Bud.com: 4X Organic Revenue in 4 Months

Updated on December 22nd, 2021
Bud.com: 4X Organic Revenue in 4 Months

Bud.com is a weed delivery technology company. It's the Uber Eats of the weed delivery space.


We embarked upon Bud.com as an early-stage technology startup looking to scale fast. We spent a considerable amount of time studying this new market and competitors to inform our growth strategy.

Growth Strategy:

We focused on ranking content in the individual cities they were in for their highest converting keywords. We did this by creating optimized content and acquiring backlinks. We also worked to double rank them for their keywords on 3rd party sites. Lastly, we worked on their technical SEO to ensure pages we're ranked properly. During this time, we doubled their overall organic traffic as well.