamp is one of the best Data Analytics Bootcamps that offers a professional Data Scientist Certification. The certification program is ideal for both beginners and seasoned data scientists who want to excel in their careers.

To become an open certified data scientist from DataCamp you have to go through a few steps, which are:

  • Timed assessments: the test analyzes your abilities as a professional Data Scientist
  • Coding challenges: this step uses a real-world dataset to assess your problem-solving skills. For this analysis, you can choose between Python and R
  • Case Study: the final step is submitting your Certification Case Study. You have to submit your recordings and findings like a  professional Data Scientist. Your success depends on how well you present your case study

DataCamp allows you to prepare for certification using carefully designed courses, short videos, and different practical exercises. Created by professional data scientists, the content gives you quick and hassle-free access to information. Last but not least, DataCamp, after you are certified, helps you with your job interviews.

You can opt for their paid plans to access the best instructors, career services, and more than 300 interactive courses. The certification program also offers:

  • Workshops on resume preparation
  • Feedback for better and effective job searching
  • Career Coaching

To select the best course, you can take a free skill assessment and discover your skillset.

The certification expires after every two years. The renewal is important to ensure that the accreditation remains up to date and meets the required industry standards.

DataCamp offers the certificates in the following areas:

  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Model Development
  • Statistical Experimentation
  • Data Management
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Coding for Production Environments

You can learn more about the DataCamp Certification Program by clicking here.

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate on Coursera

Price: Free

Duration: Self-Paced

Expiry: Never

Coursera has grown into a massive collection of courses and certifications from top sources across the world on thousands of topics from countless industries. That’s why you’ll find tons of data-related courses on the site.

However, the best data science certification on Coursera is the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. It’s a one-size-fits-all certification course that offers the knowledge to build your data science skills. It attempts to delve into data science by teaching you Python and SQL. Meanwhile, you’ll be learning about data visualization, machine learning models, natural language processing, and more.

It’s a complete data science course that explains data science methodology, teaches you about open-source tools, and applied data science capstone.

The entire certification can take around a year if you put in four hours per week. There are no prerequisites for taking the course. Furthermore, the instructor will provide you with several data sets, case studies, time-series examples, GitHub samples, forecasting samples, and more to help you study.

To learn more about Coursera’s IBM Data Science Professional Certification, you can go here.

3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Microsoft CertificatePrice: $165

Duration: Self-Paced

Expiry: Never

Microsoft is a known authority in the computer sciences industry, and that’s why they offer several official certification exams for different fields. They also have several dedicated certificate programs for business analytics, data engineering, data analytics, and data science.

The Azure Data Scientist Associate certification is designed for people who have experience with Microsoft Azure, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

You’ll master machine learning and data science knowledge through the following methods.

  • Set up an Azure machine learning workspace
  • Mange machine learning models and optimize them
  • Train models for optimization, run experiments, and utilize learning algorithms
  • Deploy the models

Microsoft offers two ways to prepare for its official certification exam. You can either learn online or opt for a paid instructor-led program.

Opting for online will lead you to prepare using the following learning paths.

  • How to Create Machine Learning Models
  • How to Create No-Code Predictive Models with the Help of Azure Machine Learning
  • How to Build AI Solutions with Azure Machine Learning

There will be 23 modules to complete. After that, you’ll be giving Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure.

If you want to learn more about the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification by Microsoft, you can go here.

4. Data Science Professional Certificate by HarvardX

Data Science Professional Certificate by HarvardXPrice: $991

Duration: 1 Year and 5 Months (Self-Paced)

Expiry: Never

HarvardX is the online equivalent of Harvard that focuses on teaching online courses at the same level as on campus. Their Data Science Professional Certificate is designed to offer a complete outlook on data science and data analysis.

Here’s a summary of what you will learn throughout the certification course.

  • Basic R Programming skills
  • Statistical analysis through concepts, such as probability, predictive modeling, and inference
  • Learn essential tools for data scientists, including Linux/Unix, RStudio, and GitHub
  • Experience the use of tidyverse, data visualization (with ggplot2), and data wrangling (with dplyr)
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms
  • Complete knowledge of data science concepts using real-world case studies

You’ll complete 9 courses. If you give 2-3 hours per week, it will take you one year and five months to get done.

When you finish the course, you’ll have a professional certificate from Harvard in data science.

If you’re interested in learning more about HarvardX’s Data Science Professional Certificate, you can go here.

5. Data Science for Everyone by DataCamp

Data Science for Everyone by DataCampPrice: Free + Subscription

Duration: 2 Hours

Expiry: Never

DataCamp has built a robust reputation for providing some of the best certification courses and boot camps for various data-related fields and careers. Their online courses have helped thousands of people learn new skills, enhance their careers, and improve their knowledge.

The Data Science for Everyone boot camp is a complete data science course with no coding involved. That means you don’t need prior computer science experience or technical skills to start the course.

You’ll find the course divided into four separate chapters.

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Data Collection and Storage
  3. Preparation, Exploration, and Visualization
  4. Experimentation and Prediction

The entire course takes around two hours to complete. You’ll go over 15 videos and complete 48 exercises to practice what you’ve learned.

Keep in mind that their pricing works a little differently. The first chapter of the course is free, but if you want access to the rest, you’ll have to sign up for one of their subscription plans.

To learn more about DataCamp’s Data Science for Everyone certification course, you can go here.

6. Data Scientist Nanodegree by Udacity

Data Scientist Nanodegree by UdacityPrice: $796

Duration: 4 Months

Expiry: Never

Udacity is a well-known platform for providing certification, courses, and mini degrees for various fields and specializations. Their Data Scientist Nanodegree is one of the most detailed online courses for data science. However, the course is designed for people with some experience under their belt.

That’s why the prerequisites for registration include a proper understanding of Python, SQL, and statistics. The course itself doesn’t delve into Python or SQL; that’s why you need prior knowledge of the programming languages.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn.

  • Solving data science problems in different cases
  • Software engineering for data scientists
  • Data engineering for data scientists
  • Experiment design and recommendations
  • Working on data science projects

You’ll have technical mentor support and access to the student community once you register. Furthermore, the flexible payment options let you pay according to your needs.

To learn more about Udacity’s Data Scientist Nanodegree, you can go here.

7. Senior Data Scientist (SDS) by DASCA (Data Science Council of America)

Senior Data Scientist (SDS) by DASCA (Data Science Council of America)Price: $650 (All-Inclusive)

Duration: Self-Paced

Expiry: 5 Years

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the foremost credentialing body for the data science profession and industry.

Their Senior Data Scientist certification is designed for data scientists with around five years of experience in data science or analytics.

It’s best for people with experience in database management, statistical analysis, SPSS, SAS, spreadsheets, R programming, and quantitative methods. Furthermore, knowledge of deep learning, neural networks, data mining, regression, and other such concepts is not required, but it’s better to have it.

There are five tracks that cover Big Data professionals from different education backgrounds and experience levels. You have to choose your track for becoming an SDS.

  1. SDS Track 1 – If you have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field with at least five years of working experience.
  2. SDS Track 2 – For people with a Master’s Degree in computer science or any related field with at least four years of working experience.
  3. SDS Track 3 – This is for people with a Bachelor’s Degree (QualiFLY) from a DASCA-recognized institution, along with three years of working experience.
  4. SDS Track 4 – If you have a Master’s Degree from a DASCA-recognized institution and three years of working experience.
  5. SDS Track 5 – For people with a valid SBDA or SBDR credential from DASCA and four years of working experience.

If you want to learn more about DASCA’s Senior Data Scientist certification, you can go here.

8. Principal Data Scientist (PDS) by DASCA (Data Science Council of America)

Principal Data Scientist (PDS) by DASCA (Data Science Council of America)Price: Track 1 ($850), Track 2 ($850), Track 3 ($300), and Track 4 ($950)

Duration: Self-Paced

Expiry: Never

The Principal Data Scientist certification is the highest credential offered by the Data Science Council of America. It’s great for people with at least ten years of experience in big data.

Being PDS-certified is one of the highest credentials in the data science industry. That’s why the PDS exam is extremely hard. It includes everything from data science fundamentals to complex stuff like regression, scholastic modeling, deep learning, neural networks, and more.

There are four different candidacy tracks to become PDS-certified, depending on your educational background and level of experience.

  1. PDS Track One – The QualiFLY version is for people who’ve graduated from DASCA-recognized institutions and have a Master’s Degree with ten years of experience.
  2. PDS Track Two – If you get a corporate nomination and have a Master’s Degree, you can apply through one of DASCA’s partner organizations.
  3. PDS Track Three – If you’re SDS-certified, have a Master’s Degree, and at least ten years of working experience, you can opt for this track. You won’t have to do PDS Level 1 Exam.
  4. PDS Track Four – This is for open applicants with a Master’s Degree and at least 12 years of working experience.

Choose the track that works best for you; it may help to get some consultation before going for it.

To learn more about DASCA’s Principal Data Scientist certification, you can go here.

9. SAS Certified Data Scientist

SAS Certified Data ScientistPrice: $180 Per Exam

Duration: Self-Paced

Expiry: Never

SAS is a well-known name in the data science and analytics industry; they offer a lot of tools and services, including data science certifications.

The SAS Certified Data Scientist certification is a collection of several certifications under the SAS name. The certifications cover everything from data science fundamentals to data analysis, data manipulation, and more.

It’s supposed to be an interactive certification for people who gain insights from big data through open-source tools, machine learning models and then use it for better decision-making.

To become a SAS Certified Data Scientist, you need two certifications. The first one is mandatory, but you have a choice between the second and third, depending on how you want to specialize.

  1. Data Curation – This certification is used to help you understand and learn about Hadoop, data management, and other essential concepts regarding data.
  2. Advanced Analytics – If you opt for this certification, you will be expanding your analytical skills by learning about predictive modeling, machine learning, and several analytics technologies.
  3. AI & Machine Learning Professional – If you opt for this certification, you will be focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning in big data. You will be learning how to solve complex business problems, leverage machine learning, and improve decision-making in the business space.

You’ll have to complete 18 courses and pass five different exams between the two certifications. The pricing is on a per-exam basis, and you can take the exams at your own pace.

Being SAS-certified opens you up to advanced data science certification opportunities and also to better job options.

To learn more about the SAS Certified Data Scientist certification, you can go here.

Choosing the Right Data Science Certification for You

There are plenty of data science certifications you can go for, but choosing the right one depends on your exact industry, educational background, specialization, and experience level.

You have to be ready for data science certification. It’s not about doing tutorials, watching training videos, or any other similar thing. You need to increase your data science knowledge, work on technical skills like your programming skills, and put that expertise to practice.

Once you do that, you should opt for a data science certification to validate your skills and expertise. Whatever point you are in your data science career, that would determine what data science certification is best for you.

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